Single axle day cabs


Through this weekend and into early next week we will be in these day cabs. They are going from one FedEx facility to another. My two, in the photo above, were picked up in Orange, California. This is called a “Split Load”.

This truck I am driving will go to Harlingen, Texas. It is a Volvo.


In Harlingen the boom will be collapsed and strapped to the frame of my back truck, the axle chain will come off and be put in the cab and I will drive it to Houston, Texas. The back truck is an International.


Joe’s trucks are in the process of loading, not finished yet because the truck he will be driving has a dead battery. His trucks will be going to Sunnyvale and Tyler, Texas.

Pallet Jacks, these things bring back memories of our kids.


The handle is used for steering the forked “feet” into place inside a wood pallet. The handle is then raised and lowered in a pumping action once it is nestled within the pallet to raise it off the ground. There are wheels at the end of each fork and one at the handle base to then roll the loaded pallet to a different location. On the handle is a lever, when squeezed, lowers the pallet back to the ground and the Pallet Jack is then removed.

Our kids would play with the one we had in our transformer repair business. Working the handle to raise the forks a little, the kids would get on one of the forks and ride it like a skateboard of sorts. Holding onto the handle and steering in a backwards direction they would push off with one foot to get some momentum going and ride that thing until they banged into something secure to stop.

I can hear them in my head. The laughing, taunting, and dares to each other. Competition was fierce sometimes and loud. There was a lot of “Be quiet! We don’t want them to hear us!”. How could we not hear them? The sound of the pallet jack clanging and clacking in normal working conditions has a sound of its own. Put that with kids and you just make sure to have an abundance of band aids and peroxide always on hand.

We will be traveling through southern California on I-8 which goes through Arizona. We will be skirting the US/Mexico border for a ways. Through New Mexico on I-10 and into southwest Texas skirting the US/Mexico border once again until we leave El Paso.

Around Harlingen there is a lot of farming of food crops and cotton. Most of Texas is barren and prickly with cactus, mesquite, chaparral. This summer has been really hard on Texas with very little, if any, rain. Although normally dry and arid land normally, it will probably be parched.

It is that time once again. Off to get Joe’s truck started so we can finish loading then off on this great and exciting adventure.

Hope your Friday is fantastic.



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