Crafting this weekend!

Yippee Skippy!!!

I’ve had enough with the paperwork marathon and am ready to get in my craft room for a day or two and be creative.

The QuickBooks paperwork is not quite finished BUT I’ve made it to the beginning of July and all those trucks from Red Bluff, California going to Fontana, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m going to reward myself for getting May and June finished by being creative.

In our journeys stopping at favorite discount stores along the way, I picked up some really nice 8×10 picture frames.  $2.55 each.  Can you imagine?

Wood picture frame

Wood picture frame

Unlike the rest of the world who schedules their work and lives around the professionals….doctors, auto mechanics, construction crews, insurance estimator, and the like…..these people have to schedule their work lives around us.  We can, sometimes, seem quite unappreciative in our barging in on them.

I had been getting sparks of ideas during the week.  Needed a part I did not have in my burgeoning stash and made a trip to Hobby Lobby in Norman one afternoon.  While there I went looking for the tan mats Spellbinders has to use with their dies and purchased a set.  Making a trek to the Clearance Aisle I picked up three of the Spellbinder dies for $8.99 each.  Marked seriously way down from the $24.99 original price.  When I got home to show my loot to Joe I realized that I had left the store with more than I had thought.  Two of the Spellbinder dies had squished themselves up close to one on top of it.  I had come home with five and only paid for three.

Making the trip back to Hobby Lobby to pay for the two stowaways, feeling like a thief and uncomfortable about it.  Memories of my one time as a teen stealing from a store and the consequences of that bit of acting out gave me the jitters.  Expecting to receive stink eye and a tongue lashing made the trip unsettling to say the least.  Having the store manager at Hobby Lobby repeatedly say “What?!” when I told  him I came back to pay for some items just about made the sweat pop out on my face.  Then he loudly proclaimed “Everyone else would have just kept them and not come back!”

That had occurred to me – for a split second.  I said to myself “Hey I got a freebie”, and that went away just as soon as it burst in my thoughts.  No freebies here.  How could I really enjoy using my new toys knowing I had stolen them.  Intentional or not, they did not belong to me.

Amid secretive looks out of the corners of people’s eyes, a few had a smile on their face and looked me full on, one person had an astonished look on their face.  I wanted to crawl in a hole.  “Nobody has EVER come back to pay for something” I was told by the manager.  He went on to say “They come in daily for refunds of products they are returning, but never to come back and pay for anything”.   Needless to say, I now have five new Spellbinders to add to my small collection.

Alright.  I have a serious thing to put out there.

Upon coming home this time and being here for the remainder of the month of August, I made a decision that both Joe and I were going to do the Glycemic Index diet thing.  As much as I hate hearing “What’s for breakfast” or “What are we doing for lunch”, and my all time favorite “What’s for supper” I made the conscious decision to follow through with this for 10 days.  I figured that any longer than that the police would be called for spousal abuse.

The results are shocking I tell you.  We have even put a new battery in our scale because neither of us can fathom the weight loss indicated by the scale in one week.  Eating seven times a day as we have been I figured the scale would go UP not DOWN!!

I have a “Body Clutter Investigator” from Flylady.  You can get it at her site by clicking on this link – Body Clutter – and click on the “Body Clutter Investigator” link at the bottom of the page to have it downloaded to your computer as a PDF.  You can print one out each day and keep track of your food intake, water drinking, emotional state, and of course your daily weight.

When we started this my weight was 236 pounds and Joe weighed in at 332 pounds.

On August 17th I downloaded the Body Clutter Investigator and began the daily record of our weight.

August 17th I weighed 233 pounds (loss of 3 pounds) and Joe weighed 314 (loss of 18 pounds).  Heck I know statistically men lose weight faster than women do so I was glad to see we both were losing and not gaining.

Okay, the weird stuff begins now.  I missed the August 18th page, forgot to print the page out.  On August 19th is when the battery got changed on the scale.  I weighed in at 218 pounds (loss of 15 pounds!!!) and Joe weighed in at 300 pounds (loss of 14 pounds!!!!)

Today I figured the scale would be back up and we would know the battery had been bad and had given false readings.  August 20th I weigh 208 pounds while Joe weighs in at 294 pounds.  Can this be REAL?!  A total loss of 28 pounds for me in one week and a total loss of 38 pounds for Joe in one week?!  Just from eating nearly all day long?!

I have heard, and read, that obese people are malnourished because they eat all the wrong stuff.  Joe and I are so bad at that.  My normal first meal of the day is at 3 p.m. and I tend to eat anything and everything that is not nailed down from 3 p.m. to just before going to bed.

The only difference in my body is my belly.  While sitting doing my paperwork it had rested on my lap, extending mid way down my thighs.  Today I can actually see the chair seat as I look down between my thighs.  I’m not sleepy after eating as I had always been before.  I don’t get the headaches after eating some foods as had been happening for several years.  Mostly after consuming a bag of chips and a cookie or two.

I can’t speak to higher energy levels, but I can say that I have a better ability to focus on my paperwork tasks – I still would rather not do it at all – but it is getting done quicker.  And the best part is that I’m not getting flash angry bursts at Joe’s interruptions during the time I am doing the dreaded task.

Joe has a doctor appointment September 1st and he will be weighed in.  That will be the real test of this Glycemic Index diet thing.  If their scales indicate a weight close to what our scale is showing then I will know this is all true and not some fluke.

Okay, I’m off to do some crafting.  Next time you hear from me it will be at my other blog – Message In A Fold.  Everyone enjoy your weekend.  Have fun, stay safe, and recharge your batteries.




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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

5 responses to “Crafting this weekend!

  • sharlene peretini

    OMG Leslie and Joe!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss I must check this out! Im a potato chip fan and can eat a big packet all by myself during one movie lol. Thanks for the heads up.
    Also CONGRATULATIONS on having time to craft!!! woohooo I see how busy you are girl you amaze me.
    your like me in the take it back and pay for it department. My little one usually grabs those chocolates by the counter while i chat to my checkout operator and dont see it until I get to put him in the carseat he grabbed 5 packets one time little monkey
    any way cant wait to see what you create
    happy scrapping

    • Message In A Fold

      If you like to cook this is not a bad way to go. I hate it though. Check out or Google Glycemic Index recipes and scroll down until you find a link to “The Healthy Recipe Finder”.

      Being on this thing means lots more fruit and vegetables but you eat regular meat and Joe is a meat and potatoes guy. I’ve had to switch to “Fingerling” potatoes and cut gravy out all together. He’s still alive and surviving without his gravy.

      Fruits, nuts, cheese, vegetables, really super lean ground beef, chicken, I’m even getting him to eat yogurt. The main problem I have lots of trouble with is eating every 3 hours 😦 !!!!!!!

      Good to know I’m not the only person that goes back to pay for hidden items 🙂 Your little one has multiple arms, just like all my kids did. Magicians is what I call them 🙂

      Love you my Friend.

  • gardenpinks

    Congratulations firstly on getting so much paperwork done and you most deservedly can take time out to craft now:)
    Secondly congratulations to you both on your weight loss. I followed the GI diet for a while but don’t recall the eating every 3 hours. I must check out the link you gave as I need to shift some weight, my consumption of food is out of control just now and I need to control it. My weight issue is really getting me down so what do I do? Yep eat more! I have more sense than that but I have a real problem at the moment.
    I weigh a little less than you did at the start of your weight loss programme but still much too much fat hanging around my backside and belly which is aggravating my back problems. As I’m not very tall (5 feet 3 inches) I’m almost spherical!!!!

    Love those picture frames and what a great price 🙂
    Well done you for being honest and going back to pay for the dies. Which ones did you get? I only use my tan mat when I emboss any die shapes I cut out, I don’t need the mat for straight forward die cutting – do you?

    You sound so cheerful and happy, lovely to hear you so upbeat:)

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

  • jann

    WOW…those are some terrific results! Where did you get your info on the Glycemic Index Diet? I know it would be good for us and it sounds like a super tool to help Royce w/ diabetes. So proud of you and so glad you are back in your craft room! You deserve a break! Love you! Jann

  • Shelly

    Yipee for you and Joe!!!! Wow that is amazing and you get to eat often I’ve heard this but it didnt make sense to me. Gonna ask Doctor about it when I see him at the end of the month. I also need to get my bum moving with some excercise. I just tont budget my time well to work that in. WE usually camp and walk in the summer but this one weve been holed up in the air conditioned front room. W walked alot today so there is a beginning 🙂 cant wait to see what crafted.
    Hugs and love

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