Hello. My name is Leslie and I am an iPhone addict

My addiction began when the very first iPhone came out. I was a casual user. The Maps feature got us out of breakdown hell several times.

My casual use escalated about a month later when I found I could take pictures of my friends and family. Adding their awesome countenance to their contact information was exhilarating. The face of my friend or loved one would be prominently displayed for me to see when they called.

I became a more heavier user when I figured out how to use the email feature. The addiction turned the corner of getting away with me in tow when I successfully learned how to text message with the iPhone.

Those beginning days of euphoria in having instant information at my fingertips was heady indeed.

I had to have more. I had to increase my daily dose of “iPhone Crack” by adding applications. Now I have been very diligent at staying away from the hard core “iPhone Crack” in the games applications. The Solitaire game that came with the phone is only used while temporarily indisposed in the bathroom.

All my waking hours I either have my iPhone in my hand or it is close by. Never more than mere inches from me.



Lord have mercy upon my everlasting soul. Email was not enough for me. Text messaging was not enough either. An application for Facebook came out and I HAD to have it. Several months later I found WordPress had an application and I HAD to have that.

Most recently I have added the Twitter application. This has allowed me to keep abreast of new developments in my OTHER addiction – paper crafting. I have found out about new paper lines being released and have called Whole Lotta Scrap to place an early order.

It gets worse, folks. I have added FourSquare to my application lineup. You not only get to read the foolishness and mayhem in my daily life through my blog….you now get the privilege of knowing where I eat, shop, get diesel fuel, and sleep.

I am addicted to my iPhone Crack. Joe has changed his daily mantra of “Poor Momma” to “Poor Gramma Cracker”. I don’t use my iPhone to have conversations. I use it for our business mostly and only once in a while for family. Text messaging is how I connect with my family.

Frankly, I don’t want intervention. Be forewarned that should someone decide to take matters in their hands to pry the iPhone from mine…..well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

For the sake of honesty and full disclosure on this blog I am coming forward to speak openly of my iPhone Crack addiction.

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday. Lynn, I hope your daughter’s wedding was even more wonderful than anyone could imagine. Hope to see photos soon.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “Hello. My name is Leslie and I am an iPhone addict

  • gardenpinks

    Jill and Darren both have iPhones and I think Jill’s is an extension of her arm – don’t know when she had the operation!!!! She is secretary to their auto grass track club so she is constantly receiving text messages and emails and sending them as well as all the texts from their many friends. Don’t know all the apps they have on their phones but I do know they have TomTom the satnav programme.

    The wedding has come ….. and gone 🙂 Phew all that planning and stressing and destressing and it whizzed past. Thank you for sending beautiful weather – it was sunny and dry all day. Everything went off wonderfully well and the bride looked gorgeous and was delighted with her horse drawn carriage – the carriage was beautifully decorated with flowers and so was Ozzie the horse. Their were very few tears from the children who all behaved themselves extremely well. One or two mishaps such as the chap who was setting up the disco bit slipped on the dance floor section of the marquee and fell fall length- all 6′ 3″ of him to louds cheers and applause 🙂
    Beautiful, beautiful day. As soon as many more photos are in I will put up a wedding update or two to my blog.
    Yes there were some adult tears too – Ruth, myself and Lisa (Darren’s sister), Darren himself was a bit teary but denies it! Even the lady vicar went a bit pink! Rod said he was fighting back the tears too!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      I am so happy and thankful your day was fantastic!!! Oh my goodness, the image of the disco man receiving cheers and applause for his fall makes me chuckle. Well done Girlfriend!! I’m proud of you and all of your efforts in making this the best day of your daughter’s life. I can hear her say “My Mum made that” and “My Mum and I made this” to the many questions of where did you get these decorations and things. The box you made for the wedding and posted photos of some time back come to mind. And to have had excellent weather for this event after all the cold and windy days before is great news indeed. A splendid day for a flower draped carriage and horse to bring your daughter in her beautiful dress to her wedding. Oh the wonderful memories you have created for her. I’m going to cry 🙂

      Now you can rest and not be frantically looking at the calendar or the clock 🙂

      I have to tell you this. Joe was quite concerned that the police will be beating down our door when we get home to search for crack because of this post. He’s a bit upset because of the word I used. I still stand by what I said. That crazy iPhone has just about taken over my life. And it sounds as though your daughter is evidence of my insanity 🙂

      Once again, I am totally thrilled your daughter’s wedding day went off spectacularly!!

      Love to you and Rod – Leslie

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