Northeastern US

Most Drive-Away drivers we talk to stay as far away from the northeastern US. Traffic and rude people are the major complaint of these drivers.

Traffic? Tons of it for sure.


Heavily travelled bridges have upper and lower decks each layer goes in the opposite direction.


Statistically speaking, from Ohio to the eastern seaboard and from New Hampshire south to Virginia 1/3 of the US population lives in this small section. There are more people living in the states of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut than in all of California.

People live, mostly, in “Row” houses.


There are houses on lots that a premium is paid to live “detached”. However the space between each house is maybe wide enough for two people to walk shoulder to shoulder through.

Out in the rural areas housing is like all other areas, roomy and quiet. Most people reside in the densely populated urban areas for work and entertainment.

The people in the northeast are not any more rude than the rest of the US. The pace is faster because of all the people, hence they talk louder and faster than others do and they gesticulate frequently (talk with their hands and arms). Now when confronted with rudeness or by pushy and demanding outsiders they can, and will, ramp up their talking style and put the fear in you. People up here don’t suffer fools well. Can’t say that I blame them either.

Only in the northeast are these little restaurants. An ice cream shop really.


Friendly’s is the name. Joe gets to enjoy real New England Clam Chowder at this chain.


Seems he has to cook it more with the hot black pepper. Want a little soup with that pepper?


I enjoy the shake made at Friendly’s using orange sherbet. Yum.


We may be spending a day extra up here, but Joe could change my mind at any second. He wants to go to Dover, Maine and see the people that make our cell phone headsets to get a faulty one exchanged since we are up this way.

Everyone have a good weekend.



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4 responses to “Northeastern US

  • Lynn Claridge

    Those ‘row’ houses are very similar to the ones that are built in out towns and cities and when they are labelled detached you wouldn’t be able to get a cigarette paper between the houses. They all remind me of that song – Little boxes, little boxes they all look just the same and are made out of ticky tacky 🙂 From the looks of the ones in your photo though there is more back garden to those than to some of the new build here. The older, state built but now privately owned row houses (we call them terraces!) had lots of garden but those garden are being reduced as builders buy up sections of the ground behind, knock down a house and build a small estate with a road through where the house stood!!! Not for me, to many people living too closely together.

    No no one has nibbled at all as far as our house is concerned, all the more frustrating that we were so close to a sale and the neighbouring landowner messed it up for us. The economy is not doing well and many people are under threat of losing their jobs so not many people thinking of moving at the moment.

    Think I will pass on the clam chowder – how does Joe eat that with so much pepper? 🙂 – but loved the look of your shake, now that looks very yummy 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      What a great fool your neighbor is to step in and quash a deal. Some people are just miserable and pass it around to everyone else. I’m sorry you have lost your chance.

      It would be funny if some American movie or pop star bought your property. Your neighbor would really have a belly full of antics and absolutely something to complain about. Sorry, that was downright mean of me.

      It sounds like you guys have land developers too. Tearing things down to build more and more “affordable” housing. Nothing stays the same. Changes and big ideas take over for good or bad.

      Joe and his food *shaking my head*, he normally takes the lid off the shaker and spreads pepper around. I’m never sure if he is attempting to cook the food item more with the pepper or if he just likes the taste of pepper more. He won’t eat jalapeños, says they are too hot. That’s my Joe 🙂

      Love you – Leslie

  • Maureen Mathis

    Since my previous was so long, I’ll be brief here:
    1. Didn’t know about that 1/3 population statistic. Thanks, teach!
    2. Row houses: that one on almost the far left with the awnings on both stories DEFINITELY has a face – looks like an old man smoking a cigar, with the awnings serving as the eyebrows and moustache.
    3. I have no problem calling an ice cream shop a restaurant – ice cream is one of the 4 main food groups.
    4. So glad Joe will get his fill of good clam chowder up there; he does LOVE that stuff!
    5. But if you get the headset fixed, Joe will be able to hear EVERYTHING you say, and can’t claim he never heard you ask him to do “such and such”. Point 5A, You will not be able to claim that you didn’t hear him about accepting another “added on job since we are in the area….”, thus delaying your return to your happy place beyond the intended length of time he guaranteed would not be exceeded.
    6. Brevity is something with which I am obviously NOT familiar!

    • Message In A Fold

      I had to go back and look at the row house picture. You are right. Andy Rooney type eyebrows at the awnings and I could see what you meant by the cigar :-).

      I sure do wish I had better cell service through Massachusetts than we did. That was a bummer. I was wondering about your Mom and her health since her falls and broken bones. You being her only caretaker I had to check on you also.

      We are going over to the Atlantic seaside today so Joe can get more fisssssh. Yuck. Oh well. It will be even fresher than he’s used to 🙂

      Happy Anniversary on your upcoming day. I hope you and Charlie do get to have special time together 🙂

      Love you Bug Sis 🙂

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