This Is What We Do

I blather on about the Drive-Away business and Joe’s trailer. So…get a cup of coffee, tea, a soda or pop, and maybe even a snack. There is a whole lot going on in this one post. There will be several YouTube videos here for you to view, and they are only seen here. They will not show up in my YouTube channel to be viewed there. I have used my iPhone for the videos and most of the time it is pretty herky jerky, so I apologize for any queasy stomachs from all the wonky stuff.

First, is getting my broken boom loaded on the trailer. You won’t see that part because I have not figured out how to hold my iPhone and shift gears at the same time. You do see what goes on after it is attached to the lead truck and the trailer. You will also see where it broke. When Joe saw it, he had a few “F Bombs” ringing the air. He was really upset. This boom was built to Joe’s specifications by a “professional” welder. The man put a hole in the piece that broke, found out by looking at Joe’s drawings that the hole was only to be on the top then plugged the hole and welded it closed. Joe is fit to be tied. This was done over four years ago and he is surprised the welds held as long as they did. Along with the “F Bombs” were emphatic exclamations about how someone could have been killed had the boom failed on an Interstate Highway and brought my whole setup to a complete halt and following cars would have smashed into the back truck. You don’t even want to talk to him about this right now. He doesn’t have control of his “etiquette” button and he has a potty mouth right now.

These are photos of where the boom broke.

I have told you about “slinging chains” before and the “King Pin”. I suppose you kind of wondered what I was referring to but just went on to other things. Well, now you will know what I’m talking about by actually seeing it.

The axle chains are to hold the axles up to the frame securely when the rear of the back truck is lifted off the ground. Without the chains the wheels will remain on the ground while the frame raises and that causes a whole other set of expensive problems. The suspension gets all torn up and the truck then is effectively ruined. So we take extra precautions so we don’t have out of pocket expenses that are not necessary. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

Loading the pickup on the trailer is next. I usually do this while Joe remains on the ground to later put the wheel chocks in place. He has offered to do it while I video it. There is always some kind of repair and maintenance to our equipment. The next time the pickup is taken to the mechanic we will have the four wheel drive looked at and fixed. The four wheel drive is not totally working right now and driving up the ramps on mud or wet earth takes longer to do than normal. But Joe does it in less tries than it takes me when I have to do it. Poor guy, when he’s out by himself he has to drive the pickup on the trailer, get down using the ladder put the chocks in place then climb back up in the pickup and drive forward to the chocks then get back down again. Wipes him out after a while.

The wheel chocks are in place now.

The carry chains are next to be attached. Joe designed this special hydraulic system to pull the back truck frame tightly against the frame of the trailer. There is an anti-sway bar that gets pulled tight to the truck frame. This set up keeps the back truck from swinging around and trying to go on its own sight seeing tour.

Now it is to raise the front of the trailer and hook in the front truck to the king pin for a secure load. Checking that the lights all work on the light bar at the rear, and a walk around to make sure we have not forgotten a board or something else. Everything is put away, and all is road ready.

The air and electric lines are checked to make sure they are safely tied down with bungee straps and everything is hooked up.

Last minute checks and we will be ready to get these last two trucks from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania to the port in Baltimore, Maryland. We both will be glad when this ordeal is over with.

Our next adventure is to go to Raymond, New Hampshire to get trucks going to Charlotte, North Carolina. Can you guess where we are going to get these trucks from? And you didn’t even need three guesses did you. You are right Wal-Mart 🙂

Now for a total bummer 😦 I knew we were going through New York to get to New Hampshire. We were going to go around New York City and avoid the man eating pot holes they have on their highways. We would be passing through New Jersey. I asked Joe if we could stop at Ranger Industries for my next Blog Candy Give-Away. I wanted to take a tour of the factory and go in the factory store to purchase the give away goodies plus get some for myself. I called Ranger Industries to see if we could and if they have a factory store. No, and No. BUT, in the fall they have a warehouse sale that is open to the public but just not now. Bummer, total bummer!!!!!!

I’ll figure something out for the next Give-Away. I wanted some Distress Ink Pads, and Stickles, and Dauber Paint, and….. oh waaaaaaaaa 😦

I just got an update by Joe. He’s been out getting some things handled. He has found someone here in Baltimore to fix my boom. I’ll be back to work tomorrow so we can take four trucks out of Raymond, New Hampshire instead of just two. Today will be a day to just relax and unwind from all the real foolishness and mayhem. Hit the hot tub to soak our weary bones 🙂



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

7 responses to “This Is What We Do

  • shar

    Poor Joe that really must have shook him up Actually I dont blame him you too couldve been killed Leslie. Thats the crux of the whole thing for Joe isnt it people could have died You could have died all because a bloke didnt do his weldi ng properly I’d hate to be that bloke when Joe gives him a piece of what for. Im not too sure if I told you my hubby is the ops manager for the logging division at southern transport. Hes been there for nearly a year. He new nothing nudda zilch about trucks Fortunately hes a peoples person and hard worker the drivers like that I guess. Hes actually and It We nearly lost a driver last night we he was chaining down his logs the middle bar popped out and hit the side of his head. hes really lucky nothing got cracked. his face is a shocker though. When his wife walked in and her face went pale he said looks bad aye She looked at him and said it looks ugly but you were already an ugly bugger anyway lol they are the sweetest couple lol oh they are in the late 50s
    well better go
    take care Leslie

    • Message In A Fold

      It is a good thing your husband is well thought of at his work. Logging is just as bad as oil rigs when it comes to tough men. Get on the bad side of more than one of those men and they will close ranks on the person that thinks they are better than them.

      Good job on your husbands part to be like one of the guys, treat them with common courtesy and respect as he wishes to be treated. Sad that most people don’t do that.

      Wowzers. That driver was lucky to have survived a hit like that from a chain boomer. Funny thing his wife said. She must be a tough bird herself 🙂

      Your things will be mailed tomorrow morning on our way out of Baltimore. Go to bed and get your rest. You are probably 12 or more hours ahead of my time 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  • shar

    lots of spelling mistakes in that comment actually its quite confusing the part about we nearly lost a driver was meant to say we thought we lost another driver hearing what happened I need to get some sleep lol
    take care you two

  • Tracy

    So happy that didn’t break on the road.
    So sorry to hear that it broke. My hubby wouldn’t have been to happy either 🙂
    I think the skunk has left the building, lol. The other night, I put a big block infront of the hole it made 🙂
    As for the fairy paper, It is Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime

  • Lynn Claridge

    I am having connection problems with my broadband and couldn’t leave any comments last night as the connection kept dropping out! We are right at the end of the line and with all the students off school supposedly studying for their exams – think all the little buggers spend every moment of every day online and kicking me off! Not a happy bunny 😦

    My word Leslie, it doesn’t bear thinking of the ‘what ifs’. I can imagine how angry Rod would have been so I expect Joe is the same – incandescent 🙂 That welder needs to find another job pretty damn quick if that is the sort of work he turns out.
    So glad Joe managed to find someone to fix the boom for you.
    All the time I was reading what you and Joe have to do and watching the videos the thought that came to mind was how hard it must be on the hands! It looks backbreaking work anyway but I bet your hands suffer at times.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      You know what freedom means to the young ones 🙂 time for more important things than exams. Fill their heads with tons of other stuff then cram for the last few days of the break 🙂

      This work is not so bad on the hands. I have bruises all over from the backs of my calves up to under my arms. Joe gets really agitated when he sees them. “Someone will think I beat you” is what he exclaims. I just tell him “That’s what happens when you have to work for a living” and he doesn’t find it funny. Poor Joe. However, he wasn’t too keen on the alternative of me staying home where I don’t get bruised, lol 😮

      All the constant sitting and our hip joints get stiff. Enough that we can hardly walk for the first several steps. Our backs and shoulders ache all the time but it is part of the job.

      How is your little Snookums, Liam, doing? I’m awful with names. Is it Dylan or Liam with the broken arm? Yikes, I bet his father gets stink eye from a lot of people. Not his “Dad” but his father. You know there is a world of difference.

      Love you – Leslie

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