Blog Candy Give-Away #2

Scrap Happy Texas

Scrap Happy Texas

This Blog Candy Give-Away has scrapbook supplies from Scrap Happy Texas located in Sunnyvale, Texas.  You can order online at their store or drop by if you are in the local area or traveling through.  Scrap Happy Texas has been open for five years.  There is a flower shop in the store also.  When I stopped by to check them out today the women were up to their necks in Mother’s Day floral orders.  There are weekly crops.  For the dates and times check out their website if you plan to attend.

Blog Candy

Blog Candy

This Give-Away contains:  Two (2) scrapbook kits from Carol Wilson Fine Arts, Inc.  One is Style Girlz and the other is Blooming Meadow.  Life’s Journey metal tags, Flower Soft product in green and lavender, and a set of Flower Soft tags.  This is a $35.00 USD value and can be yours.  I’m extending the time on this one, because Joe said I didn’t give you guys enough time on the last one.  Sunday, May 15, 2011 by 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time (or California time).

The rules are:  One entry per person.  In honor of Mother’s Day (as usual I’m late to the party) coming this weekend in the US.  This will end the following Sunday, after Mother’s Day.  Leave your comment on THIS POST (Blog Candy Give-Away #2) and not in the About Me section.  Tell me a funny story about your Mom (Mum for those of you wonderful people in far flung places ), or your Grandmother, or an Aunt.  Any woman that raised you.  The woman that, good or bad, had the privilege of watching you grow up.

My mom, had some real mental issues.  She was in and out of mental institutions when I was young and she did some really strange and frightening stuff to my sister and I.  One thing I will never forget, as long as I live, is this.  My mom was all of 4′ 3″ tall.  My father was 6′ tall.  They were like Mutt and Jeff, and they fought like cats and dogs.  My mom swore that she was part Indian (Native American) but could never tell what clan she was from.  She like wearing her “Squaw Dress” as she called it.  It was a skirt that had three sections sewn together and gathered to create ever larger rings around her small body.  She’d put that skirt on and twirl around in it showing my sister and I how far it spread out.

One afternoon my sister and I had come home from school and we found our mom in the living room of our mobile home on her knees and mumbling.  I asked if she were alright.  The response we received was for her to get up off the floor, run like the dickens from the house, bounding down the steps, with Pati and I hot on her heels begging her to tell us what was the matter.  My mom flew across the two acres of turned dirt that was our property.  Pati and I were stumbling and twisting our ankles to keep up with her.  Our mom flew as if the devil was on her heels.

She came to a hurricane fence 6′ high that divided our property from the neighbors.  Our mom leapt over the fence and cleared that thing in one single bound.  Just like a gazelle.  She would have made it to where ever she was heading had her skirt not caught on one of the links of the top strands of the fence.

Her arms were outstretched, reaching for freedom.  She was flying through the air, then abruptly halted when her skirt got caught.  She was turned upside down and smashed face first into the fence.  She didn’t get hurt, winded a little from the banging.  She just hung there like a long forgotten rag doll.  My sister, Pati, was frantic with worry while I began laughing at the sight before me.  I couldn’t help myself.  Pent up energy, stress, and fear all jumbled into a laughing fit like I hadn’t had before.

Our mom began saying, in a sort of sing song voice, “Get me down, help me”.  She repeated this over and over while I was racked with giggles and my sister was furious with me.  Within a few short minutes several of the neighbors showed up and helped our mom get untangled from the fence.  She was not a single bit embarrassed by her flight, she was totally upset that her “Squaw Dress” had a tear in it.  How that skirt kept her safely on the fence and did not tear apart I have no idea.  Within a couple days she was gone from our lives again and placed in another institution.

I don’t have many good memories of my mom, but I do have this one silly one.  Hopefully you have a good memory of your Mom, or mother like figure, and would like to share it with us.  You have a week to get your entries in for the Blog Candy.  I’d like to hear from you 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends out there.  I hope you all enjoy your day with your children and families.  Joe and I will be on our way to Charlotte and I’ll fill you in on the crazy business of this latest adventure tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Blog Candy Give-Away #2

  • gardenpinks

    My mother-in-law was the best ever 🙂 She was a super lady in that if I needed help or advice she was there to give a helping hand or shulder to cry on but she never, ever interfered. She kind of took me under her wing and helped me in many ways. As a new bride (and remember I was just 17 years old to Rod’s 36) I hadn’t a clue about cooking, which were the best cuts of meat to do what with or anything. I was well and truly thrown in at the deep end with a ready made family of 3 children, a house and husband 🙂 Luckily for me Rod was, and still is, a good cook but Mum and I would go shopping and she would take me to her favourite butcher’s shop and suggest various meat and then proceed to tell me how to cook it. It didn’t take me long to become a mediocre plain cook LOL
    The best part though was when Rod and I decided to get married after a whirlwind courtship of two months (we married in the third month of knowing each other – April 1973!), Rod went to tell his mum. Now he thought that 17 might sound a bit young to her so he told her I was 18; later that day she told father-in-law about the forthcoming wedding and she thought 18 might sound a bit too young to dad so she told him I was 19 after all mum got married when she was 19 🙂 So all was fine for a few months until I discovered I was pregnant and asked mum if she would come to the doctor’s with me. Mum came into the surgery and the doctor asked various questions – this was the first time I had visited the surgery – and then came the question of how old was I. Of course I told him I was 17. Well mum’s eyebrows reached her hairline! This was October time and my 18th birthday wasn’t until the following February. Mum never said a word though and she never did question the ‘white lie’ except to admit that she had added to my age but I don’t think dad was ever told the truth!
    Mum and Dad didn’t come to our civil wedding which was some distance from the village where we were to live, we got married in my home city of Birmingham, but when Rod had made sure his children had gone off to school and he had left the house on his way to his wedding Mum came to what was to be my home from that day onwards and she gave it a good clean, even changing the sheets on the bed :)She had bought us some new bed linen and put the new linen on.
    We never had a cross word in all the 18 years I knew her. She died in 1991 in her 81st year – a much loved mother, mother-in-law and grandmother who had worked hard all her life.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  • gardenpinks

    Sorry about any typos 🙂

    Love Lynn xx

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