Sorting And Packing Day

Around this house it is similar to yours with children getting ready for school.  The same things you say to  your children is what I say to Joe.

Trip Envelopes

Trip Envelopes

ME:  Do you have  your papers together?

JOE:  Yes.  Do you need some?

ME:  Thank you, yes I do need a few.

You, as a parent, would not be obliged to share school work with your children though.  It is just the daily reminders we mothers say to our children to make sure they are totally prepared for their day.

Inspection Sheets

Inspection Sheets

These are what I fill out for one of our Drive-Away companies.  Inspection Sheets documenting any damage to the trucks both inside and out.  These are also known as the “BIL” or Bill of Lading we have to bring in when we are stopped at weigh stations.  Each Drive-Away company has their own type of Inspection Sheet to be filled out.

Log Book

Log Book

Each of the Drive-Away companies we drive for have their own log books.  Each log book has the standard grid and notation area required by the DOT.  The log books for each company are different only in the top area for the Driver ID, mileage, vehicle ID’s, date, and so on.  The right side varies by company also.  Some have an area for keeping track of the hours driven daily while others make you work to figure out what your remaining legal hours left to drive are.

My trip book

My trip book

Joe and I made these books to simplify and streamline the paperwork process.  Joe’s part in these books are the pages.  Give that man a project where he can make lines with accompanying information and he is in  his element.  This is where his engineering background comes in real handy.  I made the covers and bound the books.

THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FOR EAGLE CREEK.  Just want to make sure you know this 🙂

Eagle Creek Folder

Eagle Creek Folder

I love this packing system by Eagle Creek.  This is the 15 Folder.  I used to have another one, the 18 Folder, but lent that to my sister last year and she did not return it.  I can find another one while we are out this year.

Inside the folder

Inside the folder

I stack our clothing in this folder.  A shirt and pair of shorts/pants for Joe and a set for myself.   The 15 Folder, in this picture, will hold 7 shirts or 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants.  I get up to 12 items in this folder.  Three shirts for Joe and three blouses for me, plus three pairs of shorts for each of us.  It is a bit cramped but I love this system.

We used to have to take three suitcases full of clothing.  Rolling the clothes into a tight tube shape then stacking them against each other was how I did it before.  Now we take only two suitcases.  One with the Eagle Creek Folder and all of our other paraphernalia such as shower toiletries and under garments that come into the hotel room with us each night.  The clothing in the suitcase is still rolled into tight tubes.  As clean clothing is needed, I transfer items from the suitcase to the Eagle Creek Folder.

No matter how carefully I pack we still look like we’ve slept in our clothes.  Good thing we are not going places that require a person to be pressed and wrinkle free.

When I need to transfer clothing from the suitcase, the Eagle Creek Folder has a handle for ease of carrying to and from our pickup.  The Velcro strips hold the flaps closed to keep the contents stored safely.  It is lightweight even when crammed full.  The Folder fits in the bottom of Joe’s travel bag leaving room for his CPAP machine and other necessities of daily life.

Once again, I am NOT being paid by Eagle Creek to promote their products.  I love these folders and they can be purchased at most all luggage stores, The Container Store (if you have one in your area) and at various hiking and outdoor recreation type stores.

I’m delaying the inevitable.  I’ve got to get our clothing sorted out and stacked for packing.  Check the pockets of Joe’s shorts to see if there are holes from his propensity to carry every key known to man that has a sharp point.  Fixing said pockets with iron on patches.  Love those things too.

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About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “Sorting And Packing Day

  • Lynn Claridge

    Love that folder Leslie, what a super idea ensuring that all the basic requirements are all together in one place. I, too, roll all our clothes when I pack to go away thinking that way the clothes won’t end up in a heap and will stay relatively wrinkle free.
    Do you have a separate bag/folder for the paperwork? Bad enough packing clothes and toiletries without having to remember all that paperwork too. Then there is the camera, laptop, phone chargers, laptop charger, etc Needs a suitcase just for the techie stuff:)

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      You’d think, if you were to watch us get ready to leave, that we are moving out of the house. Only difference is there are no boxes being carried out.

      Joe and I both have “truck bags” which have a box of Kleenex, bottled water, our two way radios, batteries, and various cords for equipment that needs charging via the cigarette lighter. Plus an assortment of other small things, like some suction cup clippies that hold our license plates and company placards to the inner windshield and passenger windows. I also carry my rain coat in my truck bag just in case I may need it.

      We both have briefcases that are chock full of papers and other supplies we each need. I carry an 8-1/2 x 11 monthly calendar in my briefcase as well.

      We both have computer bags.

      Lastly I have a hard case train valise for my toiletries and I carry along a bag with a coffee maker and ground coffee because I HAVE to have my morning coffee. At least one good cup of coffee before I have to get the truck stop yuck.

      Most of these bags go in the hotel with us each night and are lugged out each morning. I love it when we find a hotel that has a cart that we can cram it all on and not have to carry everything. Oh, and I forgot my purse. More of another type of tote bag too. The camera goes in my purse so I always have it just in case there is something I think you need to see 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

      By the way, I really enjoyed your driving story. I’m still laughing at the both of them 🙂

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