Joe’s Been Home

Last Wednesday – February 23rd – Joe called me from Texarkana, Arkansas on his way to Houston, Texas to deliver.  He was in a lot of pain and had trouble breathing.  He could not take a full deep breath because it hurt so bad.  I tried to persuade him to get medical attention immediately but n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, he was not about to stop since he was so close to delivering and he was on his way home.

Last  Thursday the pain was getting worse and he still would not stop to get checked out.  He was not sleeping well at night because it hurt so bad to breathe.  He delivered, finally, just after noon and was on his way home.  He had plans of stopping at a rest area to take a nap at some point before he got all the way home, even through my protests.  He made it as far as Ennis, Texas – just south of Dallas – and stopped for the night at a hotel.

Last Friday morning he called to let me know he was on the way about 8:30 in the morning.  I called our doctor to see if we could get him in that afternoon and they scheduled it for 2 p.m.  Later Joe called to let me know the appointment had been put back to 3 p.m.  Someone he had talked with in the previous few days had told him it sounded like he had Pleurisy, which is a swelling of the lining of the lungs due to either pneumonia or tuberculosis.   He had been up in Michigan in 12 degree weather with snow.  He had spent quite a bit of time fighting with the trailer to get it hooked up in the ice and snow so I figured he had a bout of walking pneumonia or something like that but not tuberculosis.

Our doctor took a blood and urine test to see if he had infection indicators with a rising of his white blood cell counts in the blood and whatever shows up in urine.  Nothing.  He was not ill and did not have an infection.  Our doctor then had Joe stand up and turn his back to the doctor.  Pushing, poking, prodding all the while asking “Does this hurt?” with Joe’s responses being “No” to most of the goings on.  That is until the doctor found the spot that did, in fact, hurt.

Our doctor is not only in Family Medicine he is also a Doctor of Osteopathy.  He lead Joe into a different room and had him lie down on a flat table.  Also in the room were diagnostic machines for monitoring heart rates and other such things.  Joe thought he had been having a heart attack and expressed his anxiety to the doctor about this.  No, he had not.

As soon as Joe laid down he complained of severe pain.  Our doctor said Joe was  having “Mechanical” issues and not anything else.  What ensued had me laughing I thought I would have to excuse myself and find a bathroom lest I pee myself.

Joe is a huge man.  Stands over 6′ 2″ tall and weighs a little over 300 pounds.  Our doctor stands about 5′ 8″ and might weigh 180 pounds.  Both men are of the same age range.  The comical part was after he had Joe lie on his right side, bend his knees and put his right hand on his left shoulder while his left hand was on his right shoulder.

Our doctor worked his left arm beneath Joe’s shoulders and wrapped his right arm around Joe’s chest and linked his fingers behind Joe’s back.  There was a lot of grunting and groaning going on by the both of them as our Doctor tried to twist Joe a bit.  Joe cried out once in pain then said he heard his back pop.  Then Joe was told to lie on his back while our doctor went to the head of the bed.  Joe was instructed to lace his fingers together behind his head and hang on tightly.  Our doctor then wrapped his arms around Joe’s chest once again and began lifting.  More grunting and moaning ensued from both of these guys along with some yelps from Joe and exclamations of his back popping.  Then Joe’s head was twisted around until more popping was heard.

After all of this twisting and popping Joe found immediate relief from his pain and he was finally able to breathe.  Joe had dislocated a rib while he was up in Michigan trying to get hooked up in the ice and snow.  Our doctor told Joe that he was not to go back out to work for five days.  It is a good thing because Joe has needed the rest, but it is going to mean a kind of bad thing for me.  I’ll have to be pretty creative in keeping Joe focused on something other than traipsing all across Oklahoma for the next few days on errands.

Affixing the pendent

Affixing the pendent

For Curtis’ birthday present I had purchased a tear drop shaped pendent to make it look like a drop of water coming out of the copper pipe.  Getting Joe focused in helping me complete this project was my main goal.

While I held the pendent, as Joe instructed, he taped on four pieces of string on the tear drop to aid in suspension of it.  Once the strings were attached then I had to hold the copper piece as still as I could with not a lot of wriggling so he could tape the strings to the piece and get the pendent lined up properly.

Suspended pendent

Suspended pendent

Once all the strings were taped on the copper piece and Joe felt that the pendent was in the right place then we could move on to the part getting the tear drop actually attached.

Some 5 Minute Epoxy was what was going to to be used in this process.

5 Minute Epoxy

5 Minute Expoxy

The epoxy is going to take a while to set and Joe has one of his fancy clamps to hold the copper piece in place so I’m not stuck there holding it as it dries.

Water drop

Water drop

I’m so thrilled with the way this has turned out.  Even better than what I had imagined it to be.

Our son, Curtis, as I’ve said is a Mechanical Engineer.  He has helped to get many school and civic buildings built in the Salina, Kansas area.  His job is to route all the plumbing in a building.  In schools it is to get all the bathroom plumbing worked out for fresh water to come in and have the waste water taken out.  Kitchens to have plumbing for fresh water for cooking and the dishwasher, then have the waste water piped out.  His job is also for planning the gutter systems around the outside of the building and having the run off taken away from the foundation and directed into the city systems of rain and snow melt while the inside plumbing waste is directed to the sewage lines of the city.  Another of his jobs is to create the heating and cooling  of these buildings and the placement of the furnace and subsequent air ducts.

Wayward water

Wayward water

The next challenge on this creation is to get a stream of “water” coming from the outside piece.  We had purchased some clear plastic tubing for this but the tubing has quite a curve in it.  Makes it look like there is a stiff wind blowing the water at an angle.  We are working on that today.  This project will be completed some time, soon hopefully.

Making water

Making water

Yesterday we went across town and purchased a 9′ piece of 3/4″ acrylic tubing of which we only needed about 7″ for the “water” effect.  Joe cut a piece of it off yesterday and it was not long enough.  This morning he cut another piece and now I’ve got him using Glossy Accents to create the water effect.

I’ve had to get a bit cross with Joe a time or two recently so I can get my paperwork done on the scheduled days.  His being in “lock down” with his rib healing and not being able to traipse all around the world while he’s home.  Trying to keep him home and not allowing him to do much strenuous work is about to make me go bonkers.  We have an understanding right now and he has been pretty good on his word to let me do my paperwork.  I’m nearly finished with November.  Bank statements to reconcile remains to be done before I can begin to tackle December and have this mess done.

So, I have been juggling getting my birthday present stuff created, keep Joe from harming  himself further by restraining his penchant for activity, corralling the outside errands to keep the running around to a minimum, spending time doing the paperwork, getting Joe fed, and watching the recorded television shows to get them deleted.  Seems as though I’ve been doing a lot of stuff recently but I think it is more a dog chasing its tail…..lots of movement going on but nothing else is happening.

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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

12 responses to “Joe’s Been Home

  • Lynn Claridge

    Poor Joe but so pleased that it wasn’t anything really serious like pneumonia or pleurisy. I can empathise with you trying to get these menfolk into the doctor’s surgeries to start with and thank heavens your doctor could soon get Joe sorted out and give him relief. I don’t envy you one bit trying to keep him grounded while his body heals 🙂 That is going to be great fun (not) and will need all your ingenuity!

    Well done on that paperwork 🙂 November already! That is marvellous and December should go quickly as there was a holiday in there 🙂

    That masterpiece you are creating is very ingenious. Just so admire your creativity, I’d never have thought of something like that.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. Joe is healing well and is more than ready to get back out on the road. “Chomping at the bit” sums it up pretty well. He can only stand being around the house with not much to “DO” for only a little while.

      Since he can’t help with the paperwork…..only complicate things and get yelled at ;o) it was a bit challenging to keep him occupied. I’m happy to say that the “masterpiece” as you call it has been delivered and has brought joy to Curtis. My face hurts from smiling each time I think about his response.
      Love you – Leslie

  • shar

    Gosh!!! Take care of yourself Joe! Remember your body isnt young anymore. older and wiser!!! lol
    hugs to you both

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shar. I hope you and your family were not involved in that massive earth quake near you. Are you far enough away from it? Did it affect you guys any?

      I showed your comment to Joe and he told me to “Thank You” for your kind words.
      Love you – Leslie

  • Indira

    Hi, Leslie, thanks God Joe is ok and don`t have pneumonia. My little boy had a beginnings pneumonia and he got fever almost a week, he`s now feelling better and could go to school today, the fever stop last tuesday.

    I love the birthday present you`re making it`s so orignal and gorgeous. You`re a genius. It`s nice to hear from you.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Indira. My goodness, your poor little boy 😦 I’m sorry to hear that he has been ill with pneumonia. Poor little guy, bet you were beside yourself for a while and feel somewhat better that he is back at school.
      Love you – Leslie

  • Nancy

    First of all I’m shaking my head at Joe!! Does he not realise that he is supposed to seek medical attention at the first suspicion of a heart attack!? What was he thinking waiting for days and then sharing his anxiety with the Doctor that he thought he was having a heart attack?? What if it had been!! Shame on Joe!! What would we all have done then?? Okay…rant over! 🙂
    Hi Leslie! lol My goodness, you have been busy, haven’t you? I saw the video of your finished project and left a comment over there. It’s just wonderful! So incredibly creative! It was great to see Curtis receive it! I’m so excited for you that your paperwork is almost over! YAY for you!! I know I’m a bit behind again so I’m off to read your next post! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      I just read your post to Joe on the phone. His response is, and I quote “Doctors…after 20 years are still just practicing! I only go to a doctor at the last resort, when I can’t fix what’s wrong with me. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m doing just fine.” :o)

      It was only after he was taken to another room to be adjusted which held EKG and EEG machines that sent Joe into another wild flight of fancy of his ills wondering if he were having a heart attack. My poor Joe is a closet hypochondriac I think 😉

      My paperwork……so close to being done and the motivation to complete it is sorely lacking. Joe’s finally gone back out on the road, as of Monday, so today will be my first chance in over a week to get back at it. I’m just glad Joe was around the house to get Curtis’ project finished and we could deliver it so missing out on doing the paperwork was a really good time to take a break and do something else. I did see your comment on the video, I’ve just been sidetracked with Joe and have not had the chance to get over there and do what I need to do.

      Hope you and your family are all well and staying warm.
      Love you – Leslie

  • Nancy

    LOL…Okay, okay! BTW…How does Joe know that Canadians wear knickers in winter to keep warm? haha Did Joe smile when he said it or did you just add the smiley to lesson the “snap”? 😉
    I can image how you feel about the paperwork being finished, but I’m really looking forward to it too! I want you to get back to your crafty fun! I miss seeing you! So chop, chop Missy! How’s that for motivation? lol
    As for my family and I…hmmm…
    It’s still quite cold here, although it’s been beautifully sunny for days now. We have LOTS of snow and should be getting more tomorrow. My Mom was told on Friday that she had to go back in for more surgery. Found out yesterday that it would be today. Not too much waiting for surgery happening in Canada these days. 🙂
    I’m off to find some lunch…tummy’s growling something fierce! And Maureen wasn’t even on here with any food! lol I must be missing her! (Hi Maureen :))
    Love & Prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      You are too funny 🙂 And yes Joe was chuckling as he responded to your concern and care for him.

      I’m sorry to hear about your Mom 😦 What a trial she is going through of late. I hope she has done well through her surgery and that they have gotten it all this time. Your poor Mom. And my heart goes out to you, having to wait to hear how she has done. You must be in knots.

      I placed a gigantic order at the first of the week. This weekend I’m going to be in my room and play the whole entire weekend. Have to figure out what I’m doing for March since it is already here 😦

      I miss Maureen and her stuff too. I let her know yesterday that the Ornament Punch has finally gone back up for sale once again. It has been through a long testing period. You stay warm in all that frigid weather and mostly white world. Maybe, just maybe, Spring is right around the corner 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

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