Humor Is Needed Right Now

Oh  my goodness.  That music has me fired up.  Fired up I tell you.  Didn’t hurt to have a good laugh also.

Today’s work had me a bit dis-com-bobulated.  I’ve been racing through the entries since they only belong to Joe.  That came to a befuddled halt today.  The Trip Envelopes were for both Joe and I since I went back out on the road in May of last year.  My brain and my fingers were fighting with each other.  I had to go back so many times to adjust entries that belonged to me but were lumped in Joe’s stuff.  Yikes.  Chalk that mess up to “Tunnel Vision” 🙂

Today was a treat, even though it was kind of difficult.  Memories of last May flitted around in my head while I worked with each receipt.  Highlights that boosted me on and kept me going.  One of those highlights was getting the opportunity to meet Jann Saulsberry (I always spell her last name wrong – sorry Jann) and her husband Royce.  Joe and I had a blast with them.  Going through the receipts put a smile on my face and made the task quite a bit easier.

Then our trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina and my interview at Scrapbook Creations.  That was fun and informative.  Then one of our next loads took us up to Green Bay, Wisconsin and my interview with Creations Galore.  After that, well tomorrow begins that big honkin’ mess from Red Bluff, California to Pomona, California and the Wal-Mart trucks.

At least today I can have the delightful memories of meeting Jann and Royce.  I’ll hang on to that memory for a while longer since it is such a good one 🙂

Tomorrow's work - June begins

Tomorrow's work - June begins

Maybe I won’t have such a problem with fumble fingers and having to go back and make a lot of corrections in tomorrow’s work.

This morning started out really cold with a temperature of 1 degree.  The Tulsa area woke to -27 degrees, glad I don’t live there.  According to the app on my iPhone the temperatures are going to be heading upward starting tomorrow.  A high of 50 and it is supposed to be way up to 68 come Tuesday.  Crazy Oklahoma weather.

I’ll need to make a trip to Office Depot for more letter size file folders and ink for one of my printers.  It went bone try today, and thankfully I have another one to use until I get an ink cartridge for the other one.  I’m going to wait for warmer weather to do that.

Some places near where I live the power is out and will be for the next few days.  The roads were open this morning and the news people were warning of black ice conditions once again.  That will soon be gone in the next few days.

I had to pull my refrigerator out from the place where it lives yesterday.  Had to defrost the bugger.  Since it was out I decided I’d get that thing cleaned inside and out.  That was scheduled for today but now it is out of the way.  Just the stove, dishwasher, and microwave along with a couple cabinet faces for today.

This will be filed under the category of “TMI”…Too Much Information…but I used to be plumb ca-ray-zee when it came to housework.  I’ve finally figured out the reason for that.  Control, pure and simple.

I used to move around a lot with my kids father.  He was extremely abusive, physically and emotionally.  The only control I had was over the cleanliness of my home and children.  I was a total whack job when it came to house work.

Each different place we moved needed to be cleaned, in my opinion.  I washed ceilings, walls, and everything in between.  There was a bucket and Pine-Sol always at the ready.  Windows, screens, and anything that would stand still long enough was cleaned.  Saturdays were spent washing walls because there were finger prints left on the light switches and on door jams.  I can’t stand the smell of Pine-Sol any longer, kind of OD’d on the stuff.

With my truck driving job and being gone so much the house work had gone by the wayside over the years.  When I’d be home in December my old habits kicked in and I spent all my time doing housework instead of enjoying the time off from the road and being sane about cleaning.  Dust would build up, all the dump and run stuff we did when we were home over night once a month got to be too much for me.

In 2006, I came  home from the year being out and the last thing I wanted to do was go “balls to the wall” once again cleaning.  I did a Google search for Time Management stuff.  That was how I found Flylady.  Reading her stuff I thought she had to be hiding out from the “Men in White Coats” that were going to take her away.

Coming from a place of knowing that cleaning one room is a two day affair, and my body is getting a whole lot older and less energetic to keep up with the pace of when I was a lot younger.  How in the world can anyone have a clean house by just doing one or two things a day?  What do I do with the rest of the day?!

Well, I learned how to pace myself over the years and to just do a bit at a time.  The worst thing was cleaning up behind myself or Joe.  That came in time too.  I no longer have the dread and guilt that I used to carry around with me about housework.

Crazy me, if there was a job to do then it had my full attention.  The other stuff that needed my attention also was left until I had this one thing conquered.  Nightmare existence I can tell you.

So for me, and my addiction to action and drama, doing many things in one day in time frames helps me to keep the side of me that “rides a broom” grounded.  And I don’t mean the pleasant Harry Potter kind of broom riding either.

Okay, now enough of all this stuff.  I’m off to do a bit of work in the kitchen and the rest of the day will be in my craft room.  Inky Fingers 🙂


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “Humor Is Needed Right Now

  • gardenpinks

    Oh the video made me chuckle out loud, I shall never be able to listen to that piece of music again without seeing the image of the mouse! Poor little mouse I thought he had won when all of a sudden whack! So funny. Another bit of music I can’t listen to without seeing the characters now is When the Lion Sleeps Tonight – this will have you swinging your hips!

    Leslie you are winning! Look how that box of trip envelopes is looking all falling forwards! Great stuff. Hope your kitchen work was soon done so you could play without feeling guilty.
    This guilt feeling is a bind isn’t it? I suffer all the time – mustn’t do this or do that because this is enjoyng myself and there must be work to do somewhere! So I end up dithering around and not getting anything done 😦 Hey ho.

    The thing is you recognise where the problems lie and ae working out ways to combat them but just now and again don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a reward 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. It was time for something funny. The ending surprised me too! I still love that old song – The Lion Sleeps Tonight – and that video is really cute. Thanks for that added chuckle. :o)

      Boy do I ever know what you mean about the guilt trips we take. Yes, I got my kitchen in good order for now. Didn’t go crazy with the cleaning. If anyone drops by I won’t be falling all over myself apologizing for the shape of my kitchen 🙂

      I’m off to read your new post!! Woo Hoo and all the work you did in your garden :o) So exciting to get dreaded tasks done.
      Love you – Leslie

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