Pati’s Posh Designs

I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself.  I’ll get bopped in the head before she leaves here, but until then I’m going to BRAG!!

FIRST though.  Can you find Tweety?

Where's Tweety?

As you can see, my “Day Job” junk has not been put away yet.  And the big red blob.  That is our Christmas tree that has not been put up.  Priorities, I guess.

Suzy Homemaker I am not, besides I’ll just have to take it down again in a week or two.  Yes, I know – boo  hoo.  And, no I don’t want any cheese with this “whine” thank you.

Okay, on to what this post is all about.  I’ve been relentless in finding out what Pati is interested in.  She’s going to be here for several more days, more than actually planned, and it can get dead boring when you are visiting and have nothing to do with your time.  At least it is for me anyway.

She has talked about making bracelets before, and she’s talked about quilts, and she’s also mentioned plastic canvas.  I’ve drug her skinny butt to Hancock Fabrics in search of quilting fabrics.  She was not ready to make quilts just yet.  I’ve drug her to Hobby Lobby in search of plastic canvas supplies and instruction booklets.  What’s going on with the plastic canvas stuff.  No books, nothing.  Some of the plastic stuff, very little in the way of yarns, not much of anything.

Today I drug her to Michaels in search of plastic canvas stuff.  She took a side trip through the bead and charm section and stayed there for quite a while.  Torn between doing beadwork and plastic canvas, we went ahead and looked around the store for stuff for her to do.  She found a beginner’s bead set with a tool and everything for under $20.  It was a little difficult getting her to actually choose the set and take it home with her.

Poor Sis, she had to endure my pushy and bullying self for a while.  She even told me to “shut up” once or twice.  She did agree to get the bead set.  Once we got it home and she tinkered around for awhile I could hear the excitement begin to build at the dining room table.  I HAVE to share this all with you.  I’m so proud of her!!!

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11 responses to “Pati’s Posh Designs

  • Maureen Mathis

    Will she make me a necklace, bracelet and earring set similar to the pearl one, but with some silver spacers of some sort and only one heart charm on the necklace and bracelet, and pearls and a heart on the earrings? I’ll pay her $30 plus shipping. Actually make it two sets, and I’ll give one to Mom. She’d love it if we had matching jewelry sets. She’d have fun bragging about at her assisted living facility. I’d really like to wear one of Pati’s first pieces! You, as her agent, would be entitled to one loaf of pumpkin bread or cookies suitable to your palette, of course. Wouldn’t want to cut out the middle man!

    • Message In A Fold

      WOW. You blew Pati’s mind! We have a few questions.
      1. What is the measurement of your wrist? Your Mom’s the same size or smaller?
      2. How long of necklaces do you want?
      3. She has 2 sets of “chandelier” type earring – hangy down things – and two sets of fish hook thingys. Would you prefer posts?
      4. She can string pearls from any of these earring types.
      5. You want one heart charm on each necklace and bracelet. Is that correct?
      6. Do you want mostly gray pearls? Do you want a mix of pearls? After every 5 or 7 a silver bead spacer is what you want?

      Let us know and we’ll go shopping as soon as we hear from you. Thank you Maureen. You’ve really dumbfounded her with your request. I’ve been talking with her about selling her creations and she didn’t think anyone would be interested.

      Cookies or pumpkin bread….pumpkin bread or cookies…..hmmmmm. That’s a really tough one!
      Love you – Leslie

      • Maureen Mathis

        1. I think most bracelets are 7 1/2 inches, so that’s fine.
        2. 18″
        3. Chandelier is easier for Mom, so just do the same for both sets.
        4. Great!
        5. Yes, one heart charm of any type – doesn’t need to be a puffy one. Just have her pick one that looks good to her.
        6. I really like that mixed look. Doesn’t have to be identical to her sample. I really like how hers has three colors. She has good taste. I trust her. And the spacers will carry the silver color throughout the pieces.
        7. I forgot – those magnetic clasps are easier for Mom, so if she could use those on all the necklaces and bracelets (because I want to be wearing this in my 80’s too!) I would love it.
        8. Have her get one of those bead board things so she can lay out the beads and get happy with the pattern before she commits to stringing it. It really helps to look at it first, and I don’t want her getting frustrated because she has to restring it. And please ask her to keep good track of her expenses, because if I need to pay more, I don’t want her feeling shorted. I’m willing to pay full retail, and that’s probably 200 – 300 % of her cost, maybe even more.
        9. NO BOSSING – if I need to get her e-mail address to communicate without Mrs. Bossy Knickers, I will. I don’t want the artist to get upset – it will alter the results, and I like her work! So you just sit back and enjoy watching her have fun!

      • Message In A Fold

        Now come on. Really? #9 NO BOSSING? You made me laugh out loud and Pati wanted to know what I was laughing at. She now knows 🙂 Thanks for giving her this information on what you want. You are correct, Pati does have good taste when it comes to jewelry. Mine, unfortunately, is all in my mouth 😦 We have a trip planned for today at two bead shops here in Norman. What fun.

        Girlfriend, you have TOTALLY made Pati’s day. She is just beside herself that someone would like her creations. I’m lovin’ it!
        Love you Girlfriend

  • Maureen Mathis

    I just read my message over (I don’t know why I do that, because it’s not like I can backspace and correct anything….!) and I just wanted to clarify that the bracelet and necklace will still be mostly pearls, but I though it might be nice to have some silver colored spaces every 5 – 7 pearls or so – whatever she thinks will look best. I do like all the different colors of pearls, too. It is really beautiful!

  • Shelly

    Lovely creations. I have always looked at the beads when I’m out shopping. I love the pearl and charm one, very elegant. My Daughter is a bead worker she just loves them. It goes to show that each of us are blessed with different talents. I may have to drag myself out to check out the kits after Christmas. I’m Happy to hear that you are having a fantastic visit.

    Have fun,
    Love and Hugs,

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly. When Pati saw my camera she harumphed at me. Then she made some racket when I put her beautiful work up on my blog. Yes, indeed. Pati has been blessed with a talent for jewelry. She’s done an awesome job and I’m so proud of her. Truly, we are having a great time together and I’m so blessed to have her here with me. Even though I’m quite a Bossy Knickers 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  • Jann Gray

    Wow….love how these turned out! Gorgeous! What a talented lady Miss Pati is! Please tell her I loved her creations!

    • Message In A Fold

      Jann, thank you for your sweet comment. You made my sister So Happy 🙂

      I’ve been a bad friend 😦 You and Royce, how are you two doing? I’ve been up to the top of my head in actually designing and doing HTML on my website and I have not come up for air in a month. I truly hope Royce is doing fantastic and feeling like a “New Man”, that would be totally AWESOME news.
      Love you Girlfriend

  • gardenpinks

    Wonderful that Pati has found a new talent and her creations are beautiful. I adore beads of all shapes and sorts – think its all the colours! I do a bit of beading and trying to teach myself peyeote – the instructions are more complicated than actually doing it 🙂 I found loads of instructions on the web and one day I shall buy myself a bead loom. You go Pati. And how superb that you have your first commission.

    Much love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Okay, you must know something about “Peyeote” that I don’t know. As far as I know, Peyeote is a plant native to the desert southwest – mainly New Mexico and Arizona – that has a seed pod. When ingested this seed pod causes hallucinations and is used in some of the Native American “Sweat Lodge” ceremonies. Its use has been outlawed because of the hallucinogenic properties of this pod but there are some that still use it.

      So, you will have to clarify this bit for me – “I do a bit of beading and trying to teach myself peyeote”.

      I’m so glad my sister has found something she really enjoys doing to pass some time with. She is having fun and making some money to boot. I’ll have to do a post tomorrow on what she has accomplished thus far.
      Love you – Leslie

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