On The Fritz and Mended

The refrigerator is “on the Fritz” (where did that term come from?) and my arm is mended.  Thank you all for asking.

We have a GE refrigerator that came with the house when we bought it – brand new.  As with all large appliances, it came with a two year warranty.  That ended about 4 years ago.  Two years back the troubles began with the heating coil.  Since it is a frost free unit it self defrosts.  We had a repair done on that and it worked for a while.  Well, for some reason that part quit and we have had to defrost it more and more frequently since then.  Started off about every three to four months.  Since the beginning of last year it has been just a bit over monthly.

The next problem we had was with our ice maker.  The auger froze up so the “Ice In The Door” feature quit working.  We’ve had a repair person out on three different occasions to fix the ice maker and it is now beyond repair.

This last time we defrosted the freezer things have gone really wonky.  The vegetable bin and the deli bin in the refrigerator part is now the FREEZER, while the freezer is cool enough to be the refrigerator.  The top area of the refrigerator side is warm, while the lower sections and the door are cold.  The tubing coils for the “Water In The Door” feature are frozen so that part doesn’t work any longer.  Go figure.

It seems this particular unit had been recalled some years back because of the door seals not being sufficient.  We didn’t get the “Memo” on that one so we missed the recall measures.  Now we have to find a refrigerator that will fit in the space of the current one.  GE will give us $400 off the price of a new one, once we find one, and they will install the new one and take out the old one.

We’ve been to a couple places and looked at refrigerators.  Most of them are just an inch or two wider than the space they would go in.  Living in a mobile home, that inch or two is problematic.  It would involve some reconstruction to get one of them to fit in the space.  Although our home has the 2×4 (laughable) construction and drywall instead of wood paneling on the walls, adjusting the area for that few inches would be a massive undertaking.  There are three walls that would be affected by the change.

Upon entering our front door, we have a foyer of sorts.  The wall you would face upon entering our home is on the back side of the refrigerator and pantry.  Turn right, once in the door you enter the dining room.  At that juncture is a wall of cabinets where the foyer turns into the dining room.  Just a few steps more you are in the kitchen and the back of the cabinet wall is where the refrigerator stands, then next to it is the pantry.  This whole space is like an enclosed island.  The entire section would have to be torn down and put back together just for two inches of space.  Not something I’m remotely interested in doing.

After Thanksgiving we’ll have a bit more time to go from one appliance store to another, tape measure in hand, and find the unit that will fit within the space width wise.  The next challenge will be the depth.  There is a model we have looked at that would fit within the space but will stick out three inches further into the kitchen area.  That three inches will make our kitchen a less than “Two Butt” space.

We can have the oven door and the refrigerator door open, since they face each other, right now.  Have a unit that is three inches further into the space will make for some testy conversations.  Me checking something in the oven with the door open and Joe decide he needs something out of the refrigerator….well cover your ears, it won’t be very lady like nor loving.  So the hunt will continue for a while.

As for my arm.  The out of date drugs did the trick.  Two nights with the old pain killers and the days spent stretching and forcing the arm and shoulder to move and rotate have furthered the healing process.  I have full motion of the arm and the pain is gone.  Joe had suggested I get a sling and immobilize my arm for a while.  That seemed to be the long way to get it better so I opted for the “grit your teeth and breathe through the pain” option.  Faster, although I have to admit that Joe nearly drove me bonkers with his concern and admonishments to stop what I was doing.  Him hovering and questioning me on my arm and the pain was really disconcerting.  More so when he kept trying to take things out of my hands to help me.  Bless the man, and his loving ways.  That is the better way to think of it than “leave me alone and stop trying to coddle me!”

Thank you all for your concern at my discomfort.  I appreciate the phone calls from daughters and Maureen, the notes of care and well wishes from those of you far away.  Close to home, I appreciate the gift of love from my crazy husband 🙂 who helped me out of chairs while being pelted with cross words for his efforts; physically pushing me aside in the kitchen to lift a pot or a skillet while his ears were blistering from the heated “Stop that, I’m capable of doing this myself”, and for waking me up during the night to see if he has rolled over too close to me and hurt my arm.

Truly, I do appreciate all the love that has been sent my way from every corner 🙂

Maureen, you and your family have safe travels to and from your Thanksgiving celebration.  Shelly, you and your family enjoy a healthful Thanksgiving celebration with the flu banished from your home for the rest of the season.  Lynn, you and your family enjoy this time with the flu and other ills carried off on the winds in the UK, all the while they are at your back and not searing your lungs for burning your faces with the cold.  Nancy, you and your family enjoy this time in Canada with the temperatures back up on the plus side of the thermometer leaving the remaining negative temperatures for later in the season and your migraines to take a long needed leave of absence.

Time to get at my paperwork, for a time, and on with other things.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “On The Fritz and Mended

  • Nancy

    Oh Leslie!! See how out of touch I am…I didn’t even know that you were suffering with arm problems! I’ve got a doozy of a migraine today but I read that and had to pop in and leave a note! I’m so sorry I didn’t know and didn’t reach out to you in your suffering! I have to start getting out of my little bubble a bit more! I am happy to hear it’s doing better! It was actually -30 degrees Celsius here yesterday morning! A little bit of new snow but mostly a bright sunny day! As you know, we had our Canadian Thanksgiving back in October. However, as you probably also know…for me, every day is a THANKSGIVING!! I wish you a very BLESSED Thanksgiving Celebration! You too Lynn, Maureen and Shelly!
    Lots of love & prayers,
    Nancy :o)

    • Message In A Fold

      You don’t have to apologize for anything. I knew you were down with your migraines and have felt pretty bad for you. Sending up a prayer each time I thought of you.

      Brrr, brrr, brrr. You are having some really cold weather. That should figure out to be way past -10 degree Fahrenheit here. Good grief, no wonder you are having such a bad head! 😦

      When you feel up to it, please let me know about your Thanksgiving traditions. I was not aware yours was in October. Crazy me, I just figured everyone celebrated in November. I’m not even sure if it is celebrated in England, and if it is – when. I’ll have to ask Lynn.

      I’ll keep this short in consideration of your bad head. Love to you and your family.
      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Lovely to hear from you again Leslie and so pleased your arm has mended and is in full operational mode again. Poor Joe, kisses Joe for all the swear words and temper tantrums but I’m afraid I would be exactly the same 🙂 I end up with lock jaw where I have gritted my teeth for so long when somethng like this has happened and Rod has tried to be helpful and I am the ingrate!
    Hope you find the perfect replacement fridge/freezer after the holidays and hope you and Joe have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.
    We are in rude health here – well most of us are. I have a bit of a cough not helped by the dreaded weed but our daughter Ruth is feeling very poorly. Not easy being sick when you have two young children, a job, a new fledged business and a husband who is not very handy around the place 😦

    Happy Thansgiving.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Yes, “Poor Joe”. He deserves some kind of metal 🙂 for putting up with me on a daily basis. I fully know what you mean by “Lock Jaw” when you grit your teeth and just keep going. Most of the time the doctors can’t do much in the way of help except offer drugs to dull the pain. Can’t live your life an do your daily chores with cotton wool for a brain. Knowing that this will pass is what keeps the teeth gritted and forward movement going.

      I’m so sorry to hear of the ills within your family. You and your cough, I hope does not develop into pneumonia. I know what you mean by the “dreaded weed”. Makes Joe nuts when I’m hacking and coughing until I turn red while holding a lit cigarette. Your poor Ruth…being very ill and having young children to tend to, a full time job, plus helping her husband get his new business off the ground. Here’s hoping these rotten bugs will finally vanish and not come back.

      Do you guys have a “Thanksgiving” time that you celebrate? I think I asked you that on your blog. I’ll have to go check it out. For some reason it don’t get notification when comments are posted.
      Love to you, Rod, and your family. Leslie

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