A Lost Week

My “road warriors” are home.  They arrived Sunday afternoon.  Les had to hang around until Monday to get some things done at Coldiron, after that he headed for Tribune, Kansas.  Long day still ahead of him, another six hours of driving before he could call it done.  They were gone for a month this time.

Having Joe’s weight in the bed was comforting, until 4 a.m. when I suddenly woke up and wondered what I had done.  There was someone in bed next to me.  There were a few moments of panic until I fully woke up and knew that it was Joe there.  When he has been away for a long period of time he always tells me “Tell your boyfriend he has to leave, I’m coming home!”  This is the first time I’ve been startled awake with a feeling of shame and dread.  What’s up with THAT!

We’ve been married for over 20 years and he still gives me the shivers and makes my heart go pitty pat.  He screws with my schedule big time too, which frustrates me to no end, but I’ve become used to it now and just try to go with the flow.

My paperwork…..well it has come to a dead stand still for a while.  So has any crafting.  Everything has come to an abrupt stop.

Monday morning was spent running around town going to the Coldiron offices and getting business taken care of there, the afternoon was shot in discussions of taking a run from Dardanelle, Arkansas to Wichita, Kansas.  I have things to do here but one last short run would give us cash for his Thanksgiving cooking.  Money not earmarked for December payments.

Tuesday, the trucks were not quite ready so we would not be leaving until Wednesday.  I spent Monday evening cutting papers for Christmas gift tags and videoing the cutting process.  Making some of the gift tags as well.  Tuesday was spent finishing the gift tags and processing the video of cutting directions and displaying the gift tags.  While both of the videos were uploading I spent time getting my other blog updated with these new items.

During the night on Tuesday I did something to my right arm.  Could barely move it come Wednesday morning.  We got to Dardanelle and loaded.  My arm was throbbing by the time we finished.  Driving the truck was a challenge.  Shifting gears was painful, pushing in the air brake knobs sent my upper arm into spasms that made me sick to my stomach.  Came home and left Thursday morning for Wichita to deliver.  By the time we got home my arm was screaming.  I’ve pulled something in my shoulder and I don’t know how or when I did it.  Time to bust out the drugs.  I have some really old pain medication from a dentist when I had a tooth pulled in 2007.  Of the 12 originally prescribed I still had 10 left.

Friday morning dawned and my arm felt so much better.  At least the pulsing and stabbing pain had subsided and I could move my arm better.  The day was spent away from home running errands, getting the work pickup in the shop for some minor repairs and an oil change.  We had to go to an Apple Store, which is at a huge mall in downtown Oklahoma City, for an updated software for my photos and video.

So close to Thanksgiving and our refrigerator has finally decided to give up the ghost.  That is an expense we were not planning for.  A few hours at appliance dealers looking at refrigerators and trying to determine which one we would buy to replace our ailing one.

A couple weeks ago I signed up for an online class at our local Community College.  It is “Creating Web Pages”.  A six week course with lessons on Wednesday and Friday.  Well, with all of this weeks adventures and pains I’ve gotten behind and now need to catch up.  Back to being a dog chasing its tail.  Going round and round and accomplishing nothing.

Next week there will be no crafting or paper work getting done.  Shopping for Thanksgiving groceries so Joe can do his fantastic job of making a luscious feast, cleaning the house and making it “presentable” for the neighbors we invite to share being blessed by their friendship all year long.

I’ll squeeze in some time to get my Web Pages class assignments turned in.  Now I need to get to the Post Office and mail Lynn’s tote bag to the UK and Nancy’s tote bag to Canada.  I had them all ready to be mailed last week but found I did not have their addresses.  Dolt!  That will be remedied this time.  I will make sure they are in my phone before I leave the house to mail their packages.

I’ve been keeping track of my friend’s blogs and reading about all the illnesses they have been experiencing.  Their households have been turned upside down due to the flu virus that has affected all in their family, even extended family that don’t live in the same house.  Weather changes, migraine headaches, hospital admissions, and the flu have way laid my dear friends.  Their households have been disrupted completely.  I’m whining about Joe disrupting my schedule and not being able to do my work.  Time for a reality check and be thankful we are both having good health while we spend time together until Joe returns to the highways and I’m left to my own devices once again.

Priorities change, being with and loving family and friends is more important than getting data entry done for my paperwork.  That will commence once again and I’ll be back on my crazy schedule after the first of December for a few weeks before I have to shut it all down once more for the Christmas festivities.

This year I have received many blessings that I am thankful for.  Women that have become my friends and made me laugh out loud, neighbors that have watched over our home while we have been gone and kept the lawn mowed, a “Day Job” that allows me to take the time off and explore another part of my world, children that are absolutely awesome adults, the freedom of having a vehicle to run errands while I’m home and we can leave the work pickup for just that – work – and I have been able to spend time with my long lost sister and get reacquainted with her.  I have been immensely blessed this year and have much to celebrate this Thanksgiving.

Now it is time to get after my Friday class and do the lesson.  Finished the Wednesday class yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday) it is time to get caught up on at least one thing.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

6 responses to “A Lost Week

  • Shelly

    Hello Leslie,
    Thanks for the update sounds like you’ve been quite busy. I know what you mean about the disruptions 🙂 I love Brian dearly but I have such a hard time getting my stuff done when he’s here with me. Which is weird because I can get my work done when I have the kids guess it’s cause they don’t want to go here and there. The illness seems to be leaving (Dare I say that out loud) out house I most definately want it gone for Thanksgiving 🙂 Hope your arm continues to get better and also that you found a new fridge to replace the old one. So Joe is the Turkey day cooker huh? Lucky you I am the chief cooker and cleaner upper around here Not that I mind since I love ro cook Now the cleaning up part……not on the top of the list 🙂 I’m happy that Joe is home and you are able to spend time together It is awesome to have that, Too many couples/families forget that. They may make ne nuts at times but I am very blessed to have such a tightknit bunch of kids and to be able to be with Brian as much as I do. Gotta say it just makes me so happy to hear how you speak of Joe “We’ve been married for over 20 years and he still gives me the shivers and makes my heart go pitty pat.” I know so many couples who look at me like I’m from mars when I say stuff like that,and it just makes me sad because they just don’t know what they’re missing out on. Better hop down off my soapbox huh?? I could write about this for a long time 🙂
    Very cool to hear that you are taking some classes. Best wishes to you .
    I will agree with you this has been a very blessed year for me as well New family members, new friends ,Health and the list goes on and on.
    Have a great Thanksgiving tell Joe hello from us in Illinois and be careful with your arm.

    Much love from me to you

    • Message In A Fold

      Sorry it has been several days. Not feeling so much like I should be writing “woof woof, pant pant” or reporting more injuries from all the circle spinning and dizziness 🙂 Things are beginning to sort of slow down.

      I’m SO GLAD to hear that the flu is finally leaving your home. What a trial for you and your family. I need to check your blog to see the progress of your Levi and his ear problems. Poor little Punkin 😦

      Ahhh, it is nice to know that I am not the only one that still gets, as the Old Owl in Bambi says, “Twitter Pated” with my husband. You do, also, with yours 🙂 Can’t beat that feeling.

      Shelly, I hope your Thanksgiving goes wonderfully well. All your table crafts finished, food preparation goes smoothly, and the afternoon is spent in “triptophan” naps 🙂 You know……you might persuade your family to start a new tradition. Each person helps in the clean up after the big meal to “clean out the flu” :o) Just a thought, you probably have a kitchen similar to mine…a two butt kitchen. Not enough room for more than two butts to be moving, reaching, and bending. Three would be bumping and stalling, four and nothing would be accomplished :o)

      You, Brian, and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Blessings upon your house.
      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Do hope that arm is well and truly on the mend, perhaps you twisted it in bed – stranger things have happened 🙂
    Isn’t it odd that we get such weird looks when saying how much we enjoy having our husbands around and love them dearly. Rod and I rarely have rows and I know many people don’t believe me when I say that; in fact even my own sister said we (Rod and I) didn’t have a normal relationship 😀 Couldn’t believe my ears!!

    O well done with the classes – what are you learning? Frontpage? HTML? or XTML? Cascading Style Sheets? Showing off here as I did classes in Frontpage for creating a website and then taught myself HTML and when I created our business web site I used a combination of both to create it. It was only a very simple web site but it did the trick for us.

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving day and it was lovely to see your blog up.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Hey, another husband and wife that really “like each other”! That is so great!!! You and Shelly make me feel normal :o) That is so cool!!!

      Show Off!!! :o) I’m not as advanced as you seem to be. I’m learning the basics of HTML. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve been putting it off for a couple years now. FEAR, plain and simple. I wonder if the curses and temper tantrums in 1983 are still ringing the halls of the Agriculture Department at Arizona State University? I worked as a clerk/typist there at the time. One of the Professors had selected me to type in the code for a program he was writing. I spent two months doing that and totally swore off ever venturing into computer language AGAIN. I’m finding this to be rewarding. Results are seen immediately, so do the mistakes.

      So cool that you created your business website. Knowing how it goes together, and having control over what happens, is awesome!! Your Rod has quite an asset in you 🙂 Lucky man, he is.

      Do you guys celebrate a “Thanksgiving” type of holiday? If you do, when is it done? I know you guys celebrate Christmas, then have a “Boxing Day” which I’m not quite sure what that is — sounds like a big melee after the presents are opened and some are rejected 🙂 Finding out about people and the different celebrations is just up this Nosey Parker’s alley 🙂

      Love to you and Rod. Stay warm, if you have to go out may the wind be at your back – both ways – and someone will walk up to your door, have a look around and put a firm contract on your home that very day 🙂 Positive thoughts 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  • Chelsey Deschenes

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