Door Wreath


Door wreath from an old book

I was clicking away at my keyboard doing my bookkeeping stuff.  Like to fell off my chair when my phone, hiding under a pile of papers, began buzzing and dinging at me.

In my haste to find it, under the mound of papers, it slid off my desk top skittered across the keyboard plopped in my lap and  it was launched under my desk and hit the wall as I tried to catch it.  All the while buzzing and dinging.

When I finally got the blasted thing out from under my desk, man that place needs to have some attention paid to it by the vacuum cleaner, this photo was displayed across the screen.

The words that accompanied the photo made me smile.  “Look at this wreath I made out of a book last night.  It was super easy and fun.”

My Arizona daughter (Carissa of the squash book card) sent this message to me.  Of course I had to call her immediately and get DETAILS!!!

Someone at her church (she told me her name but it went right out of my head) had suggested having some craft items for sale.  Wait, let me back up a bit…..

There is a young woman at Carissa’s church that is going on a mission (somewhere I can’t remember    :-{ ).  The women’s group have decided they would have a bake sale to raise money for this young woman and her travels.  There were some suggestions on making craft items to sell also but I think that discussion has been tabled for now, if not squashed all together.

One of the suggestions was to make a Christmas wreath from old books and a description of the process was put forth.  Seems Carissa is the only one that got excited about the idea.

Carissa took apart a wreath she had purchased (when I’m not entirely sure).  All I could suss out is the wreath base is not foam core or straw but some kind of a mostly flat ring.  I don’t know how many pages she used from the book, except “quite a few….maybe 2/3 to 3/4 of the book” is what I got.  The pages get rolled from one corner of the book page into a cone shape.  The pointy end of the cone is folded into a “U” shape.  The wreath frame is then sandwiched in the “U” shape.  Glue (hot glue I think she said) is then applied to the papers and held until they set.  She worked her way around the wreath frame until she had it filled.

At first, she was not totally pleased with the wreath.  She liked it but was not in “love” with it until she poked in the “brown things” from the original wreath to give it some color.  She attached the “brown things” with glue also.

According to Carissa she had this all put together in three hours.  Her wonderful husband, Jaime, was sitting next to her totally engrossed in a computer game the entire time she was creating.  Just when she was almost done with the wreath, Jaime finished his game and got up from the sofa.  He looked at her and asked:  1)  What are you doing?  2) How long have you been doing that? and 3)  Looks good Babe.  We both laughed at that.  You know….close but so far away 🙂  They are so cute together and he really is the most sweet guy.

Later in the evening, paperwork put away for the day, I got another message from her.  This is what it looks like on her door with the porch light on.



My job is nearly complete 🙂  I have passed on good jeans…wait it is genes.  I mean, really now, it surely could not have been the “subliminal” messages that were put out to all the kids when I made stuff for the house.  Although I do get some great hugs and am reminded about the gingerbread houses I had the kids all make one year…..icing of sugar cookies another year.



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

15 responses to “Door Wreath

  • Carissa

    I LOVE my wreath!!!!!! It looks SOOOO pretty on my door!!!! Thanks for posting this, Mom.
    Love you! 🙂

  • Shelly

    Wow and Double Wow that is just awesome. I’ve never seen anything like it …..Heeeeey….. maybe she could you know dabble in a video or blog type thing to show how she made it ???? You have been known to inspire individuals to do this type of thing in the past…… LOL 🙂 Hey it was worth a try. Hope you are getting along well with the paperwork stuff we are faring well in the crazy weather state of Illinois 71 degrees today What???? Not that I’m complaining just can’t get used to all this change.
    Take care I’m off to bed Really this time 😉

    Love, Shelly

    • Message In A Fold

      I’ll have to ask her if she would be up for making some kind of a tutorial. Maybe take pictures of the back of the wreath, and a few pictures of making the cone shape with the book pages, and then demonstrate how to attach the cone to the wreath. The possibilities are beginning to bud and spring forth, even now!!! She’s enrolled in a cake decorating class at a craft store near her. The first class is tonight. She’s to bring cookies to practice on so I hope to get pictures of that!!!! I’ll “ease” her into this. That would be so fun!!!!!!

      We’ve had some really warm weather here in Oklahoma also. It has been warm enough to remain in shorts here. How are you feeling? Getting more and more over the flu? My sister swears by Lysol. She sprays everything with it, even Tweety if she gets in the way 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

      • aspot2stamp

        I’m feeling better but still gaining strength I haden’t been able to keep anything down since late last week so i’m feeling a bit worn out after the grandbabies and my own babies 🙂 Poor Levi is still fighting the ear infection and we are trying to get into a specialist so he was waaaaay fussy and clingy today 🙂 Poor little guy 😦 I have tried everything I think with so many kids here and Brians school bus driving and both Son and his wife working out with the public we are juat a giant petrie dish of germs. 🙂 Please show any pictures of the cookies if you get them. Isen’t it nice to see the craftiness passed on. My kids are a artsy bunch and I love to see their creativity sparked. Yes the weather here is unusual sopposed to be in the 70’s til Friday then cool off again Not complaining though, I aired the house out today Bye- bye flu germs :)Hope your paperwork in coming along as you’d planned I have yet to get started on my othre cards, guess there’s always tomorrow 🙂
        Talk to you later
        Love to you,

      • Message In A Fold

        Feeling kind of “puny”? You poor thing 😦 No time to rest and recuperate. You and Levi, both of you need some healing in body and spirit. Carissa had ear infections a lot as a toddler also. She had to have tubes put in both of her ears when she was a year and a half. That was a trial for me, watching my baby being wheeled into a surgery room 😦

        Your other cards will be done when they get done. Your main focus is to get well and strong enough to fight off those germs. Too bad you can’t just up and leave for a week and hole up somewhere to get totally over the flu. One year, don’t know if I’m repeating myself here, Joe got sick with the flu then passed it to me. We were out hitting the roads all year long at the time. Just as I was beginning to feel better I gave it back to Joe. He gave it back to me, and I told him I was going home. He was on his own until we were both clear of the flu. That was miserable for the both of us.

        You and your entire family are in my prayers to get well and cured of all the germs and ear infections. Bout time for a change back to wellness 🙂
        Love you – Leslie

    • aspot2stamp

      This is one good thing about he warm weather I was able to have the windows all open and I am hoping that I got all the GERMS blown somewhere else. On a better note I’m feeling much better and have plans to do some crafty type stuff 🙂

      Off to check some stuff out

      • Message In A Fold

        Cleansing fresh air! Blow the crud out of the house. When I do watch a bit of television, I usually watch the home repair and remodeling kind. Don’t ask me why but I just find it fascinating how that all works. I tried dry walling one time, doing the plaster stuff in the joints and over the screws. I made a mess of it….looked really easy on television. Anyway, I wonder about these new homes that are “air tight”. All the stuff that gets trapped in the house and has no way of getting out. I’m rambling, sorry. So glad to hear that you are on the mend and feeling well enough to think about being crafty once again. I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff.
        Love you – Leslie

  • shar

    this is absolutely fantastic my brain is going into overdrive with different techniques to add to it hmmm do I have 3 hours tonight awwww nooooo have to do some swaps hmmm maybe smaller scale for my swaps Im sure I can work this
    okay gotta go and see how Incorporate it

    • Message In A Fold

      Woo Hoo!!!! I’m thrilled my daughter has inspired you. Send me pictures, send me pictures!!!! Or send me a note when, and if, you do one or some and you put it up on YouTube!!!! That would be totally AWESOME!! I’d love to see this in a smaller scale. I’m sure my daughter would get a kick out of knowing she inspired you. Thank you Shar, that is the sweetest comment I can ever pass on 🙂
      Hugs to you – Leslie

  • Maureen Mathis

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to see if my girls “get their craft on” a bit when they are grown!

  • Lynn Claridge

    Love the wreath and that is great recycling too 🙂 Yes agree with Carissa tht the ‘brown bit’s add to it. I also like Shar’s ideas of scaling it down.
    Please Carissa a video tutorial would be marvellous, show us how you made your beautiful wreath.
    Thanks for giving your mum permission to show us.

    Are you beating that paperwork into submission Leslie?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      I asked Carissa if she would be up for making a tutorial. Poor Sweetie….her brain went fzzzzt at the mention of a tutorial. I’m working on making it really easy for her. All she has to do is take a few photos and talk me through the photo sequence and what to do.

      The paperwork is coming along. It would go quite a bit faster if I didn’t have eight kinds of “bank” statements to reconcile. I forget half of them. When I think I’ve finished I see there are no check marks on the registers and I have to go back. I’m not used to doing this piece meal. I’m used to sitting down at the computer at 6:00 a.m. and working through the entire day and long into the wee hours of the next morning. Get a stride going. I can’t seem to get a stride. Herky jerky right now.

      Love you – Leslie

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