Our Very Own “Temptress”

Okay…this is the last post for today.  I PROMISE!!!  Nancy – you will need a snack to read this one.


August 23, 2010

Maureen has been a “Temptress” to Joe.  She is so funny.  Since she has found out that he is my “Cookie Monster” she sends me photos by text messaging of her most recent baking day.

Maureen:  “Just purely to tease you.  You should smell them.  They are still warm!”

Joe:  “That’s dirty.  You are cruel.”

These two crack me up and have me laughing so hard.







September 15, 2010

Little did I know, in the early months of this year, that I would find a friend that warms my heart, blesses my soul with laughter, and has just enough of a wicked streak to keep the fun going and tease Joe unmercifully 🙂

This photo arrived on my phone as we were leaving home and heading to the Coldiron yard to pick up trucks going somewhere I can’t remember.

Maureen didn’t attach a text message,  just the photo.  Sitting next to Joe in the pickup I laughed out loud at the photo.  He, of course, wanted to know what I was laughing about.  I showed him the photo and his response was….

Joe:  “You are a “divil” ;-)”  and this was followed by a groan.

I can imagine Maureen, feeling pleased with herself for the most recent tempting shot, holding a cookie in her hand and taking a tasty bite.  All the while imagining Joe’s discomfort at only seeing these delectable goodies and not being able to have one.

Could this be considered as “Sibling Rivalry”?

October 7, 2010

The torture continues with the most recent photo.

Fresh out of the oven and cooling on the rack.  Pure agony!!!

Joe, being ever up to giving as good as he gets responded…

Joe:  “Ooooooh.  Chocolate!!!  They smell so good, and they are so warm and chewy.  Yum!!! 🙂

These two….what can I say?

Nothing except that I am truly blessed by a wicked friend and a husband that has included her in our family.

Maureen, we still have a few of the cookies left over from the goody box you sent last month.  I try to toss them out since they are crumbling in the bag and are hard now.  Joe won’t hear of it.  He says they are “dunkable” now and would go good with a glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee.

Okay, now I really do have to get about my business while I’m home for the day.  Everyone have a fantastic week.


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