In Dallas, Texas Tonight

I’ll have photos to post in a later update.  I want to show the tree transition across the country from Georgia to California.  There is a definite place where they just stop.

We made better miles today…326 before we had to shut down for the night.  My truck is at Bruckner’s Mack Trucks in Dallas, Texas awaiting an air dryer that should arrive after 10 tomorrow morning.  They’ve had to order two of them.  Joe’s truck is not long before it fails and he has the same trouble as I’ve had.  It seems this is a Warranty part so the customer should be happy about this turn of events.  Joseph is still in Fort Smith, Arkansas awaiting his parts to be delivered.  Maybe he will have his truck fixed tomorrow and he can be on his way to California.

I just bet you guys all thought I was a whiney brat last spring when I lamented in one of my YouTube videos that I did not want to go back out on the road.  I even asked if throwing myself on the floor and having a temper fit might help but didn’t think it would work.  I think you all understand now why I whined a lot.  Oh well…I guess this is all part of making me into the woman I was meant to be.  Is there a short cut to get there?

Thank you all, so very much, for the love and support you sent Carissa’s way on her Squash Book Card.  Today I talked with her and she heard from the couple that had recently got married and the card was meant for.  Krystal loved it and appreciated the personal message that Carissa made for them.  Her husband, the other “K” name – Kevin I think – was over the moon with the card and was so amazed at what Carissa had done to personalize it for him.  I’m so glad she has had validation from more than just her “Mother” who is SUPPOSED to love and adore all she does.  You guys “TOTALLY ROCK” as some young ones are fond of saying.  I appreciate all of you for your kind words to her.

OMG!!! Nancy has done it AGAIN!!!!  That girl can create, I tell you.  She’s posted a new scrapbook page, that is awesome, on her blog and she has photos of her craft room.  It just might make you want to run out and get peg board after seeing what she has done.

Lynn has given us a very descriptive peek in her world in the UK with a new post on her blog and her husband, Rod, has supplied all the photographs for her post.  Totally amazing photos of butterflies that visit their garden.  I’ll have to get out my Stampin’ Write Markers when I get home (whenever that will be).  I have a new stamp, not even out of the box, of a butterfly that I sure would like to play around with the markers and maybe even some glitter *gasp*.  Yes, I did say glitter.

Shelly has a house brimming with munchkins now so I don’t foresee much stamping getting done right away.  She’s been the meany and taken them for shots!  Glad I was not at her home when all that was going on!!!  You can catch up on her blog to find out what is going on in her world.

Hmmmm, the only one missing now is MAUREEN!!!!  How can we entice her to dust off her old blog and make a post or two.  I know.  Maureen you can tease Joe with your cookies!!!!!  Each time you bake a batch you can post a picture of those delicious goodies and tempt him to no end.  She has sent pictures of her latest batch to my phone and I show it to Joe.  He groans and says “She is cruel, just cruel”.  If the cookies or baked goods are from family recipes handed down over the years I’d like to know about them.  How you acquired the recipe, when the cookies are made – seasonal or just anytime.  Me with my postings of restaurant food we have from time to time and your cookies we just might get Lynn stoked enough to go out in her neighborhood and try some of the other food offerings and she can tell us about her adventures.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Nancy can tell us about Canadian favorites, Lynn can tell us more about foods of her village in the UK, and Shelly can tell us what the Midwestern people like.  The holidays are coming around the corner.  What do each of you do for the holidays.  Joe does all the cooking of the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce from scratch, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sweet potatoes.  He loves the winter holidays and getting to do  his thing. The first year we were married I said I’d bake the pies.  None got made that year as I hovered over Joe’s shoulder watching what he did.  I’ve never made the turkey and stuffing Thanksgiving meal so I had no clue where to even begin.  I watched to see what he was doing and if he screwed it all up then maybe there was a chance that I might be able to get in and fix it.  Thank You Lord, Joe knows what he is doing and I let him have his head.

I have not made cookies, candies, and pies for such a long time.  I’ve been a scrooge since the kids have all gone away.  Maybe this year I’ll get myself to the grocery store and stock up on all the flour and goodies to do what I used to do when the kids were home.  Gingerbread houses –  nothing fancy like the Food Network Contests – but fun and make the house smell so good.

Okay, I’ve put off getting my log book filled out and other paperwork for the day done.  It is time to get back to the real world.  I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna 😦


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “In Dallas, Texas Tonight

  • Maureen Mathis

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I actually have formulated a first post to my blog, but it needs links to things I reference in there, so I’ve just saved it as a draft. Maybe next week I can get to it.

    Mom fell last week and broke 2 ribs, so she’s needed a bit of extra care this week. She’s mad at me because I won’t leave her pain medicine with her; she’s not really good about remembering things like when (or if) she took medicine. And I don’t want her to take too much, and fall and really break something else. I put a dose in her medicine box for the first two nights after we went to the ER so she could sleep better(which was 2 days AFTER she fell – seems she didn’t want to bother me!) but since then, she’s only needed some during the day yesterday and today. She hates having to interrupt me to drive out there and give her the pill. She was really pissed tonight when I wouldn’t leave some for her to “just keep around.” Poor thing, she just doesn’t realize how poor her memory is these days. She doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or anything; she’s just 82 1/2!

    Anyway, you’ve reminded me that I haven’t made any cookies for awhile – seems like my kids are wanting to eat healthier these days – but my husband likes some around, so maybe I can whip something up on Saturday when he takes them dove hunting!

    • Message In A Fold

      I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. How in the world had she managed for two days with broken ribs? Breathing is painful, coughing is something one tries to suppress with little success. Good for her to finally give in and call you for help. I bet you were just about as pissed for her not letting you know sooner as she was about you not leaving the pills. 82 1/2!! Amazing!! She might not like having you drive over to dispense her pain meds but it sure is a good thing she has you to love on her.

      Bet you had a bit of difficulty when the doctors set her ribs and had to hear her painful yelps. Has the medical world come up with something better than a strip of fabric to wrap around her chest to secure her ribs? You are such a loving daughter, and person. She might not say so right now since you are holding out on her and being a dictator 🙂

      You are working on your blog!! How exciting!!!! Please, please, please send me a link to it when you have it up and ready. I’d love to read it and support you. I’m such a Nosey Parker, I know. I love learning about people and the things that interest them, gaining knowledge from another, and seeing life through someone else’s eyes.

      I have to tell you that I think you and your husband are TOTALLY AWESOME people. The things you do with your children as individual parents boggles my mind. Your children are very lucky to have the pair of you guiding them and loving on them. Your busy doctor husband taking a Saturday to wander the woods and fields with his children along and teaching them so much – gun safety being paramount and respect for the gun – but how to be confident and self sufficient is a really great thing for them to learn. The time with their Dad is what they will always remember. Joe’s kids often talk about the special weekends he had set up for them before we got together.

      Family is something I have been learning about these past 20 years. The “importance” of family and what love truly is. I’m so blessed to have my Joe. You and your husband have had the benefit of good and loving parents of your own to be able to ground your children love and knowledge. I’m so jealous 🙂 Not really, I’m thrilled that you are like that and I benefit from your friendship in the same way. So glad I have you in my life “Big Sis”.

  • gardenpinks

    Oh Leslie all this talk about home baked food is making me feel hungry! I don’t do so much baking now that there is only the two of us unless people are coming over then I make a cake or 6, or apple pies or something. There are two puddings that I make because they are so easy and taste good; one is chocolate mousse and the other is Tiramisu – yum!
    Both our younger daughters do lots of baking as well as the more mundane cooking which they were encouraged to do here at home before they flew the nest. Rod and his mum taught me the basics of cookng and Rod still does the majority of the day to day cooking but he doesn’t do ‘fancy’ stuff like cakes.

    Oh Maureen so sorry to hear about your poor mum and her cracked ribs – I had that when Rod broke some of my ribs! I bet you are all surprised to hear that this awful ma broke my ribs!! It was just after I had given birth to our twin daughters – it gets worse doesn’t it? He gave me a hug and crack! The doctor said it was because my rib cage had been stretched by the twinsand the slightest pressure caused two of them to break. Absolute agony trying to bend over cots to lift babies in and out. Do hope Maureen’s mum soon mends. And looking forward to your blog Maureen.

    Hope your truck is soon fixed Leslie and you aren’t held up too long.
    When do you hope to be at home for winter? Do you get much snow and ice in Oklahoma?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Poor Rod, being reminded of that time probably makes him cringe and want to go hide. We can empathize with Maureen’s Mom and know what she is going through. Best thing is the ribs heal fairly quickly – even in the elderly – but they sure do ache at the oddest times. Weather changes have nothing to do with it either.

      Tiramisu!! A favorite of mine, too. Chocolate mousse is so good, it is almost shameful to leave the bits in the glasses or compote dishes. That chocolatey goodness left behind is so good, although unlady like, to smear a finger around inside the vessel and lick it off :o) I have not quite resorted to being as shameless as a dog and licking it all up 🙂

      The winters in Oklahoma are fairly mild. The year Joe was in for his prostate cancer surgery we had an ice storm that tore trees and power lines down. Our pickup was caked in ice almost an inch thick on one side. The door handle and locks were so covered in ice I could see the handle but not the lock and I could not get my fingers in the door handle or any where near it. I had to wait a couple days for it to melt enough to be able to bang it all off. What a weird winter that was (2007/2008). Mostly we get about three inches of snow that will disappear the next day. Ice storms are more common. It will rain for a day then freeze over at night. We do get temperatures down below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). I’ve had my water pipes freeze on me and that is not fun. Twice now it has happened. To prevent it I have to keep the water drizzling from all faucets during the worst of the winter weeks.

      I’m hoping for, and will be harping on soon, will be near the end of October. You’ll hear me whine and carry on all the way over where you live if it drags on into November.
      Love you – Leslie

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