Fall Is Ever Nearer

Alabama on US 78

The fall colors are beginning to make their entrance in the trees.

It won’t be long before the rest of the trees begin turning rusts and golden then the leaves begin falling from the trees to leave barren trunks.  Evergreens will be the only color left in the landscape.  Even the kudzu will turn yellow and begin to wither into dormancy.

Where has this spring and summer gone?  It has blown past this year.

The drought should be about over by now

This year it has rained more than the previous years.  The south has needed this rain to end the drought conditions they have been having.

The rivers and streams are up, aquifers and reservoirs are getting built back up.  The rain is good, but it sure is a pill to work or drive in.  At least the temperatures are getting cooler and early morning is welcome instead of dreaded.  Stepping out into low 70 degree temperatures instead of the 90 plus degrees.

Drying off

There was a constant drizzle while we unhooked this morning.  Although we had our rain gear on, both Joe and I were soaked through by the time we were finished.

There are trucks out of Atlanta, Georgia going to Compton, California that have been in the works for over a month.  Dispatch is working on four for us but the “Go Ahead” has not been given yet.  We needed to find some place to spend a couple hours, get something to eat, and make our phone calls.  There is a restaurant in Spartanburg, South Carolina called The Copper River Grill.  Joe found a nice spot to hang out for a while. In front of the low fire to warm his bones and try to dry off his back side.

This restaurant was recommended to us by the woman who runs the front desk at the Peterbilt – PacLease – truck center in Spartanburg.  She warned us ahead of time about the portion sizes.  She was not kidding.

Creamed Spinich Nachos

When this “appetizer” arrived at our table I thought they were kidding.  This is HUGE and enough there for four people.  This photo makes it look like a green blob.  I like spinich, as does Joe, but this was over the top and way too much for the two of us.

We had to have it boxed.  This will do for a later snack or something in our room tonight.

Our server, Veronica, was delightful and very helpful.  We could not have chosen a better place to spend a couple hours and feel welcome while we tried to wait out the rain and get confirmation on our dispatch for California.

Bread Pudding

Joe had asked our server what they had for dessert.  She cautioned us, more than once, on the size of the dessert portion.  I was so full that another round of food would not be the best thing for either of us.

When she mentioned Bread Pudding Joe perked up and decided we would give it a go.

Once again, there is enough there for four people and we could not finish it.  At all.   Way too much fantastic food for one sitting.

Groggily we made our way near Atlanta where we will spend the night.  Load up tomorrow and begin the trek west.  Rain pelted us for a while then it came down in torrents.  By the time we made it to the hotel the rain had mostly stopped.

I gathered up the stuff I take into the room while Joe was getting his stuff together.  I was in a hurry to get the door open.  I had to use the facilities.  Just as I was opening the bathroom door, to come out, I heard a crash and a groan.  In the doorway, my husband lay upon the floor.  One shoe on and one shoe off.  Frightened I ran to see if he was badly hurt.  After we had worked to get him up off the floor he told me his foot had not got high enough on the entrance step into the room and his shoe had caught of the threshold sending him careening in the door.  Not seeing blood flowing freely, he was walking and talking in a normal manner, I could not stop the giggles that erupted.

Poor Joe.  He had his hat caught at a strange angle in his rain coat, his glasses were askew on the top of his head, one foot wore a sandal while the other foot was bare, the sandal was still outside the door.  Man what an entrance he made 🙂  I can’t say that he feel all over himself for me since I was not in the room when it happened but he sure tumbled for some reason.

He is alright and that is all I care about.  A bit chagrined but fine. Thus ends our day.

Here’s hoping the rest of you enjoy your week and everyone in your family is glad to see summer end.  And as Joe says “Be well and do good things”.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

18 responses to “Fall Is Ever Nearer

  • Tiffany Adams

    If I liked bread pudding, that might look good.

  • Nancy

    Where was your camera for that wonderful entrance of Joe’s? lol I was sure we’d be seeing another toe picture! I’m glad he was okay this time! 🙂
    Again, your post made me hungry! I don’t like bread pudding but I just pretended it was apple crisp! ha It could have been!
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my Zig Zag Card! I really do hope you meant it because that one will be coming your way! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      Nancy, I know!!! That would have been an awesome photo op!!! Poor Joe all askew and splayed out. My concern for his well being knocked all sense out of me and I just didn’t even think about my camera 😦

      Your Zig Zag Card IS beautiful. Wow, you are sending it to me?? Thank you, I’m honored by your generosity. When I finally get home for the winter I have another one of those stamp sets that I had as a give away but Pati’s name was drawn instead of yours and you got the “Happy Birthday” song instead. If you still want it I will get it sent to you.

      • Nancy

        Believe me…to have you and Joe sing Happy Birthday to me was so much more special than winning a stamp set! 🙂 I was so excited for Pati when she won it instead of me! It was just all the way it was supposed to be!
        I didn’t make the Zig zag card for you so you’d feel like you have to send me something…you do know that, right? I looked into the box but you wouldn’t believe how much the shipping was. So I decided I would make this for you instead…it’s quite similar. Yes, I do realize it’s nothing at all like a box! lol But many of the same techniques & products were used! 🙂 So I was hoping you would like it just as much. I do like the stamps set very much. I just don’t ever want you to feel like you owe me something. You give me more than enough with your friendship! 🙂

      • Message In A Fold

        Oh my! I did not mean for you to fret over the box. I adore the box and you did such an amazing job with it. When you told me the card was for me I could see you used the papers and things as in the box and love it, especially the head with the wonky crown (that made me laugh). I do know that I don’t have to feel obligated to send you something. I had the opportunity to get another of those stamp sets because they are Hostess Gifts…I’m my only hostess mostly so I got it thinking of you a couple months ago. It is sitting at home on my craft table and I have not got around to getting it sent to you as of yet, which I will remedy when I get home. I’ve been trying to think what else I could send to you.

        Thank you Nancy. I am blessed beyond measure by your friendship also. No obligations, and no feeling like I owe you anything. It is sharing with a girlfriend.

      • Nancy

        Again, this was the only reply button! I’m making a real mess of the order of things here…sorry! It’s because I forgot to subscribe to the follow-up comments!
        I love the word “fret”! There was no fretting on my part Leslie. I just wanted to make you something that I knew you would like. I so appreciated that tag you made me…it was my very first tag! It means a lot to me! 🙂 So I’ve been planning to send you something since receiving it…I’m just VERY slow! I will graciously accept your lovely stamp set. Sharing is a wonderful thing!
        Love & prayers,
        Nancy 🙂

      • Message In A Fold

        Good, I’m glad you will let me send you the stamp set. I had fun making your tag. Don’t concern yourself with the timing, it is not like I’m home anyway to get it and you are just sitting idly twittling your thumbs. You’ve been making some fantastic items. Surprised you haven’t been wiping up slobber puddles in your craft area after I come and take a look at what you have created. You are so talented!!
        Love you – Leslie

  • Lynn Claridge

    Oh my, oh my what big portions those are!!! I love bread and butter pudding but haven’t made it for ages now, we hardly have left over bread these days and it seems such a fuss for just two of us! Besides the ice cream what was drizzled all over it? Oh yuk to spinach! What are ‘nachos’? I thought it looked like chicken under that green stuff! While on the subject of food can you please tell me what ‘grits’ are?
    Oh poor Joe what an embarrassing way to make an entrance, are you sure he hadn’t been on the falling down juice?! So happy he wasn’t hurt bad but probably all shook up as Elvis sang.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxxx

    • Nancy

      *gasp* Lynn…You don’t like spinach? And you’re not familiar with nachos? Well…it seems our conversations about food are far from over! lol However, since this is Leslie’s blog I’ll allow her to comment first. Hmmm…first after this comment of mine! 🙂

      • Message In A Fold

        Food…a subject I’m only too happy to discuss. Unlike politics, I can learn something new and enjoyable at the same time 🙂

        Guess the Mexican Food restaurants have reached Canada, huh? Soon they will creep across the water and Lynn will be familiar with them too 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      You don’t like spinach? Now what kind of friend are you, anyway :o)

      Nachos: The Mexican Food restaurants must not have made it to England quite yet. Might not be too long before that happens….. Nachos are “crisps” made from corn tortillas sliced up like pie wedges then quick fried in oil until they are really crispy. Cooled, they are sprinkled with shredded cheese, doused with a ground meat and spice mixture, dollops of refried beans, and sprinklings of chopped lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and jalapeños, and topped with more shredded cheese. Then it is placed under a broiler and heated until the cheese melts all over. No wonder Americans are so fat….well at least this American 🙂

      This particular Nacho dish had the tortilla crisps liberally sprinkled with shredded cheese then the spinach was ladled on. Hope this answers your culinary question.

      Joe is just happy that I did not take up so much space on my blog about his “Entrance” 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        Well thank you and all for the foodie lesson. I think the nachos sound good but not sure if they are at all too spicy 🙂 No absolutely hate spinach but Rod loves it, in fact I’m not a great lover of many vegetables – I blame my mother who was a dreadful cook. Well have to blame someone 🙂
        Give me a plate of meat and I’m happy. So what are ‘grits’?
        I do believe there are Mexican restaurants in the UK but not in my part of the world. I haven’t yet experienced any Chinese food although I have eaten some Indian food in all these eateries. I haven’t experienced any of these foods because when we go out for a meal we tend to stay very local (rural) and then it is mainly at one of the local pubs. Such a recluse!!! Do you all feel sorry for my poor food education???????

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xxxx

      • Message In A Fold

        Boy, do I feel sorry for you and your lack of food education 🙂 All the palate delights that are spread out before you, just waiting for you to take a bite, lol.

        I’m no vegetarian nor a vegan, but I do like vegetables of all kinds. The majority of them raw. EXCEPT OKRA. I can’t stand okra. Don’t know if you have anything like it in the UK. It is long like a chili pepper, but not hot. It is green and round, kind of star shaped at the stem end, and has seeds in it. The people of the south love okra. To me it is slimy and has a taste that is a mixture of dirt and bitter something. Yuck. Now it is not too bad when it is deep fried, but the caloric count is sky high.

        As to “grits”. It tastes like hominy. If you don’t know what hominy is…it is corn that is soaked in a lye bath then rinsed a gazillion times to remove the lye. I like it. The corn kernels swell to about three times their size and it turns a white color. I’ll have to Google this to make sure I am telling you correctly. Grits is a dry meal, much like corn meal, that has water added and cooked to the consistency of….say your poriage (not sure how that is spelled). Most people melt butter in it and season it with salt and pepper instead of sugar and milk.

        Now that we are on the subject of food….did I mention that I like to talk about food? What in the world is “Bubble and Squeak”?
        Love you – Leslie

      • Nancy

        Sorry…but the only “reply” button was right in the middle of this conversation! lol
        Why am I SO hungry AGAIN? haha I am CRAZY for Mexican food and have been for…okay, I’m not saying how many years! 🙂 I have my favorite places to eat based on the nachos they serve. I always ask for extra beef and then they’re piled with jalepenos and olives and so much yummy goodness! I also have a favorite taco salad place…also extra beef. My brother didn’t nickname me T-Rex for nothing! Oh dear, I can’t believe I’m sharing that secret here! lol I love spinach too, with spinach dip being a favorite. I must confess I’ve never tried spinach nachos but I’m sure I would thoroughly enjoy them.
        I don’t care for grits or hominy…just not enough meat in it! lol You’d actually have a hard time finding them around here so that’s okay! Oh, you can find them in a grocery store but never in a restaurant!
        *gasp* I just read the part where it says you haven’t had Chinese, Lynn! I sure wish I could send you some! It’s right up there with Mexican! I’m with Leslie…I like to talk about food too. I also like to eat it! Is it snack time yet? lol
        Love and hugs to all from me too! 🙂

      • Message In A Fold

        You are so funny!!!! I’ve laughed so hard through your entire post!!!!

        Girlfriend, you hit that “reply” button anytime you want :o)

        I have my favorite mexican and chinese places. They don’t all cook the same way, either use too many spices or not enough. Chinese egg rolls have to taste a certain way for me to heartily return. We are finding out that most of the chinese places are really vietnamese and I don’t care for their sauces. Same with mexican places. If the meat is too greasy with an orange blob that seeps away from the taco or burrito then I don’t like going back.

        Man, I’m hungry. Hotel popcorn just doesn’t do it for me 😦
        Love you – Leslie

  • Shelly

    Aww poor Joe. The scooter encounter and then his poor toe and now this wow he sounds like ME 🙂 Brian is always telling me I am my own worst enemy with hurting myself and he’s…..rignt lol. I will say it again you could sure write a book about your adventures I for one would read it. Thanks for rhe yummy looking pictures I am a veggie eater and spinach is one of my favs 🙂 I know I’m weird 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next.
    Take care and praying for safe travel for you all.
    Love and hugs,

    • Message In A Fold

      Poor Joe is right! Although I don’t quite know what to think of him at times. He’s forever banging his head under the trailer, I’m surprised he has marbles left. Maybe they have jumbled about so much that he forgets how immovable the trailer is in spots. Don’t know about him, but I sure do love him. I hope you recover from your bumps and bruises as well as Joe does.

      Spinach in all forms I love….quiche, casserole, raw, steamed, out of the can, with artichokes in a cheese dip….I could go on and on. Did I mention that I love spinach? I can’t remember.
      Love you- Leslie

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