A Book For Les

Inside pages

Joe and I have used sticky notes, small legal pads, letter size legal pads, scraps of paper, and just about all other forms of paper to keep track of our load numbers, the truck VIN numbers, name and address of the pick up point and delivery point, total miles of the trip, how much we get paid for the miles, and amounts of ComCheck advances from the companies we drive for.  Not to mention the state mileage notations when we enter each state, where we end our day and the mileage, and each weigh station we have to stop at for permits.

Joe spent a weekend in his office creating this form to contain all the information in one easy to get to place.  This is so much easier than flipping pages on a note pad to find where we made our last entry and tearing off the pages without destroying them in the process.

I’ve made books for both Joe and I for his really great pages.  I have to make one for Les to have and start him out right.

Regular cardboard from a box

The pages measure 4-1/4 x 7.  I have some cardboard box lids that I’ve lopped off from a box.  The sides are stored away for use on some other project.

The cardboard measures 4-3/4 x 7-1/2.  This will give a 1/4 inch reveal around the pages.

I’ve had to use my Tonic Studios guillotine trimmer to cut the cardboard.  This stuff is pretty thick and is a bit difficult to cut with my rotary trimmer or my sliding blade trimmer.

I had a bit of shifting while I cut through this cardboard but not so much that it made the pieces overly wonky.  You can use a good sturdy pair of scissors to cut the cardboard, just take care while cutting so you don’t bend the book back and front pieces.  Any bends or creases you make in the back or front will remain there and the strength will be iffy.  You can also use a craft knife or box cutter and a ruler.

K&Company Life's Journey paper

I had bought this paper from Michaels early this spring to use on the bulletin boards I made.  Looking through the pad I tried to find something that was masculine and appropriate for the book.

There are two papers in the pad that have the Canadian map and the US map on each page.  I cut them both up to have Canada on one cover and the US on another cover.

Les is going to be doing some traveling and I felt a map paper would be great for this application.  Besides, I don’t know him very well and what his likes and dislikes are so I stayed away from personal stuff.  Just safer to generalize .

Each of the two papers were cut at 5-3/4 x 8-1/2.  This is one inch larger around all sides of the cardboard.  Enough extra to pull up on the backside of each piece while making the covers.

If you have not made a book before, you can click on this link and it will take you to one of my posts long ago on making a journal from cardboard scrap.  As far as glue goes.  Any liquid white glue will work in this process.  I prefer Club Scrap’s Bookbinding glue when I do this kind of a project.  I have no idea if it can be ordered outside the US or not.  So, any liquid white glue will work.  Even Mod Podge will do the trick for adhering the paper to the cardboard.  It might not be as flexible as the bookbinding glue is but it will still work.

Inside cover pieces

The inside pieces, these will cover the cardboard on the inside after you have glued the outside covers in place.  These pieces measure 5-1/4 x 8.

In looking through the K&Company paper pad I  had to decide between pages with lots of addressed post cards, floral pages, and brightly colored papers.  These pages with really old newspaper advertisements I thought would be just the right thing.  Nothing too feminine and off the wall graphics.

Some of the ads have addresses in New York, and Chicago so I thought since he will be traveling to far flung places then this paper would fit well.  His first trip out will be from Oklahoma City to somewhere in Illinois.  I don’t have the details yet.

Line drawing map of the US

I purchased this stamp from Michaels in 2003 on one of my binges.  Got it home and thought “What the heck were you thinkin’?” .  It has been moved from one storage place to another.  I had not quite got myself to throw it out or sell it on eBay.

I’ve stamped it on some Whisper White card stock with Basic Black ink.  Not wanting to take the chance of the ink smearing, as most of the time happens with me, I put the heat tool to it for a bit to make sure the ink was dry before I did anything to it.

I used some Tattered Angels glimmer mists that I purchased from Roxyfur.  A yellow, green, and walnut were used in random places on the whisper white and then I used the heat tool on it to dry the glimmer mist.

Club Scrap stamp

This is a Club Scrap stamp from the Road Trip 2005 collection.

Les will be doing some traveling in a regular vehicle between jobs.  I don’t have a stamp with the semi truck so this will have to do.  He and Pati will have things to tell each other during the course of the day about their adventures so I felt this stamp was still appropriate.

Again, it is stamped on Whisper White card stock using Basic Black ink.  I heat set the ink once more so that I did not smear it.  After it was dry I cut out each of the tags and sprayed them with the Tattered Angels glimmer mists I used on the US map.

After spraying I used the heat tool to make sure the papers were dry.  I debated with myself about putting brads in the corners, writing on the tags, or doing anything other than the glimmer mists.  After about 20 minutes of thinking on this I gave up and just left them alone.

Hey, I won’t tell Les he has a book with glitter on it.  He’ll have to find out on his own.

Finished Front

The most trickiest part of making this book, other than what to do with the tags I just mentioned, was getting the holes lined up that I had made on the inside sheets and the covers I had done with the Bind It All.

Since I don’t use it very often then I forget how to make sure the covers and the inside pages are all lined up correctly.

The next problem is that I never remember which way to put in the binding wires.  I usually have to throw out one set I’ve made and closed before I get it right.  Even with the pictures they supply with the machine I still get it backwards.

As you can see, I drew lines on the US map.  Sort of travel points in a cross country journey.  They will get to see quite a few places on this map before the two weeks are up.

Inside cover and Les' name in the book

This is the inside of the front cover.  It finishes the piece nicely and makes it look more professional.

Joe created a cover page with Les’ name on it so he will have a personalized book that has been made especially for him.

Joe was so pleased with himself when he made his book pages and mine.  Each of them have our names in them so we don’t get them mixed up and fight over who’s book is who’s.  HA!  I made Joe’s red, since that is his favorite color, and I have a blueprint sort of print on the paper and some decorative tags that mention tools.  Mine is a dark blue with pillar motifs on it.

Now none of us can get them mixed up with each others and end up squabbling over them 🙂

Back inside cover

This is the back inside cover of Les’ book.

I’m pretty proud of how it came together.  It is sturdy and he can fold the book open all the way and turn it back on itself to write on only one side.

You know how that goes when you have a book that opens flat.  Trying to write on the left side if you are a “righty” makes you adjust the book in wonky ways to write in it.  Same goes for “lefties” when they try to write in books that don’t open out of the way.

That Bind It All and I need to become more familiar with each other.  More to the point, I need to use it more often so I know how it works with more confidence than I have right now.

Back of the book

And this is the back of the book with the other two tags glued on.  I put one of my Stampin’ Up! mailing labels on just in case someone asks “Where did you get that book?” and he can be an inadvertent advertiser 🙂

Should you consider making a book for yourself or for someone else, whether it is a journal, art journal, or a diary of sorts, you will need to consider how often the book will be used and how it will be handled.

I’ve used some pretty dense card stocks in these books.  They will be tossed up on dashboards, crammed in briefcases, shoved in purses, dropped many times, and will get wet from the rain and snow.

If you make one of these books and you are sure it will not be as abused as we treat ours you can use a thinner decorative paper.  Care will need to be taken when using thinner papers as you press down the corners of the top flaps and adhere to the inside of the book.  Your corners could tear with all the mashing, pushing, and rubbing you will be doing to get the wet glue to adhere to the cardboard.  Some papers get even less stable when a liquid glue is used and they tear easily.

This is a fun project to do and it can be personalized in so many ways.  Something beautiful can be created from trash cardboard.  With all the stuff going on about recycling and cutting down your carbon footprint you can be green and make others “green with envy” when they see what you have created out of junk cardboard.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

10 responses to “A Book For Les

  • Shelly

    You did an amazing job with the books Leslie and Joes pages are very professional. Who knows maybe that can be a side business selling a easy to use business form download ?? Just a thought 🙂 I’m happy you got to do some crafting while you’re home I havent forgotten to wmail you a pix of my card just been chillin with the kiddies and relaxing since we have NO homework!!!!!! Yeehaw 🙂 Did get it photographed though. Hope you are having a nice Labor Day weekend we are enjoying the very cool weather. Take care and I’ll get you a photo real soon,

    Love and hugs,

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly. I put together our books in May before I left. Joe and I have had some time to use them and find the problems. There are none, thank goodness. So putting together Les’ was fun. I’ve thought about making a bunch of them and taking them to Coldiron and seeing if they would sell them for me to the other drivers.

      Chillin’ with kiddos, that is fun! No homework, just family fun time. Sounds good to me. Progress, no matter how much, is still progress. Making a card and getting it photographed is progress! 🙂

      You and your family have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.
      Love you

  • Maureen Mathis

    I agree. You and the Bind It All need some quality time together….maybe if you ate a cookie while you worked, the sugar would enhance your brain’s function……!

    One other thing I might recommend for your next book. When I have a book that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, before binding it, I cover it in contact paper, after covering with the patterned paper. Fold over the corners, then along the sides. That way, the paper is protected from both rough handling as well as light rain/snow.

    I created a small notebook (bout as tall as a checkbook cover, but not as long)for my purse that has tabs on it for a calendar, interesting web sites to look at, e-mail addresses to add to my address book at home and just blank paper for writing down that great recipe you find in the doctor’s office magazine (because we wouldn’t want to STEAL IT from the doctor’s office, now WOULD WE?!!!!) or other things to jot down so you’re not writing on random receipts, etc. I just cut down some printer paper and punched holes in it and bound it with 1″ binding rings (don’t have a BIA). ANYWAY, I’m constantly shoving it into my overstuffed purse, so it needed to be bullet proof, and the contact paper works great for me.

    • Message In A Fold

      What cookies? Joe’s been in the bag – the cookie monster has struck 😀

      What a great idea!! The clear contact paper would be all but bullet proof. I’ll have to try that. Hmmm, a place for notes, or email addresses, recipes, a calendar for future doctor appointments, school reminders. You’d need something like that, even with these fancy smart phones.

      Wait, don’t tell me…there are people that actually STEAL magazines from doctor offices!? I’ve never heard such a thing. I just thought it was forgetfulness when I see someone leave with one. I did that one time and had to turn around and go back. Felt like such a fool.

  • Lynn Claridge

    Great book and great job Leslie. I envy you the BIA but I see there is another gizmo on the market called a Cinch which is supposed to be easer to line up but is quite expensive – oh to win that lottery. What?! You mean I’ve got to buy a lottery ticket first? Oh shucks never thought of that!
    I have a small noteboook I keep in my handbag (purse) for jotting down notes, etc and it has a photo section too for photos of my little grandchildren. I put contact paper on it too to stop it being roughed up by all the junk in my handbag.
    I tell you Leslie and Maureen – cookies don’t last 5 minutes in our house. There are too many monster munchers about 🙂 Chocolate tiffin is very popular here!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxx

    • Message In A Fold

      What in the world is Chocolate Tiffin? Took me forever to find out what Treacle was on my own so I’d gladly learn from a direct source.

      The BIA was all Joe. I tell you we are a matched pair for sure. I go in to a tool store with him and I find tools and gadgets and ask “You need this? Can you use this?” We go into a craft store and he does the same to me. I hemmed and hawed about the BIA, waffled between yes I want it and no I don’t want it. He picked it up and then hunted down a sales person to get an assortment of wires.

      Now two recommendations for the contact paper on the book covers. I’m going to have to do some experimentation when I finally get home.

      Wait a minute! What?! You have to actually BUY a lottery ticket to win?!

      Love you – Leslie

  • Nancy

    Leslie your book is fantastic! I really love the papers you chose for it too!
    I really love my BIA! I’m a huge tool junkie anyways…but that one is a definite must have as far as I’m concerned! Another tool that you might want Joe to check out…if he hasn’t already…is a corner chomper. Do you have one? If a book is getting a lot of use you can make it with rounded corners. That way there aren’t any pointy corners to get dented and bashed up. It goes through chipboard and cardboard like butter! Just a thought in case you needed an new toy! 😉

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Nancy for your praise, I appreciate you. I’ve not heard of a “corner chomper”, I’ll have to check into that. New toys are always good….I can’t remember where I’ve put my old toys since I revamped my room then promptly left 😦 I, too, love the BIA, book making is so much easier with it. I definitely will check into the corner chomper, thanks for that hint and tip!

  • carissa vallejo

    Hey Mom, this book is really good!! I bet Uncle Les loves it!!!! I love that you put your card on the back….good thinkin’! Good job, Mom!!!!

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