Getting My “Fix”

I’m playing hooky this morning.  Got all my housework done, except for my craft room.  I just have to move stuff around to get at my table so I can create.  And I have a box of Stampin’ Up! stuff to open yet.  If I remember right there is mostly ribbon in it.  Since I don’t remember what I ordered this will be like opening a present….ya think?

I found Indira’s blog.  That girl, in my opinion, is the Queen of Cricut.  I have one of the first generation Cricuts.  It is only 6×12 and I’ve used it a few times.  Every time I look at Indira’s work I tell myself I need to get that thing out of hiding and play with it.  I’ve made flowers with it and some lettering for words.

Indira cuts her shapes out, then enlarges the shapes a bit to create a back layer of black to give the piece dimension.  I love her work.  She has two young children at home so she does a lot of children related shapes.  She’s working on card sets also.  I’m drooling, and want to get in my craft room and play.

I checked up on Nancy’s blog to see what I’ve missed.  She is continuing her Scripture Challenges, which are awesome. BUT she has done a two page scrapbook layout that kept me staring at them for quite some time.  She’s put metal hinges on some clouds she’s crafted.  Hidden under the cloud are photos and journaling spots.  Totally awesome!

Jann’s website has been revamped since I last visited.  How totally exciting!!!  What You Make It TV, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this.  I love her stuff too!  Jann has been crazy busy getting this website updated and it is an awesome one.  All her projects and she has downloads for instructions.  How cool is that?!

I have a confession to make.  I may be 56 years old but I’m still that rebellious teen from long, long ago.  Cross my arms over my chest, stamp a foot, and put a pout on my face.  I’m at the point where I have to make a choice and I’m not being very adult about it.

Those of you that have grown children know only too well the rebellious teen(s) you had in your home for a while.  The most common complaint you heard is “Well, everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?”

Lately it seems that going into my craft room, once a place of much happiness, has become a room with a straight jacket to me.  I’m so focused on my dilemma that I can’t see past it.  The bad, in my mind, outweighs the good.  I’m having a selfish temper tantrum.

My problem is….I’m a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

Being raised the way I was, totally screwed my thought process.  Authority figures are to be respected and their wishes obeyed.  From police to heads of companies.  They are lumped in the “Authority Figure” category and I find myself blocked.

Stampin’ Up! has a lot of good products.  They are moving in a direction that enables me to feel better about stamping since they have offered a choice of wood mount and clear mount stamp sets.  I go for the clear mount stamps when I can.  I really like their ink pad lines since their inks coordinate with their papers.  My problem is their paper choices are not as diverse as say…Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the really “stoopid” part.  I can make mini albums, cards, scrapbook layouts, tags, boxes, bags, and all kinds of things with Stampin’ Up! papers and products.  I just like the other papers better.  There is a more broad spectrum of choice with the others than with Stampin’ Up!

Long ago, from what I’ve read, Demonstrators could use other paper products in their work and publish it to their blogs and on YouTube.  An edict came down last year that there is to be no more of that kind of thing.  Demonstrators are to only promote Stampin’ Up! products.

Joe got so excited with the bulletin boards I made and he wants me to figure out how to make various sizes and themes and begin selling them.  That means a trip to Whole Lotta Scrap, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby to get papers.

I want to concentrate on things I can make with the Stampin’ Up! products this winter when I’m home but when I make a video I don’t want to cram the products down anyone’s throat.  I have some ideas floating around in  my  head for what I can do but being a promotional agent I’m lacking.

This crazy rebellious teen in me is getting in my way.  The adult part of my brain says that I can use the products to make things.  Especially since so many other people have already done it and have succeeded.  That teen is being obnoxious and telling me that it is more exciting to run with the crowd and she is going to do what she wants to do.

Ack, ack, ack.  Should I ground her?  Take away her television privileges?  Snatch that cell phone away from her for a while?  Not gonna work I’m afraid.  I don’t watch much television and I don’t make a lot of phone calls.  Somehow I have to figure out a way to get her on board without causing even more trouble.

So…for those of you that are not struggling with yourself go and enjoy the awesome things Nancy, Indira, and Jann have created.  Maybe they can spark some mojo in your crafting.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

7 responses to “Getting My “Fix”

  • Maureen Mathis

    Can you have a You Tube Channel that is dedicated to sole use of SU products, and another one when you want to “do your own thing?” That “SU” channel would always refer to your SU website, and the other one could feed back to your blog. Would they allow that?

    I totally agree that SU papers suck, and CTMH is even worse. They would do themselves a huge favor to get out of the PP business entirely, and just offer cardstock in a wide variety of colors sure to coordinate with all the new releases from the major designers and manufacturers. They could sent out newsletters after lines are released with the names of the ink/cardstock colors that coordinate with all the latest lines. Just my two cents, but I got your back, girl!

    • Message In A Fold

      Yowzers!! Why didn’t I think of that?! Because I was too busy with my drama is why. Talk about only seeing the forest instead of the trees.

      The blog thing will take a bit of thought but the YouTube thing is easy. Just create a Message In A Fold account on YouTube for the Stampin’ Up! stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      I’m so glad you lent an ear and a shoulder. I appreciate you Girlfriend….uh…Big Sis 🙂

  • Lynn Claridge

    Maureen got there before me Leslie but ‘great minds think alike’ as I thought along those lines too. It would mean more work for you but would solve your problem and abide by SU’s rules too. It surprises me though Leslie that as you are an independent, free thinker that you would kowtow to these rules – I would be throwing tantrums all over the place!! 😦

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. As I had said in my blog, my parents screwed me up where Authority Figures go. And then I just get in my own way at times and this is one of them.

      I have a thing I’m creating now, for Pati, using Stampin’ Up! stuff. I’m going to try putting a tab on this blog for that kind of thing. I have groused and had tantrums about it but it won’t do any good. So an adjustment to the plan is what is necessary.
      Love you

  • Nancy

    Hi Leslie! I’m jumping in here really late because I’ve been away! As I was reading your post I had thought the same thing as Maureen and Lynn! lol I know you’ve already followed through with a new youtube channel! I’m really excited for you Leslie!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog! I really love to see that you’ve popped in for a visit! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      Girlfriend, I love your work. You have such a diverse bag of tricks that I really enjoy looking at your blog just to see what you’ve come up with next to boggle my mind. It is said that “Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery” so you might see something familiar showing up while I’m home for the winter 😀

  • Nancy

    Oh I would really love that! It’s all so many “firsts” for me and I’m having so much fun! Thank you so much Leslie for all your wonderful words of encouragement! I really appreciate you! 🙂

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