Joe Locked Himself Out

After our great time with Maureen and her family we got our trucks delivered in San Antonio. Four more trucks were waiting for us in Oklahoma City.

We got as far north as Waco, Texas before we had to stop for the night. Plans were to get nearly to the Texas/Oklahoma border but we were too tired.

Leaving Waco, Monday morning, it took us most of the day to get 350 miles. It was just after 5 pm when we arrived at the Coldiron yard in Oklahoma City. Time enough to make sure the trucks were, in fact, in the “bull pen”.

I whined a lot about just going home for the night and hooking up the next morning. Joe finally relented.

While I got the laundry started Joe piddled around with his stuff, he went to just sit for a minute in his recliner. Wasn’t long before he was sound asleep. I took advantage of the quiet time to get our visit with Maureen posted. It was close to 11:30 when I finished, woke Joe long enough to get him into bed.

Up at 4:30 to begin our day repacking and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind at home we were out the door by 6.

It was pretty muggy when we were hooking up. One of Joe’s trucks would not start. It had the night before when we checked them. It was nearly 10 before we drove out of the Coldiron yard and began our trip to Sauget, Illinois, which is near St. Louis.

We stopped at Dependable Transport in Joplin, Missouri to drop off papers for the trucks we had delivered for them…somewhere. I can’t remember. Oh, the Perrysburg trucks.

Joe came out of the Dependable office and went to the door of his truck. Locked. So was the passenger side. The only way in was through a tiny door on the outside of the truck that is for a storage area under the sleeper bunk.

Guess who got to shimmy through that small space!! It wasn’t Joe. I made it through that tiny hole and up into the cab. That was a bit terrifying for me. I got stuck a couple times and paniced a bit.

Once, successfully, in I made my way to the driver seat and unlocked his door. I was breathing so hard I had to calm myself down. Not from the exertion of hoisting this body off the ground but from the claustraphobic confines of a small dark space. Fearing with every move I made the sleeper bunk would shut down on my head and then I would be trapped.

It is funny now, wish either one of us had thought about having a camera handy.

Today, I’m bruised and sore in places. I sure will look at one of those storage doors differently from now on.

I’m really hoping for a few early nights. I’ve got lots of photos from the Perrysburg trip I need to get sorted and posted here. Okay, Joe is after me about getting this day started so I’ve got to stop here.

Everyone have a great week. Cooler temperatures is my wish for you all. A break in this horrid heat would sure be welcome.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

8 responses to “Joe Locked Himself Out

  • Pati

    You poor darlin, got that done, and on your way again.

    When a person just goes and goes and goes, eventually the body says, NO WAY, not going one step further.

    Hope you have a safe and happy, cooler day, with few mishaps.

    Love you sis and Joe.

    20 days till vacation, and counting. 😀

  • Maureen Mathis

    Oh, my! What a horrible experience! It’s funny to see Pati’s post about looking forward to her “vacation” when it might include an adventure like that. But it’s good that you’re sharing everything about your work, and not sugar coating it; she would really kill you if you did that! You present a very real perspective, which is exactly what she needs right now as they make this decision.

    One thought. My car insurance has a free service offered to their members. We used to be with some insurance company that had a lot of bad PR, I think it was A G Edwards. Anyway, they changed their name to 21st Century Ins, and now I think Farmer’s Insurance just bought them. Anyway, they have a free service for situations just like that. They’ll come unlock you car, bring you some gas, or even tow you for free if you call them. I know that in your situation, time is money, but you might just check with your insurance carrier and find out about any services like that. It would certainly take a bit more time than wriggling around like you did, but I worry about you hurting yourself out there on the road with your “I can do anything” attitude. I don’t think that’s necessarily what Helen Reddy had in mind when she sang that song “I am woman, I am invincible…..” You’ve already been through SO MUCH, let’s not take it to the extreme! Unless you absolutely HAVE TO! We’re not as young as we used to be, you know!

    Take care of yourselves out there! Maybe the next time you pick up trucks, you and Joe should trade the extra keys they give you for the trucks with each other so the other one has the spare set. (if they give you a spare set, that is!)

    • Message In A Fold

      “I am woman, hear me roar. In numbers to big to ignore…” I love that song.

      Alas, our car insurance – through Farmer’s – will not come and get us out of a jam such as being locked out. We have to call one of those companies that has the stranger hanger type tools to get us back in the trucks. This has happened to us more than once. Except, this is the first time I’ve had to climb inside to get the truck unlocked.

      These used trucks are under the insurance policies of the companies we drive for and they don’t provide any extra services for free. The problem we face with these trucks is the key for the ignition only works the ignition and not the door locks sometimes. This was one of the sometimes. When we do get trucks that have actual keys that match the door locks and ignitions we are very happy.

      Sadly, as we have found numerous times, the locks are only meant to keep honest people out. If someone that is not honest wants to get in there is not a lock made that will keep them out. There is always a different way to get in.

      Pati and her husband will find out soon enough the troubles of these used trucks. Luckily, according to Pati, her husband is a really good tinkerer. He will be able to keep them going, as my Joe does for us.

      Thank you for your concern for my well being. I so appreciate you and your friendship 🙂
      Love you Big Sis.

  • Lynn Claridge

    How on arth did you manage to squirm and wriggle your way through that small space Leslie? Have you been doing yoga to make you all supple? The intention might have been there as far as I am concerned but this hulk would not have fit through that small space not without a whole load of grease 🙂
    Hope your aches and pains are soon gone and you have an early night or two very soon.

    I may not be on to comment tomorrow (Thursday) as sooo much to be done before I even think about packing and then Friday we are gone. Will catch up with you and your doings when I get back towards the end of the month so please take care both of you.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Nope, no Yoga. I am still kind of flexible all though I’m beginning to get stove up in the hips from all the sitting I do. Come October and through the winter months I will get back to my walking and my Yoga. Maybe I’ll lose a few pounds in the process 🙂 One can only hope.

      I hope you and Rod enjoy your Holiday. Send me pictures of your adventures and the highlights!!
      Love you

  • Lynn Claridge

    How on earth not arth!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 This darned keyboard.

    Love and hugs

  • Nancy

    LOL!! Oh my! I’m so sorry for your aches and pains! I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing you guys didn’t have a camera handy…I would have lost it for sure watching that process!! Then I would have felt terrible for it! 🙂 I got the giggles just picturing you having to put yourself throught that torture while Joe stands there documenting it all with a camera! haha It just would have been wrong somehow! I think you need to start travelling with a child in case this happens again. They won’t have any problems getting through the little door! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      You make me laugh out loud! I talked with Pati today. She said that when she read this she was sure that I would make her be the monkey next time since she is smaller than I am. Sounds good to me, doesn’t it to you? 😉

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