San Francisco to Winnemucca

Golden Gate Bridge

Day before yesterday, having left the city of San Francisco, Joe wanted me to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

After having seen it many times on television, I thought this bridge would be miles long and soaring high.

Not that I was disappointed in what I actually saw, it is just that actually seeing this bridge for yourself it is not long nor is it sky high either.

The mists that roll in from the mountains create such thick clouds it only seems like the bridge is way high up there.

The bridge itself is probably a couple miles long, and it is very sturdy.  No shaking, vibrating, or waving.  I appreciated that fact when we were over the water.

Golden Gate Bridge

It is quite a sight to behold.  The top structures lost in the clouds gives it an other worldly appearance.

Traffic on the bridge is another subject all together.  All the little cars dart around each other jockeying for a spot closer to the end.  Almost like they are afraid the end is near.  Mostly it is just because they are in such a crazy hurry to get somewhere.

We got honked at a few times because we dared to leave a safe distance between us and the car in front.  Those little buggers whizzed around us and took up the space we left open…which caused the cars behind us to honk since we slowed down.  We, who am I kidding, Joe was the one driving so he is the one that got honked at.  I just got the stink eye.

House Boats

I have not idea what water way this is.  It is after the Golden Gate Bridge leaving San Francisco.

These are actual houses.  People live, cook, watch tv, use the bathroom, shower, entertain, and lots of other people stuff in these homes on the water.

Someone even has an airplane parked in front of their home that rises and falls with the tides.

The car parking is a bit away from their home, so there is some walking involved getting to and from their homes and cars.

These homes look every bit as normal on the water as they would on land.  Only thing is they are quite a bit smaller.

Blue Point Oysters

Joe is the fish eater in this family.  I figured he would go crazy with clam chowder, clams, mussels, lobster, and crab since it is all fresh from the bay area.

Instead the only fish stuff he had were these Blue Point Oysters and a flown in, packed in ice, lobster tail with a steak for his dinner.

Me, I can’t stand the smell of fish let alone eat the stuff.  I opted for a pizza cooked in a wood fired oven.

I had a bowl of the french onion soup our server declared to be wonderful.  I don’t believe people that say the alcohol is cooked out of wine when it reaches a boiling point.  I could only eat about half of the soup before I had a good buzz on.


We stayed at a hotel close to where Joe’s truck in Windsor was we had to pick up.

He is constantly telling me he is HOT.  I think he is having hot flashes – no “Power Surges” – and the air conditioning is cranked up to “Snot Sickle” range.  That is when your nose runs it freezes before it trickles very far down your face.

I had to take this picture of him yesterday morning.  He told me he was COLD.  I guess he was cold since he covered up, literally, head to toe.  I asked him if he wanted to come out of the covers and adjust the temperature.  He very plainly told me “No, I’m not coming out”.

Poor Joe – NOT

Draw Bridge

Somewhere in our travels on California 37, skirting around San Francisco, and on the way to Stockton where his other truck is, we had to go over this draw bridge.

I have no idea how they work.  I don’t know if the upright has some counter weights that will lift part of the road to allow passage of large ocean going vessels or what.

I just thought the structure itself was quite impressive.

If anyone knows how draw bridges work I’m open to being enlightened.

As I drove across the bridge I did go over a couple places where metal spanned a portion of the road, a gap was between another section of the road with another metal spanned edge.

Peterbilt from Windsor

This is the truck Joe picked up in Windsor, California.

When we arrived at the dealership/shop the truck started immediately and Joe was able to move it from the place where it was parked.

As I did my inspection I found the windshield wipers didn’t work.  They squirted fluid fine but the wipers didn’t budge.  DOT Regulations require working wipers, they don’t care if the fluid squirts or not.  A hefty fine is assessed if the wipers are not working during a spot inspection.

When Joe told the shop foreman about this little problem there was an issue of payment.  We don’t know what other people have done before us, but they must have stiffed this place big time.  Joe had to prove he could pay for the repairs before we were even going to have a mechanic step foot near the truck.

Peterbilt in French Camp

This is a day cab truck.  No sleeper on the back side.

On Thursday, when we arrived in French Camp, this truck was released to Joe and we were allowed to park it along with our trailer and leave it until we came back from Windsor with the other one.

We got our work mojo all messed up by doing things out of sync.  We got this back truck prepared and hooked up to the trailer and then left town.  When we returned with the truck from Windsor all we had to do was load the pickup on the trailer and stub the “Horse” truck in the front.

I felt like I had missed doing something since we had done things out of order.  Oh well, all is fine.

If you look at the back of the trailer you will see my boom sticking out and pointing to the back of the truck.  That is where my boom rides when it is not in use.

Donner/Truckee Pass

Way high in the mountains of western California is Donner Pass and later is Truckee.

This interesting mountain range is at the edge of both passes.

Long, long ago when people still traveled in covered wagon or on horse back there is a story of the Donner family that got stranded in these mountains one nasty winter.  If you know the story you know that the family survived for most of the winter on the food stores they had brought along with them….but the food ran out before the snow melted and they could leave.  The only food left was their family members.  Such a tortured story for an absolutely beautiful area.


This is in Nevada, just a couple miles from the California border.

During the gold rush days in California the big mining companies built miles and miles of these wooden sluices.  You can see this one along the side of the mountain and by the river bed.

Somehow the water was diverted in this wooden structure to some hoses, or something, and the mountain side was washed of all loose dirt.  It was supposed to be the high tech answer for finding gold back in that time.   Wash away the loose dirt and what is left is the gold.

Not sure how well that worked but these sluices still stand today.

Underground Hot Springs

Continuing west and out of Reno several miles there is open desert with steam coming out of the ground.

The geothermal plant in the larger picture captures the steam and routes it through a system of pipes.  According to Joe, the pipes have kinks built into them to keep the heating and cooling water from damaging the pipes by causing an explosion.  The kinks in the pipeline is to allow for expansion and contraction of the heated steam.

Now when it reaches the building in the larger picture I don’t know what they do with it.  The building looks to be too small for an electrical plant.

Thunder Mountain Monument

Over the years as I’ve traveled I-80 from Sacramento, California to Salt Lake City I’ve passed this thing several times.  Each time I’ve wanted to stop and take a picture or two and find out what it is.

Thanks to all of you I have finally been able to stop and see what this actually is.  If you want to know about this sculpture and structure, here is a link to the Thunder Mountain Monument.

Upon reading about the man that constructed this monument I came to the conclusion that a person should work toward their dreams daily and not give up on them.

Family members might think you have lost your marbles but if you have a dream and work to make it come true then you will.  There is a cautionary tale involved in this story.  You can’t sacrifice your family for your dreams or you will be left all alone.

Winnemucca, Nevada

I have two final signs to leave you with in today’s post.

This one is welcoming you to Winnemucca, Nevada.

However, if you look in the background you will see a cemetary.

I’m sure the city planners meant to place this flashing lighted sign at the entrance to their fine city.  I’m also sure they had a desire to inform the traveling public of the events going on in their fair town.

I’m not sure, by the placement of this sign, if we are welcome to come in and partake of what the city has to offer and be on our way…or if after visiting their fine town they are holding a spot for us to remain in.  And just how, exactly, will we be meeting our demise in this fair town?

Another Favorite Sign of Joe's

This is another sign Joe loves to complain about.

“Who wants to eat burgers off the road?” he laments.

“If I want road kill I can get it myself and not have to pay for it” is another one of his outbursts.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends with good weather and the temperatures have dropped somewhat to a more enjoyable heat instead of feeling like you are being cooked.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

6 responses to “San Francisco to Winnemucca

  • Nancy

    Good morning Leslie! Sometimes your blog posts have made me hungry…but that last sign just didn’t do it! haha Signs can be so funny! There’s a sign in a nearby cemetary that says “Absolutely no alterations, additions or removals!” It cracks us up every time! I appreciate learning something new from this update…”snot sickle” is something I had not heard of before! lol That term could be handy here in Canada in winter. Thank you for sharing it with me! It sure made me laugh! Have a happy day! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      As far as signs go, I suppose the people that create them have a reason for it. Someone in power has to okay these things before they go public. But at least they are good for a laugh and do get your attention. What a funny sign to be posted at a cemetary. How do they get around their own edict when there is a new internment? How funny.

      I got so frustrated with Joe a few years back, and I have a tendency to exaggerate some things once in a while. We were in a hotel room and the air conditioning was blowing so cold I had goose bumps all over and the shivers. I was trying to hurry Joe to get out of the room so I could get out into warmer air and he laughed at me. The phrase “snot sickles” was coined that very day and it was not stated in a loving manner either. You have my permission to use it any time you wish, in a cold Canadian winter or when ever you are fiercely cold. 🙂

  • Lynn Claridge

    ‘Snot sickles’ tickled my perverted sense of humour too – it was like that here last winter!! Talking of snot – oysters always remind me of that 🙂 I do like crab, prawns (shrimps) and mussels but not overly keen on any other type of fish though.
    Love the road kills too Joe 🙂 Who wants a burger on the highway anyway, it would be squished flat.

    Beautiful, beautiful scenery again, I just hadn’t realised how much open spaces there were in America nor how many awesome mountain ranges. I abhor built up areas, there are far too many people and when I see a crowd of people walking towards me it frightens me silly and all sorts of daft ideas go through my head such as how the hell would I get away if there was a panic situation and all those hordes started to stampede? So I have a fear of crowds, fear of heights and intensely dislike spiders and rats!

    Haven’t a clue how the draw bridge works but it looks great as does the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      You make me smile, thank you for that. I guess we all have our fears and we deal with them best as we can.

      America is full of open spaces and mountain ranges. In the eastern portion of America there are open spaces also. New York State has some beautiful wide open country that is covered in green pastures and forests so the mountains are carpeted and not quite so evident. Maybe we’ll get through that part of the country before October when I’m off the road.

      I’ve seen pictures of your country with the rolling hills of green, sectioned off by “fences” of rock. Beautiful place you live in. I’ve seen pictures of Dover and the white cliffs. Rugged looking and windy, beautiful just the same. There is beauty nearly everywhere, sometimes have to look harder for it though.
      Love you – Leslie

  • Pati

    I always enjoy your pictures sis, when i would hear ” The Golden Gate Bridge” I would always see what i thought was a magestic BIG old bridge, towering high, and stretching across a big area, so, i am surprised, not quite as elegant as i thought it would be, but still, verrrry beautiful.

    And i really was impressed with the draw bridge, what some people can think up for the rest of us, some people are just talented.

    You both drive safely, be careful, and we love you both. Pati

    • Message In A Fold

      All of these bridges are an amalgam of talent, a venture of many people from the designer, the builders, the construction people, and the suppliers.
      Each person has in one way or another put their stamp on each of the bridges all across this country. That is the amazing part, someone’s idea becomes a reality. So cool!
      Love you both Sis

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