Words Of Encouragement

I am a sucker for sentiments or quotes that empower women.  I’ve traveled a long and winding road to get to be the person I am today.  Many times the road was blocked by boulders.  The only thing that kept me going was knowing that “The only way OUT is THROUGH”.  The hardest thing for me to learn and to take into my heart was “Own Your Own Stuff”.  Too many years were spent blaming other people for the predicament I found myself in.   Even today it is so easy to fall back in that space.

Stampin’ Up!  has come up with a set of stamps.  Wood mounted and clear mounted that have some fantastic sentiments.

Favorite Thoughts – #120048

Word Play – #120651 This set has two packs of 12 stamps each.

Cafe Matutino #121032 I made a mistake and ordered this set in Spanish.  I can use it anyway.

Style Beautiful – 120483 Flourishes and some beautiful images.

So…here is the first card I put together today.

Tea and Support

The sentiment inside this card mentions tea bags.

When I ordered the stamp set Cafe Matutino I meant to order the English version.  There are images of coffee cups, a percolator, a water kettle, and a mug.  I can use the images but not the words that go with the set.  I don’t know what they say.

We have a brand of tea here at home that is individually packeted so I used that on the cover of the card.  When the tea bag is taken off there is a water kettle beneath.  I’ve made a video of making this card.  It won’t be up until tomorrow sometime.

Papers I’ve used are all Stampin’ Up! – More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Close To Cocoa, and Whisper White.

Inside of Card

This is the inside of the card.

A quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and the images from the wrong stamp set (Spanish instead of English) worked out good.

A bit of ribbon from my stash was added.  I used markers from Stampin’ Up! to color the cups and the water kettle.

There are times when someone you care about is facing some challenges in life and need your support.  Not knowing the right thing to say can stop you from saying anything.

The next card I made was a total CHALLENGE.  I need a nap after this one.  Math is not my best suit.  I had some problems with the execution of this card.  Getting the proper size for each piece nearly brought on a headache.

A video of the creation of this card will be up tomorrow sometime so you can see how I made the openings.

Encouragment Card

The papers used in this card are all Stampin’ Up!

Blush Blossom for the card base – 10″ x 4-1/4

Not Quite Navy – 4-5/8 x 4

Close To Cocoa – 4-3/8 x 3-3/4

Taken With Teal – 3-3/8 x 2-3/4

Whisper White – 2-3/8 x 1-3/4  then trimmed to fit in the spot.

The stamp set is Stampin’ Up! Word Play on the outside and another of the Favorite Thoughts on the inside.

Well-Behaved Women

My stamping skills are pretty bad.  Smudges happen often which I would like to figure out how to stop.

The flourish, flower, thingy is from Style Beautiful.

I thought about coloring in the flower flourish but decided not to do so since I had already smeared it pretty bad.  So this card will remain in my stash of “Practice” items.

The cutouts on the front of the card were made using the sliding blade trimmer.  After you see the video then you will understand these measurements and directions.  Right now it will just confuse the fool out of you.

Close To Cocoa – 4-3/8 side:  Line the left side of the paper at 4-1/8″ on the trimmer body.  Line the arrows of the sliding blade on the 1/4 mark of the part of the trimmer the blade slides in.  Press the blade in the paper at the 1/4 inch mark and slide it down to the 1-3/4 inch mark then stop.

Turn the 4-3/8 side around in the trimmer and make the same cut.  You will have two slits on opposite sides of the card and from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Now turn the paper over and line up the 3-3/4 inch edge with the 3-1/2 mark on the trimmer.  Set the sliding blade at the 1/4″ mark and drag to 1-3/4″.  Flip the paper top to bottom and repeat this cut.  These two cuts will create a cut like a photo corner on the paper.

Now turn the Close To Cocoa paper back to the front side and put the 4-3/8″ side of paper under the trimmer and line up at the 3-7/8 mark.  Move the sliding blade to the 1/2 inch mark on the slider and cut down to 1-3/4 mark.  Do this same thing with the other end of the 4-3/8 side of the paper.

Flip the paper over to the back side and line up the 3-3/4″ edge to 3-1/4.  Line the sliding blade with the 1/2″ mark on the sliding thing and cut to 1-3/4″.  Flip the paper over and line up the paper with the 3-1/4 inch mark and make the same cut you just made.

Now you should have to “photo corner” cuts.  Take the point of the photo corner and pull it down to show a square in the area.  It will look like a square.  You will be cutting this extra piece out of the photo corner to have this opening.

You will repeat the same step with the Taken With Teal paper.

3-3/8″ side lined up with the 3-1/8 mark, the sliding blade set at 1/4″ and cut to 1-3/4″.  Repeat to the bottom side of the card.

The 2-3/4 side is lined up with the 2-1/2 mark blade lined up at the 1/4″ and cut to 1-3/4″.  Repeat with the bottom side for your “Photo Corner’ cut.

Now the 3-3/8 side lined up with the 2-7/8 mark, bladed lined up at the 1/2 inch mark and cut to 1-3/4.  Repeat with the bottom side for your opposing slits.

Back to the 3-3/8 side align at the 2-5/8 mark, blade at the 1/2 in mark and cut to 1-3/4.  Repeat with the bottom side for your Photo Corner like cuts.

Totally confused now?  Wait for the video and maybe it won’t be clear as mud when it is all over with.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

19 responses to “Words Of Encouragement

  • Nancy

    Huh? lol I’m reminded of when you see the crazy thick book and you say “I’ll just wait for the movie!” haha
    I’m kidding because I love to read as much as I enjoy a good movie! I sure am looking forward to your video though! It’s always fun to see you in “action”! Your cards look wonderful and those sentiments are really great! So fun that you have some Spanish ones! I love Spanish and there are lots of Spanish speaking friends on youtube!
    I think I have some more postings of yours to catch up on but I think they’ll have to wait until tomorrow!
    Love & prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      I know what you mean. I’m not one for reading directions. I like pictures better. As much as I tried to show how to make the second card, I fear the video might be one of those bad movie renditions from an excellent book – not that my blog entry was excellent. I just hope that between the video and the written directions anyone can create this card and put their own spin on it.

      Thank you for your kind words about my cards. I love sentiments that encourage people. Maybe my mistake in ordering the wrong stamp set will encourage our Spanish speaking friends to find these stamp sets and get their creative juices flowing. Now that would be awesome, special cards made for their special friends and family 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  • Shelly

    hope you are able to get in a little rest while you’re home. Can’t wait to see your newest crafting posts.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly. I did get in some rest, vegging out in front of the television for a couple hours (a recliner potato), a bit of housework, and some me time with the crafting. Off in my own little world for a couple hours. That is refreshment.

      I hope you and your family are fairing the water woes well and things are getting back to normal in your home.

  • Lynn Claridge

    Lovely cards – love the images (especially the tea one as I am a real tea belly!), love the sentiments and the whole is just great.

    Now will need to watch the video to clear the confusion; not your directions but just as soon as I see figures my mind goes blank! Haven’t go the trimmer but have a good craft knife, well scalpel actually and pretty good too.

    Hugs and love

    Lynn xxxxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. Yes, indeed, you can use a craft knife or scalpel on this card project. It might even be a whole lot easier to use the scalpel on the second card. With all the turning and flipping and messing about done on the trimmer, a steady hand and good pressure would be a breeze. I have a “shifty” tendency when using a ruler and craft knife then the whole thing goes all wonky.

      I know what you mean about seeing figures. This is a time when a “picture book” has more meaning than just the written word. Besides, math is not one of best attributes. I have to consult the Guru of Math from time to time. Thank God he lives with me 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

  • Pati

    Hey i liked the tea card, it was so nice, and remember when you are dealing with spanish versus english, as you taught me, go to google translate, put it in and you will know exactly what the spanish says, and you can use it all to your advantage.

    I am encouraged by your use of the cards, how you make them, i enjoy seeing all the things you create sis, you do beautiful work, keep it up sis, love you. Pati

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Sis for your sweet words of praise. I sure do appreciate you.

      Oh noooooo, I’ve created a monster that repeats back to me, lol 🙂 You are correct, I could go to Google Translate and figure out what the word stamps say. I think my next order to Stampin’ Up! will have to be this set in English so I can use the sentiments fully.

      I’m glad you are part of this, that you are open to seeing how you can be creative. Maybe someday “I will have you in my power, bwahahahaha”. Until that day comes I’ll work to peak your interest.
      Love you Sis

      • Nancy

        Sorry for eavesdropping! lol I just have to share something that I learned about the Google translate feature. I used it for translating to communicate with one of my Spanish youtube friends. I found out that it doesn’t always work very well! The translation that it gave me was actually something quite offensive! YIKES!! Fortunately, she knew me well enough to know that no offence was intended and told me how it really should have been said. Use it with caution! haha

      • Message In A Fold

        Don’t apologize. I’m glad for the information. I used the Google Translator when I wrote to Indira. Since I don’t have a clue how the Spanish language works I took a chance that it would work out right. Like you, Indira and I had corresponded before so hopefully if what I sent to her was a bit dicey she understood that I meant no harm. She still talks to me, I’m thankful for that 🙂

  • Pati

    I was reminded this moring when i saw your Tea card again, how much my Les loves his tea, and he especially loves Constant Comment Tea.

    That would be such a cool card for someone that loves Tea.

    BY the way, EVERYONE!!!

    Everyone that reads this comment:

    My sister, is going to be having a birthday this friday, July 30, i know she would love to hear a Happy Birthday from all of you, hehehe, sisterly love. Happy Birthday coming up sis, i love you, Pati.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Sis….I think 🙂 You are a right stinker, but I love you anyway.

    • Nancy

      Oh Pati…thank you very much for telling us!! It’s so nice to have someone with all the inside information…who’s willing to use it! lol Joe and Leslie sang Happy Birthday to me in a video on my birthday in March. In fact, I think YOU won the prize that I wanted to win that day! haha Unfortunately, I don’t do videos, so I can’t sing in return. Come to think of it…that’s probably more a “fortunate” kind of thing! Hey, there’s my birthday gift to you Leslie!! I won’t be singing Happy Birthday in a video! 🙂

  • Pati

    This was supposed to be bigger.

    July 30th

    Love sis

  • Pati

    I absolutely love how you made that card that says go for your dreams, good job sis, very professional looking.

    From your favorite stinker, with love. Pati

  • Nancy

    Okay Leslie…it’s Friday now so that means HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU my friend!! I wanted to post it somewhere obvious but I couldn’t find a place! lol I hope you have a very special day today and are able to celebrate as you should! I pray that God will shower you with JOYFUL BLESSINGS in the year to come!
    Love & Prayers,

    • Message In A Fold

      Nancy, thank you for this special message. And thank you for the birthday wishes. Better than a card for me today, I must say 🙂 I have been blessed by an abundance of wonderful friends this year. I am so happy that you are one of my girlfriends. Blessed indeed 🙂
      Love you – Leslie

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