TMI – Too Much Information

WARNING:  This is a long post with a lot of photos.  Get a cup of coffee, tea, or soda because this one will be some of everything.

Our California daughter

We had the opportunity to spend the day with our daughter and do a bit of shopping.  Joe needed a new charging cord for his cell phone so we found an Apple store.

Grocery shopping

We took her grocery shopping to make sure she had food to eat before we left town.

We had a good visit with her and enjoyed ourselves.  Then I had to go and stick my  nose in and cause a big mess.  Oh well, we will get through it all.


The trucks we picked up in Shafter, California going to O’Fallon, Missouri are a combination of day cabs and sleepers.  Joe and I drove the sleeper trucks and towed the day cabs.

Coffin Sleeper

The sleepers on these trucks are called “Coffin” sleepers.  There is only room to lie down.  No place for a television or a small refrigerator.

Narrow Interior

The interior of these trucks is very narrow.  Joe and I joke that two people in this truck will have to be very familiar with each other.  Familiar enough to not get freaked out when the other person’s butt is in the driver’s face when they try to get in the back.

Sleeper Portion

Just behind the seats is the sleeper bunk.  A person will have to sit on the bed to undress.  No head room to stand up and very little wriggle room.

Gauges Galore

There are gauges and then there are more gauges.  The foot pedal to adjust the steering wheel on the truck I drove didn’t work so to see the fuel gauge I had to stand up and peer over the top of the steering wheel.

Lights & Wipers

At least this time the headlight switch and the wiper thing-a-ma-bob are together on the left side so I didn’t have to do a whole lot of searching this time.

Attack Geese

After we got on the road from our nights stay in Bakersfield we were going to go past the Murray Family Farms original property and Joe wanted to stop.  We got there a few minutes before the gates officially opened.  While we waited we went around their Petting Zoo.

These geese raised quite a ruckus and came running at me when I came near the pen.  The one nearest the gate hissed at me.

There are several bird and animals species.  A lot of them I know on sight but there were a couple I had no idea what they were other than their particular species.

Peacocks and Pea Hens

Okay, I know the Peacocks are displaying for the Pea Hens, but they could at least turn around and show off to me.  No such luck.  Every one of them turned their back on me.

These guys were competing in noise levels with the geese.  It made me want to turn around and see who was going to come and get us for being on the property before doors opened.  No one came but I was still a bit nervous.

Comfy Goat

This goat made me laugh out loud.  It is resting in the hay trough and was not going to budge while we were there.  Other goats in the pen were in shady spots on the ground but this one had to find the cushy place.

Alpacas or Llamas

I think these are alpacas and Joe thinks they are Llamas.  I think Llamas are bigger bodied and have longer necks but I’m not positive.

Duck or Goose?

This little guy walked around like it hurt to move.  His head is bright red with bumps all over it.  I’m not sure if this is a duck or a goose.  I’m sure it is not a chicken since it has webbed feet.

Fancy Pants

Now what kind of chicken is this one?  Pantaloon, fancy pants, bushy britches?  I’ve never seen a chicken with feathers on the legs and feet before.

Aunt Annabelle's Ant Farm

This is a play area for the children.  Huge concrete pipes to run through and climb all over.  A replica of an ant is welded from barrels and other metal objects.  There is a sign below the big red ant that tells about the body parts of the ant.  What kid would not have fun running around in this area with so much to climb on and tunnels to pretend in?

Hay Wagon

This hay wagon takes field customers out into the garden and drops them off.  They can pick the vegetables and fruits to their hearts content – or until they scorch – then it comes back to take them to air conditioned comfort.

Open Fields

The hay wagon takes the customers out into these fields and beyond.  They tell someone in the store where they want to go and it gets relayed to the hay wagon driver.

Field Layout

This is the field layout of where a person can pick the fruits and vegetables.  So many choices, so little time.


When we were finished at Murray Family Farms and back out on the road we wended through some hilly country.

Tehachapi (pronounced Ta-ha-cha-pee) was one of the very first areas to begin installing wind turbines and creating “Wind Farms”.

This crop of wind turbines are 25 years and older.  The upright portion is made of steel with braces going up the legs.  It is an open pattern similar to electric transmission poles.

The newer wind turbines have a solid tubular structure and are not open as these are.

Early Morning Fog

This is between Tehachapi and Mojave.  When I first saw this I thought I was between two worlds.  The world of today and a prehistoric world from the past.  I half expected to see dinosaur heads pop up out of the mist.

The weather forecasters in the area were predicting a layer of marine fog would be coming in but that would have only been to areas near the ocean.  This area is too far inland for marine fog.

Thought it was a very interesting sight anyway and wanted to share it.

Written In Stone

Back in May I told you about the sides of the road where people gather rocks and leave their marks for passersby to see.

Here is a grouping of shots I took while traveling this area strewn with lava rock.

If you enlarge this photo, by clicking one it, you will see on the left side and just above the center shrub someone has written “Max + Becky”.


This one you can see pretty well.

There is a big “Sam” and some other words, one of which is “dad”.

I guess if you have some time to kill while you are waiting for a service truck you can entertain yourself and let the world know you were there.

On the embankment

There are a few more names, initials, and words on the embankment of this dry creek bed.

Someone found an area that is higher than the desert floor to leave their message and others followed.

To the right of the nose of my truck you can see a letter “J”.  The images flow to the right at the same part of the embankment.

Twin Arrows

In Arizona there is a town, what is left of it,  just east of Flagstaff called “Twin Arrows”.  Down the road a bit further is “Two Guns”.

Here at Twin Arrows this is all that is left of a gas station.  The twin arrows have held up over the years and the gas pumps that have been stripped are just beyond the right most arrow.

There are some buildings that belong to the gas pumps.  They are crumbled and fallen down.  I lost my grip on the camera and it took a header to the floor so I did not get a shot of the buildings.

Petrified Trees - Holbrook

This is a better shot of the petrified trees near Holbrook in Arizona.

This time I was traveling on the same side of the road and got a better shot.  If you enlarge this photo, by clicking on it, you can see the bark on the outside of the tree still.  Course it is just as much stone as the tree is but the markings of the bark are still visible.


In the same area as the petrified trees are these mounds.  The color of the dirt is entirely different from the surrounding dirt.  There is a lot of black in these mounds.  Makes one wonder what is underneath.

Bridge over Missouri River

Lynn, here is a bridge for you.

Our trip out of Arizona, through New Mexico, and Oklahoma was pretty much uneventful.  Nothing peaked my interest.

UNTIL we got into Missouri and off the Interstate.

We came around a corner and there before me was this narrow bridge spanning a lot of water.  Oncoming traffic and I were going to share this small space.  I spazzed out a bit, but I kept my wits about me to get these next photos.

Tell Me When It's Over

I quickly took this shot and then held on to the steering wheel as I crossed this bridge.  The whole way over I just held on and repeated “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” all the way across.

I  had visions of me plummeting to the water below when the bridge broke in the middle from the combined weight of Joe’s trucks and mine.

The woman in the car must have thought I had lost my mind.  She was not far from this side of the bridge and safety while I was just starting to cross.  YIKES!

Through Town

Now as if the bridge wasn’t bad enough I get to go through a town with merchants and homes right at the roads edge.

Winding and twisting my way through this area gave me a fright.  I kept waiting to feel the jarring and shuddering when my back truck hit one of the buildings.


Roller Coaster Ride

Once out of the close town and out in farm country we encountered these “hills”.  Up and down we went.  The road is so rutted from traffic – and this is a truck route – that while one portion of the road goes up and down, the ruts make the truck I’m driving go left and right.

I thought I was on the open ocean in high seas.  I got so sick at my stomach from all this waving about that I feared I was going to have to dig in the “truck bag” for a plastic grocery bag and hang the handles from my ears and PUKE right there in the bag.  That would have been an experience I’m here to tell you.

Traffic Jam

Once off the rolling seas we came to a dead stop.  Business was being carried out by the local trash collector.  He had many stops to make in a two mile stretch of the road.

Joe saw an opportunity to go around the guy and took it.  There is a blind hill on the other side of the trash truck.  The guy shook his head and muttered to himself.  I stayed safely behind and followed him for about two blocks where he turned left and I had clear passage.

To Interstate 70

I thought this portion of the trip was never going to end.

According to the GPS we were only 8 miles from our delivery point.  If the next 8 miles was going to be anything like the last 25 then I might as well just start screaming at the top of my lungs in terror.

When I watched Joe make this corner I thought he had just totally lost his mind and we were about to be in a situation that we would not be able to back out of.

I tell you, I have not had this much fun in a long time – that is meant to be read as sarcasm.

Truck Route

I did manage to follow Joe around the corner and find I had another tight one to turn.

Just below the stop sign is another sign that points the way to the rest of the truck route.  Also further back is an Interstate sign.  I could finally breath a sigh of relief.  The end of all this craziness was in sight.

Heading Home

And, of course, the road Joe chose to go home on had full sized roads and bridges.  We were no longer in the big trucks but in our pickup and pulling the trailer.

Go ahead, you can all punch him on the arm.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

14 responses to “TMI – Too Much Information

  • Bear

    Ok, My wife is a real “Drama Queen”. Don’t let her fool you. She was enjoying herself on this trip. She hollers a lot, but keeps on ticking. 10 years ago I would have had to pry her fingers off the steering wheel. You see the photos she took and you know that she had to be driving with one hand. Some “Drama Queen” HUH!. I am so proud of her. She just follows me everywhere because she sees that if I can make it, so can she. This woman will do to ride the river with.

  • shar

    hehehe I really enjoyed this trip I was wondering how you took the photos thinking you might have videoed it until Joes comment above. hehe thanks for sharing

  • Pati

    I kept watching for another story, and i found it, girl, you keep us, i should talk for myself, you keep me on the edge of my seat, now i can breath again.

    So glad you both made it, i know you sis, you wont let Joe outdo you, if he can do something, you are GOING to do it also.

    Take care of each other, love you sis.P

    • Message In A Fold

      i know you sis, you wont let Joe outdo you, if he can do something, you are GOING to do it also.

      Hey Sis…where would all the “Drama” come from if I just meekly stayed safe? Joe knows that he can push me out of my self imposed boundaries from time to time. He can sure make life interesting for me, and a bit frightful too. I “wig out” from time to time but I know that I can trust him and I do know that he will get me out of trouble if things turn out wonky.

      I’m glad you are on the “edge of your seat” when I post my foolishness. This one was pretty fun – now that the winding roads are far behind me and we are safely delivered and out of there 🙂

      Love you Sis

  • Shelly

    Aww….. How Sweet to hear your sincere praise and confidence of your lovely Leslie. You know We ladies who are blessed with fantastic supportive Husbands like yourself are indeed blessed. It warms the heart to get a glimps of your relationship.
    Leslie I think that bridge would of scared me 🙂 and I only drive a 12 passenger van.

    Hugs and love to you both,

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly. I am so blessed to have my Joe. Some days I’d like to whack him on the arm or head, but most days I just adore him.

      Hey, a 12 passenger van is a whole lot bigger than a car. You Go Girl!

      Love and Hugs – Leslie

  • Lynn Claridge

    Beautiful bridge Leslie – thank you for that! I would have been shaking and quivering like a jelly too crossing it but as Joe said you did it one handed at some point or several points actually!!:)
    Now that roller coaster road would have finished me off as a passenger, like fine wines I do not travel well and the sick bag would have been very necessary unless I had taken several travel pills! Going from home to the nearest town (approximately 8 miles away) on a bus used to have me heaving at times and one time all I had was my handbag (purse in US speak) and I quickly emptied it out and was sick in it and had to throw it away as soon as I got off the damn bus:( All my belongings were stuffed into pockets!
    I am slowly improving with age:D
    Aren’t our husbands so darn lucky they have us??!! Love your public support of ‘our’ Leslie, Bear xx

    So when will you next be at home?

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxxx

    • Message In A Fold

      My goodness Lynn. I thought I had motion sickness. Girl…you win the prize! Well, not much of a prize but you certainly have my sympathy on that one. Nothing worse than a rebellious stomach. Wait, I take that back. A rebellious stomach that corrected itself in your handbag. What misery you must have been in for a few minutes (seemingly hours) moving items from your handbag to your pockets in time. Now had I been anywhere on the bus when that happened then I would have been joining you. Just from the sound alone.

      Yes indeedy, our husbands are so very lucky to have us. At least material for one-upmanship when they begin relating the war stories.

      I’m home today and making a mad dash at laundry, some housekeeping duties, helping with meals – Joe cooks in the summer 🙂 – and getting an insane crafting session in. Maybe still home tomorrow, don’t know yet.

      Love and hugs – Leslie

  • Lynn Claridge

    By the bye Leslie – in another life we kept geese and chickens – and I think the hissing ‘goose’ was possibly a gander. Like some men ganders make a great deal of noise but those beaks pinch like pliers when they grab hold of some flesh! 🙂 Rod was once ‘pinched’ on the inside of his thigh by our gander which not only left a nasty bruise but also drew blood.
    There are many breeds of chickens that have feathers down their legs and over their feet, looks as if they are wearing feathered pjs 🙂
    I adore goats and that one really was taking its leisure, it looked like a Nubian breed with its long floppy ears! Not sure on the Llama/Alpaca front – always get those two breeds mixed up.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      I admit, I’m a “city girl” and don’t have the slightest desire to be a “country girl”. Most of my animal and species information came from zoos and school. Not much up close and personal time with the animals. I met a goat one time…it freaked me out by the pupils of its eyes being vertical. Wow, how long did your Rod have a nasty bruise and sore from the gander bite? Thanks for the information on the geese and chickens. I’ll have to keep that bit of information for future reference…Joe wants to get geese later on – well it’s his own fault if he gets pinched 🙂

      Love and hugs – Leslie

  • Maureen Mathis

    Don’t give Joe a hard time. He’s all business and probably would have preferred the direct interstate route, but he chose those side roads to give YOU more to look at and take pictures and get inspired!

    Where are you going to be in mid September(17th – 19th)? I’ve got a proposition for you!

    • Message In A Fold

      Joe will appreciate YOU for your sweet words, Maureen. After we went over the scary two lane bridge he asked me, on our two way radios, “Did you get pictures?”. I think he kind of likes this crazy thing I’ve started, even though he worries that it will get me in trouble.

      Maureen, I sure wish I knew where we were going to be at any given point in time. We almost had trucks going to Houston this week and I was going to buzz you to see if you would be free to meet us. Alas, that trip got changed an hour after it was offered to us. Send me an email at about your proposition. We might be able to work a load going through your part of Texas or across I-20 and make a slight diversion. I can’t promise anything since they seem to be keeping us in the west this year. We are going to Salt Lake City, Utah next from Oklahoma City then there is a possibility of trucks out of Modesto, California going to Perrysburg, Ohio. All way north of you.
      Love you – Leslie

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