Joe Got Dumped

Metropolitan Scooter "Polly"

The Christmas of 2006 Joe bought me this Metropolitan Scooter.  He has a love of motorcycles and has talked for years about getting two of them for us to ride on a cross country trip.

I like to ride them but I don’t like to drive them and every time he brings the subject up I tell him I’d ride but I won’t drive.

I think his intent was to get me used to driving a “motorcycle” by starting me out small.  Hasn’t worked.  There used to be speed bumps on our street and I nearly ran people over, had a head on collision with an incoming pickup truck, and drove up on someone’s lawn and just missed the steps going into their home.  All that on just this one street.  Reinforced my thinking of not wanting to drive the bigger motorcycle.

Joe drives it to the grocery store when we only need a couple things, or to the local Walgreens to get his prescriptions.  He loves it.  I keep telling him to trade Polly in for a real motorcycle but he is really reluctant to do that.  He feels like he is giving my “Christmas present” away or taking it away.  This is different all together.  Polly will not get used if it were not for him driving her.  He could use a larger motorcycle instead of being smooshed up on Polly.

Yesterday he decided to take Polly out for a drive to the bank.  He’s done that several times so I told him I loved him on his way out the door.  Our normal thing.

I went about my business in the house until I heard a faint “Leslie”.  Joe had left, but it sounded like him.  I went out the front door to make sure I really did hear my name being called.

Joe was on his hands and knees in the grass.  He was not making any moves to get up.  What was going on here?  He had left to go to the bank but he’s now investigating something on the lawn?  What’s up with this?

Then I saw Polly was on the ground, he was on the ground.

I hurried down the steps.  No blood dripping that I could see.  His arms weren’t broken since they were holding him up off the ground.  As I neared him I saw his hat was about 10 feet in front of him, his glasses which hang around his neck on a pink cord were about 3 feet to his left, pens from his shirt pocket were littered on the grass, and his cell phone headset had not made it as far as his hat had.  All this in about 4 seconds I saw as I ran down the steps.

As I neared him his head was jerking.  He was laughing.  That was either a good sign or a bad sign.  Hope it was a good sign.

“Are you alright?  Can you move?  Anything broken?”  I peppered him with questions all the while he was laughing.  “I just need help up” is what he told me when he finally stopped laughing.  The next few minutes were spent in trying to figure out the best way for him to acquire leverage on me to get up from the ground.  First I took the proffered arm and tried to give him a steady and strong arm to lean on.  That wasn’t going to work.  I went around behind him and wrapped my arms around him under his arms and tried to lift.  All I succeeded in doing was opening his shirt.  I went back in front of him and parked myself cross ways then bent over so he could use my back and hip to lean on and hoist himself up.

When he was fully standing I got the whole story.  Polly has an automatic transmission.  Joe had her running, then before he got seated he revved up the engine and away she went.  Knocking Joe off balance and the two of them went down hard.  We got Polly back upright and the kick stand in place.

After I got him inside and checked over, cleaned his wounds and stemmed the trickle of blood from his knee, making sure he was truly good and well, Joe went back outside.  He and Polly were off to the bank.

He is sore and a bit stove up.  When it is time to leave today he is going to have a really hard time getting up in the trucks we are delivering to Fontana, California.  My poor Honey Bunny.

I have driven Polly one time outside of our trailer park.  There is a street a few blocks away in an industrial area.  It was a Saturday so no cars were parked along the curbs and there was no traffic on that road.  I drove Polly carefully out of the trailer park, over the speed bumps and to the open road.  I needed to get used to her and find my balance on her.  This street was the ideal place for me to do that.  There is a long “S” curve so I would have to learn how to handle her in turns and remain upright.

The first trip down this mile long road went very well.  I gained some confidence in her and I thought I was driving pretty fast.  At this time I had long hair, as in the picture.  I could feel my hair blowing in the wind as I drove at break neck speed.

I got Polly turned around and decided I’d see how fast I could go on the way back.  I was positive I had her up to the 50 miles an hour she would do.

Polly and I were flying down this road.  The wind was whipping my hair around, the transmission was fully engaged, industrial business buildings were going past me in a blur.  Maybe I could drive a motorcycle all by myself.

I glanced down at the speedometer.  10 miles an hour.

So now she sits, waiting patiently for Joe to take her out and open her up on the busy streets in the town we live in.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

16 responses to “Joe Got Dumped

  • Bear

    Well, she just had to tell everybody about my boo-boo. Darned automatic transmission anyway.

  • Pati

    Oh my goodness, is Joe alright? Les has a motorcycle also, and wants a bigger one, he IS a little small for this one, but it takes time to do things.

    You poor thing, thought you were going at quite a clip, then to your dismay, you found out you were only crawling, “keep trying” as YOU SAY TO ME,and before long you will be an expert. Love you sis, take good care of that man of yours.

    • Message In A Fold

      Yikes!!! Hoisted on my own petard. Words coming back to haunt me. I can drive big trucks but have a big fear of little motorcycles. As I have found out with Joe, rolling over with a motorcycle means road rash and dripping blood.

      He’s so sore. My poor Bear. His right thigh is bruising, he right knee and upper calf is red and scratched up, his right elbow is scraped. He’s “walking wounded”.

      Boys and their toys…just something else to worry us while they go off and have a good old time.

  • Pati

    Ooooops, i meant he is a little BIG for this motorcycle, not a little small for it, =(^.^)= Love you sis.

  • Nancy

    Oh no! Poor Joe! I feel bad for him with all the aches and pains he’ll be experiencing! I was relieved when you said he was laughing! Laughter is a good way to deal with mishaps! You guys have a happy day! 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Nancy. Joe is revelling in all this attention. At least someone is feeling sorry for him, he thinks. I do feel bad for him….I guess just not enough so he is enjoying all these messages.

      Relieved?! You bet I was relieved when I saw he was laughing. I thought he had broke something and could not stand.

      He’s hobbling today, rubbing his sore leg, and groaning occasionally. A soak in the hot tub on Friday will do him a world of good – I hope.

  • shar

    lol glad your okay Joe

  • Maureen Mathis

    Poor Joe! Maybe now, he’ll let you guys stay overnight in a motel, just so he can sleep on a good bed! Good luck on the next leg of your trip!

    • Message In A Fold

      Yes…Poor Joe. We don’t sleep in the trucks. We are in hotels every night, except when we are home. Most of the time that feels like a hotel also. We used to sleep in the trucks, when we first started doing this job. That was more work than what it was worth.

      This Friday we will be at a hotel with a hot tub and he has already called ahead to make reservations AFTER he made sure the hot tub was working. A good hot soak will do him a world of good.

      Thank you Maureen. He appreciates your concern, everyone’s concern. I appreciate it also.

  • Pati

    I am loving this all so much, lots of kind words coming from kind people, arent you glad you have so many well wishers all over the place?

    So glad so many people care about others.

    Stay safe Joe, but dont get on the cycle yet, its too soon, get better before you get back on it.

    Love you both.

    • Message In A Fold

      Too late to tell him not to get back on the cycle. He said “Fall off a horse, best thing is to get back on right away”, and that he did.

      Yes, everyone is really supportive and great. I’ve come across some amazing people since I decided to go public with my YouTube videos and my blog. Awesome group of friends I have accumulated and I appreciate every one of them – even you Little Sis.

      Love you both.

  • Lynn Claridge

    Oh poor Joe – which was most dented? Pride or body?? Sorry Bear about that:) I’m with you Leslie no motorcycles for e either. We once were gifted a scooter, I tried it once round the garden and that was it we passed it on! My little sis rides a Harley, drives cars and buses, one of our daughters participates in auto grass track racing and me? I walk! Can’t even ride a bicycle. Much safer on my own two legs and even then I managed to slip down some years ago and broke one of my legs!!!!
    Enjoy your hot tub Bear and hope climbing into the trucks isn’t too onerous.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      You crack me up. I get such a kick out of what you post. I’m glad you can poke fun at yourself and your short comings. You can put such a great spin on your foibles.

      Joe is doing well. He’s managed to get up and down with some groaning and complaints but not much. The awesome human body. Better than a Timex. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, sometimes a bit slower and with a limp but he just keeps going.

      We are in California and they are experiencing 100 degree weather here. Unusual for Southern California. He’s going to soak in the 103 degree water while the temperatures are 100 but I’m not. Get me in a dark and cool room and I’ll be just fine.

      Love and hugs – Leslie

    • Joe

      Lynn, My PRIDE. The body mends. The PRIDE is gone forever. Polly has an automatic transmission. I had her running to warm her up to go to the store. Forgot that she is an automatic and gave her some gas without being on the seat. AFV should have had a camera. I would have been one of those that I have laughed at in the past and said, “look at that fool.” Now I am the fool. After it happened all I could do was get up on my hands and knees and laugh and call for Leslie to help me get up. Some days. I hope you have a good laugh at this. I know that I did.


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