Missouri Adventures For You and Your Family

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Starting from the eastern side of Missouri on I-70 is the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

This is the closest we’ve been to the Arch in all of our travels.  Someday we will make a stop there and see what this is all about.

St. Louis has a lot of things to do for the whole family.  Kid friendly places in downtown St. Louis.  For historical buffs there is a lot of information about this once bustling river port.  Shopping in downtown St. Louis is available for the “hard core” shoppers.  Downtown St. Louis is a very interesting place to walk.  Lots of gourmet restaurants tucked in the canyon of high rise buildings.

To see all that St. Louis has to offer check out their website.

Branson is east and south of Springfield, Missouri on US 65 off I-44.  This is a place for the older generation on down to the young kids.  Remember Andy Williams?  How about Yakov Smirnov the crazy Russian comedian?  Do you know who Shoji Tabuchi is?  The Oak Ridge Boys?

Branson offers shows of all kinds, amusement park rides, take a trip on the river in a Paddle Wheel River Boat, go to Silver Dollar Village and see how the people used to live before electricity and indoor plumbing, watch crafters of all kinds make personalized items for your home.  Watch a blacksmith do his job with fire, an anvil, and a hammer, see glass blowers, watch wood working the old fashioned way before power saws and air nailers.

There are restaurants everywhere from fine dining to burger joints.  If you want more information on Branson here is their website.

Precious Moments Chapel

Once again, this is the closest we’ve come to this Missouri attraction.

I love the Precious Moments figurines.  They are just adorable.  The majority of them are biblical in nature and help to remind you of your faith.  Some of them are just plain everyday life.

Carthage, Missouri is the home of Precious Moments.  There is a wedding chapel on the grounds.  Walk through their gardens and enjoy the color and scent of all the flowers.  It is open all year round and the it is FREE to tour the place.  Course, they get you with those cute little figurines.

The children may find something to do here but I know that the women in the family will love to stop here.  Such heart tugging paintings, figurines, and items of home decor will fill your suitcases and bins after you stop here.

Here is a link to their website.  Learn about the history of Precious Moments and see photos of the place.

Wild Animal Safari

In Strafford, Missouri is the Wild Animal Safari.  “Lions, tigers, and bears.  Oh my!”

Again, we see the signs for it but have not had the chance to go.  After watching the goings on with drive through animal parks on America’s Funniest Videos I’m a bit leary of  driving through this place.  I’m not the least bit interested in having a wet animal tongue coming in my window and slobbering all over me.

I don’t even know if it is like a zoo that you walk around or if you drive through this place.  Here is a link to their website if this would be of interest to you and your family as you travel this summer.

They are open in the winter time also.  We’ve driven past and seen Christmas lights strung at the gateway so they do have something happening year round, I suspect.

Fantastic Caverns

There are caves throughout Missouri and this is one of the places you can go.

Ride on the special vehicle they have for the cave tours.  Learn about Stalactites and Stalagmites.  I can’t remember which grows from the ground up and which form from the top down.

When it is HOT and humid outside the caverns are a good place to cool off.  A constant temperature of around 68 degrees will soon take care of your hot and sweaty body.

Here is a link to their website if you are interested in seeing life underground.

If you will be traveling this summer with your kids and will be on I-44 there are many places to go in Missouri and many things to see.  Educational, spiritual, thrill rides, musical, and just plain fun.  You can find all of this above and below the ground.

Maybe someday we will be able to stop and see one or all of these places while we work.  Our big problem is with truck parking.  Never know where we would be able to get in with our trucks or even the next time we will be through.  So if any of you go, then let me know what you did and what you thought of these places.

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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “Missouri Adventures For You and Your Family

  • Lynn Claridge

    Leslie just remember that tites (tights) come down and mites go up!:)Some of these caves have such fanatastic sculptures all courtesy of mother nature, water and limestone.
    Love the look of that arch, beautiful structure.
    Thoroughly enjoy seeing something of America through your photographic travelogue. I think you shuld be hired as a tour guide!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. The mnemonic on the “tites” and “mites”. Maybe I’ll remember this time. Ya right. Caves are so beautiful. This kind of spelunking I could do. Count me out of the spelunking when the people go deep into the narrow passages and the crawl spaces.

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my “photographic travelogue” even if it is road signs sometimes. I’ll work on getting pictures of bridges as we get to them. Some of them are quite fantastic in their structure and some make my mouth dry with their height.

      How kind of you to suggest me being a tour guide. We travel so much of the lower 48 states and there is so much to see (a lot of it is dead boring) but there are some breathtaking sights as well.

      Love and hugs –

  • Pati

    Oh sis i just love it, i get to see so much through your eyes, and i love the precious moments figurines also, they are soooo cute.

    You both just travel safely please, we love you both.

    • Message In A Fold

      Maybe when things get figured out you and Les will get to see these things for yourself. I am so anxious to share all of this with you when you guys take vacation. Then you can see it all from your own eyes. I’m glad you get a glimpse of what I see.

      We will be safe, and we love you both also.

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