Congratulations Loreli

Our daughter, Loreli (one of our Colorado daughters) has been picked by the hospital she works at to be a part of a team for Disaster Assistance.

Our Loreli is an ICU Trauma Nurse in Denver, Colorado.  She is really good at her job….I know because she has been called upon to be the go between with Joe’s doctors when he had his Prostate Cancer treatment and things went a bit wonky, and with me so I would know just what was going on.

Some of the people that work with her, or know of her, had told the Director of the Task Force for Disaster Assistance that she would be an ideal candidate.

Loreli is now sorting through all the paperwork for a very intrusive background check into her life over the past 10 years.  They needed all the names of her immediate family, their birth dates, and addresses along with a bunch of other information.

She’s being grilled as though she is going for a spot in a Top Secret, High Security Government Post.  Which I suppose she will be doing.

There is a team already set up that has been to Haiti for the earthquake, in New Orleans during the Katrina Hurricane damage, and to Indonesia somewhere when the Tsunami hit and destroyed so many lives.

Our Loreli will be contacted at a moments notice and told what flight to get on and where.  She, along with other nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and some police, will go to the areas where they are needed and she will be in the trenches for two weeks.

Quite a way to see the world and how other people live.  She will be working with all manner of ailments.  As if the car accidents, shootings, and stabbings she deals with now isn’t bad enough.

We are so proud of her.

Our Loreli only has one thing wrong with her.  She runs in marathons – which I think is AWESOME, she hikes mountains – again AWESOME, she and her adorable little dog Daisy Mae go to every Weiner Dog Race there is, again totally AWESOME.

Loreli has this thing with the Stair Master equipment at her local gym.  She will text me that she has just climbed 742 stories with the time she did it in.  Now I’m all for exercise – just need to get into it a bit myself – but 742 stories!!!!!  I love you Loreli and I’m so STINKING PROUD OF YOU – So is your Dad 🙂


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2 responses to “Congratulations Loreli

  • Lynn Claridge

    Oh what an achievement for your daughter and I can understand the feelings of pride you and Joe must be feeling. By being a member of the Task Force she will make such a difference to someone’s life in a disaster situation.
    Well done Loreli!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn x

    • Message In A Fold

      I wasn’t sure you could tell that we are proud of our Loreli, or not 🙂

      She is so good at her work and it makes me even prouder that her coworkers know she is up for the task and would be an asset to the group. Totally awesome!
      Love you

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