Varied Landscapes




California has many orchards on I-5.  They are orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, and lime for the citrus.  Cherry, peach, apricot, and plum for the stone fruits.

Nut trees like almond, pecan, and walnut grow here.  Up more north are the olive orchards.

There is a lot of agriculture in California.  Vineyards are just as plentiful.

Oleander bushes

Throughout the southwestern part of the US – mainly Arizona, Nevada, and California the highway medians have oleander (pronounced O-lee-ander) bushes growing.

Here on I-5 you can see the varieties of red, white, and pink.  These flower in late spring and early summer.  Come later in summer and early fall the blooms will fade and in winter the medians will be green with the bushes.

Oleander is extremely toxic.  The leaves of the oleander bush have a toxin in them that will kill you quickly.  I don’t know if it would be a painful death as arsenic would be but you would be just as dead.

With all the crap that California comes up with I’m surprised they would even have these bushes growing anywhere.  You walk into a business of any kind – restaurant or store – and there are signs posted telling you that California has found items to be harmful and carcinogenic to your health in these establishments.  It is my opinion that California is the land of “fruits and nuts”.  Now not “fruits” as in “gay people” just LOONEY TOONS fruits and whacko nuts.  Just my opinion.

Rice Paddys in early June

Rice Paddys in late June

These two pictures are of the same area.  Yolo.  The one on the left is when we began moving trucks from Walmart in Red Bluff to Pomona and the one on the right was taken on our last trip to Pomona.

Quite a difference in just a short time frame.


Gold Coast Casino - Jean, Nevada

Nevada Landing - Jean, Nevada

These two pictures are of the same place in Jean, Nevada.  Just in Nevada from the California/Nevada border.  On the left picture you see the Gold Coast Casino on the right of the road and on the left of the road off in the distance you see a sign.  In the right photo is what is left of the once grand Nevada Landing Casino.  Things change in Nevada.

Joshua Trees

On US 95 out of Las Vegas and heading to I-40 in Arizona we have to stay off the road that goes over Hoover Dam.

Joshua Trees are sort of a cactus but not a cactus.  They are a succulent since nothing grows out in the desert that needs a lot of water.

Why this is called a Joshua Tree (to the right near the black angle from my windshield is the tree) I have no idea.  Pretty stark environment, isn’t it?

Downhill and a steep one at that

Still on US 95 traveling toward Arizona we have to go through a mountain pass.  We had been going uphill a bit before this and now we are going to go downhill.  Some steep inclines and switchbacks so I wanted to at least get this shot before all the foolishness and mayhem ensued.

Laughlin, Nevada

Once on the other side of the mountain pass we go down another set of hills and we are nearly out of Nevada.  This is coming into Laughlin, Nevada.  The larger buildings are casinos and the residents live amongst them and on up the side of the hill.


Rock outcroppings in Arizona

Still on US 95 but now in Arizona the landscape changes a bit and becomes rocky in places.

This outcropping looks like it is giving me the “finger”.  By this time it could have just been my frame of mind.  I wanted to be home so bad and to get off the road.

More rocks

We are getting closer to I-40 but still on US 95 in Arizona.

Dirt, rocks, and brush.  I so long for grass, trees, and home.

Rocks on top of rocks

Arizona has the most diverse landscape coloring and rocks than any other place I’ve traveled in.

There are, literally, rocks on top of rocks in this range.  They fit atop each other like a child’s blocks.   What keeps them from tumbling down, I guess, is because of the way they are seated atop each other.

Hope you have enjoyed this bit of travel.

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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “Varied Landscapes

  • Lynn Claridge

    Some of that landscape is how our garden will soon be looking if we don’t get some rain soon! My water barrels are running low, think we had all of 6 spots of rain last night when the forecasters said we would get a good downpour.
    I love rockscapes though, the improbable structures carved by wind and rain are amazing to see.
    Love your travelogue!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      All the different landscapes is what I like about this job. The natural world is so much more impressive than anything man can make. In my humble opinion anyway.

      I hope you get some rain since your water barrels are getting low and your garden is waning. Maybe I had better be careful with the things I say. You could get a cloudburst that last longer than you want and your garden will drown 😦 That won’t be good either.
      Love – Leslie

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