The Olive Pit

Corning, California is where the olive trees grow – in abundance.

The grocery stores I’ve frequented have a selection of green or black olives.  Sometimes there will be a Manzanillo name on the bottle but mostly it is just “Green” olives with pimento or black olives in cans.  When I lived in Arizona there are olive trees there and I’ve seen quite a few of the trees.  Did I know there were different varieties?  No, I did not.

If you go to the Olive Pit in Corning, California you will see the varieties growing in huge clay pots with the variety name in the pot.  There are:  Sevillano, Mission, Arbequina, and Manzanillo varieties that grow in the orchards.  They have a website and you can purchase single bottles of olives and/or oil, as well as by the case.

Here are some of the varieties of olives they sell.  This is just a small sample of what is available.


Sundried tomato stuffed

Caper stuffed

Garlic & Jalapeno stuffed

Almond & Pimento stuffed

The olives are stuffed with onions, blue cheese, habenaro peppers, chipotle peppers, and just about anything else that can be stuffed in them.

Gift baskets with an olive assortment are for sale, along with olive oils and stuffed olives in some baskets.  Some baskets are a stainless steel colander with an assortment of olive varieties included.  There are bath soaps and shampoos made from the olive extracts.  There are body washes with crushed olive pits for exfoliating.  Almond candies, local dried fruits, fudge and other chocolates, and peanuts salted and spiced, even roasted and salted soy beans.

There are kitchen gadgets and some cookware available at the store, olive oils that are from Extra Virgin and all the varieties in between.  Many olive oils with herbs marinating in the bottles, and row upon row of the bread dipping olive oils with various herbs and spices that any gourmand would love.

Check out their website.  You can place your order over the phone, online, or fax it in.  Shipping charges are dependent on the amount of your order and not by the weight.  You might find just the right Martini olive here at the Olive Pit, or you might find a new party favorite and have all your guests asking where you got these delicious olives.  Some of the pepper stuffed olives are hot enough to take the top of your head off, or at least make you think it is going to explode.  They will at least make your ears ring, I found one of those when I sampled them.

All the olives are locally grown in the Corning area and processed near the orchards.  As a matter of fact, the processing plant is about 1 mile east of the Olive Pit.  We passed it many times in our journey from Red Bluff to Pomona these past three weeks.

Enjoy…and bon apetit!


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