Knoxville, TN to Oklahoma City, OK

When we got to the hotel in Crossville, Tennessee last night I was focused on a shower and getting to bed early.

After a long shower to wash the sweat, grease, and dust off I felt better. A good night’s rest found me in better spirits this morning.

Enough that I noticed the rock wall we parked next to last night and the plants growing out of cracks in the rocks and between the pavement and rock wall.

The determination to live and thrive in these conditions deserved my attention, if only for a few minutes. the plants growing out of the crevices and between the rock and pavement caught my attention.

I recognized the daisies, not sure what the yellow daisy like flower is, the thistle with the purply/pink fuzz ball I recognized as it stood guard over the tiny patch it was growing out of.  There is an ivy of some kind that has attached itself to the rock face and is growing well.  I’m not sure if it is “Poison Ivy” or “Poison Oak”.  There are a set of three leaves on it and I’ve heard that is the sign of Poison Ivy.  I tried to stay as far away from it as I could yet still enjoy the beauty it showed.

Today I’m riding in the passenger seat while Joe drives us toward home.  We won’t be there tonight, as planned, but we will be near there.  Still get to Oklahoma City tomorrow and get our trucks checked out and hooked up.  We will be going to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I found this out today.  This upcoming load is going to be a Split Load and it will get confusing.  One of our four trucks will be getting off in Peru, Illinois.  We will go to Gary, Indiana to pick up another truck and then take all four to Green Bay.  We expect to be there by Wednesday.

I’ve contacted “Creations Galore” in Green Bay and asked if I can interview them on Thursday.  We’ll see.  I’ve got to get an email sent off to them with the interview questions I will be asking and links to my Whole Lotta Scrap and now the Scrapbook Creations interview I’ve done.

Since I’m not going to be home tonight to make the video from my Mac I had to figure out the Windows thing.  After lots of button pushing, some stomping of feet, getting so lost in the program I couldn’t find my way out of it, hurling an “F” bomb, and then having a 3 year old temper tantrum Joe had enough of my churlish behavior and threatened to pull of the road and make me behave myself.  Well, after a much needed hearty laugh I got myself under control and then progress was made on getting the movie files made.  It took five of them to get the entire interview done.

As I sit here in the hotel room, waiting for the videos to upload I’m so thankful that learning curve is over with and I can get on with things.

I have some time tonight so I’m off to check on other people’s blogs.  Namely Nancy’s of nicklenook1 fame, and Despoinia’s of Despo1naki fame.  I’m going to troll around in the background and see what there is to see.

Everyone have a good evening.  Rest well.  I hope you are all safely out of bad weather and enjoying the spring evenings.  Summer is creeping in on us.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

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