Tornados On Our Tails!

This morning started out pretty well.  Cool and overcast.  There were a few sprinkles that had Joe a bit worried we were going to be hooking up in the rain.  Just light sprinkles and that was it.

We stopped at the Post Office to mail Indira and Angelic’s winnings and the items I had for Lesli.  Once that was done we went to the Coldiron yard in Oklahoma City to search for my missing truck.

Someone, not sure who, had transposed a number.  The dispatch sheet had one set of numbers and the crayon on the windshield had a different set of numbers.  The middle two digits had been switched around.  It all worked out and I now have my trucks.

Joe had to work with a “New Hire” as he calls me after I’ve taken some time off.  I tend to forget some things and he has to follow behind me and check up on what I’ve done.  Today was a good thing because I hooked a couple things up backwards and one not at all.

The truck I’m driving started without any problems and we got it moved around the yard and into place behind Joe’s trailer so he could get my boom attached.  After I moved my truck out of the way so he could move around to his back truck, I shut my truck off.  No sense in leaving it running while the fuel level was low.  It would not start again when I was ready to get in place to hook my boom up to the back truck.

The Yard guys came out with their van and tried to jump start my truck.  Nothing seem to work in all they were doing.  Finally it started and it was driven to the shop area.   It was thought the alternator had gone out on it.  There had been four new batteries put in on Friday so it had to be something else.

The truck was in the shop for two hours.  I don’t know what all they did to it, aside from changing the alternator.  When the Yard guy came back with it he said they had tried everything they could think of.  Then he said…and these are his exact words.  “The jackass that put the batteries in didn’t tighten the bolts down to the leads”.  All the time that was spent on getting parts taken off and put back on, only to find it was loose connections.  I tried to  not laugh to loudly.

This put us back in our schedule a bit.  Our plans were to get to Brinkley, Arkansas for the night then be in Nashville around noon.  I’m meeting Jann – WhatYouMakeIt – there near her home.  I’m so excited.  As you may remember, she is the one that made the AWESOME Emergency Kit for me.  I get to thank her in person.

After talking with her this was a good thing and would make her life easier with the scheduled items she has for tomorrow.  She doesn’t have to put anyone off or rearrange things.  I’m so excited!!!

As I’ve mentioned, the fuel levels in our trucks were pretty low.  Joe wanted to try and get at least 60 miles down the road before we stopped for fuel.  Being a control freak this was not my idea of being smart.  There is a Love’s Truckstop  fairly close on I-40 and I really wanted to go there and get fuel.  Joe did not want to stop so early.

As we passed the Love’s and I saw the lot had trucks in it and the fuel bays were full I looked at my fuel gauge.  Pretty soon and the red warning light was going to come on.  That man was going to have knuckle bumps on his head if I ran out of “gas” on the highway because he had to go further.

We made it to Seminole, Oklahoma and a Love’s Truckstop.  We got fuel, I got water, and away we went.  About an hour later our son, who has already delivered his trucks in Spartanburg, called Joe and asked if we were still  in Norman, Oklahoma.  A tornado had come through there and took an entire bridge overpass out.  It had hit a few other areas in Norman and Joseph wanted to make sure we were alright.

It turns out, after Joe talked with our neighbor and learned that all was well where we live, the Love’s I wanted to stop at no longer stands where it had.  It is in rubble and strewn across the countryside.  It seems the tornado had come through and destroyed that Love’s while we were in Seminole at another Love’s getting fuel.

The rest of our trip east on I-40 to Russellville, Arkansas has been spent about 45 minutes in front of the tornado clusters that are wrecking havoc all over behind us.  The Severe Weather Alerts on the radio tell of touch downs and warn of imminent danger in towns we just passed through 45 miles back.

As my daughter, Heidi Jo, would say…my phone blew up from all the text messages I received from family and friends asking if were alright.

To think, I thought Murphy (of Murphy’s Law) had taken a peek in our windows and thought about coming along with us on this trip when my truck would not start back up in the Coldiron yard.  Little did I know what today would be like.

Gratitude items for today:

The troubles were minor and the setback of a couple hours has saved Jann and will make our visit better.  She won’t miss out on any of her business things.

It was cool and a bit of a breeze during the time we had to hook up the trucks.  The heat of the last couple days had been tempered by the storm that was brewing.

I had enough fuel to get to the truckstop and not be left beside the road “out of gas”.

Joe and his penchant for wanting to get his work done had kept us safely ahead of the storm.

Our home is safe, as are our neighbors.

I was able to talk to someone at “Scrapbook Creations” in Spartanburg, South Carolina and they didn’t give me the bums rush on the phone.  Maybe there will be an interview?

I get to see Jann tomorrow and thank her personally for the fantastic gift she made me.

We are at the hotel, safely ensconced and I am able to send today’s post.

Time for bed.  It doesn’t feel hard as a rock.  We might get a fairly decent nights sleep.

Don’t think that is 10 items but I’m grateful for today going as well as it has gone.  Everyone sleep well.  I’ll let you know  all that happens when I meet Jann.  Did I tell you I’m excited?  Well I AM!!!!


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

15 responses to “Tornados On Our Tails!

  • shar

    OMG what a day!!! Im glad your all safe and sound

  • Nancy

    Wow!! Well…I did say I was praying for your safety on the road! God does hear our prayers and answer them! Enjoy your visit with Jann!

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Nancy. Your prayers are so appreciated. I checked out your blog this morning. Beautiful site you have there. Your most recent post, about living quiet, and the card you made for your Scripture Challenge is beautiful. Hand made cards of this nature are so much better than store bought ones. I’m planning on NOT “living quiet” today when I visit with Jann. I’ll just try to keep it down a bit 🙂

      • Nancy

        Thanks for stopping by my blog Leslie! It’s actually not a card but a 6 X 6 page. My husband is going to make me a stand. Then when I’m finished the Scripture Challenge this year all 26 pages can be displayed. No…please don’t keep it down today! I want to hear you and Jann laughing from here! 🙂

      • Message In A Fold

        The page you made is beautiful. Lucky girl you are!!! Your husband is going to build you a special stand to display your work. Will I get to see the finished project? Hope, hope, hope :-).

        Did you hear all the laughter? What fun we had. We did rowdy up our corner of the restaurant a time or two. Jann and her husband are amazingly kind people. We had a great time. Perfect ending to a stressful day.

    • Nancy

      Sure…I’ll post a picture on my blog when it’s finished! It’s just a little stand for the 6 X 6 pages.

      I sure did hear the laughter! lol I just posted a comment on your latest post. Sounds like a really great time! 🙂 I’m learning to leave my nose out of my smiley face so that I get a regular one! haha

      • Message In A Fold

        What kind of smiley face do you get when you put the nose in? I have no idea what it looks like after it leaves me. Just like a kid….you work with them and they turn into something else when they get out of your sight! hahahaha Crafty husbands are the best. They can come up with beautiful things from a stick of wood, a nail or two, and tools that can tear your hands off. Maybe some day we will get up in Canada where you live. Joe has been to Kamloops and talks a lot about the place. Steep, steep, roads with chiseled mountains all around. He said the town of Kamloops surprised him for the amount of people that live there and the variety of businesses. Guess we figure you live in snow all the time and it is too cold to have buildings. Such ideas. I guess that is why I like to travel. Learn so much about people and places. Ignorance is the biggest factor in our crazy ideas of where people live.

      • Nancy

        If I add the nose there is a crazy bracket hanging after the smiley face…looks kinda weird! lol Kamloops is a gorgeous area! I’m over the mountains in Saskatchewan which has a different kind of beauty! It’s all flat with wide open spaces and big beautiful sky!! We do have snow…in winter!haha In summer we get really sunny and hot! 🙂 Yay…no bracket! I’m learning!!

      • Message In A Fold

        I wonder if your part of the world is like our Montana. Flat and wide open. They get some pretty severe winters with lots of snow and the summers are hot. Do you get tornadoes or other types of scary weather in your area? I’d like to visit Canada and see it for myself. Then venture out into other parts of our world. Now that I have some time I’m going to check your blog and Despoinia’s also. Waiting for the videos to upload.

      • Nancy

        Yes…Montanna is Big Sky Country, right? We’re Land of the Living Skies…very similar! I love Montana! I’ve been there a number of times. We have had some tornadoes blow through. I saw one form out my kitchen window once but that one didn’t touch down.

        Thanks for visiting my blog again! Yes, that page is also part of the Scripture Challenge I’m doing. Every other week I get a word. Then I look for Bible verses with that word and create my 6 X 6 page featuring those verses. It’s been really great! It’s always fun to see how God works too. The verses aren’t just verses…they’re life lessons. Suddenly things happen during the week that bring the verse, or word, or lesson into play. There’s a few more pages on there yet…you’ll just have to keep scrolling down to see them all! Everytime you wait for a video to upload! lol

  • Indira

    OMG, what a start. Thanks God you and Joe are OK. This´s really a journey to talk. I think that God has his one plan, we just have to accept it and don´t fight agains it.
    Enjoy your visit with Jann and keep safe on the road, my prayers go with you.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Indira. Yes, Thank God we are safe. And thank you for your prayers and thoughts as we travel. We appreciate them. We had a really great visit with Jann and her husband. I’ve received your email about the photos you’ve sent me. I have not had much time to get to my emails and see what is happening and what needs answered. I’ll, hopefully, get to check those out tomorrow mid morning.
      Have a good evening, and prayers for you and your family are sent.

  • Shelly

    Wow Leslie what a busy day 🙂 I’m happy to hear that both you and Joe are safe and that your home as well. I was thinking of you with the weather ( I tend to freak with the bad weather ) Hope you and Jan have a fantastic visit can’t wait to hear more of your adventures 🙂 Sleep well and Praying that your travels will continue well.


    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly. Your prayers are appreciated. Everyone’s prayers are appreciated.

      I’m so glad I did not know there were tornadoes behind us. This is one instance where “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. My prayers are for the families that were caught in the midst of it all. What a mess that is.

      Jann, her husband Royce, Joe and I had a wonderful evening. Much laughter, and conversation. The hospitality they showed to Joe and I is so appreciated. Rest well, hope you are all well.
      Love – Leslie

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