Whole Lotta Scrap

Yesterday I did my very first interview.  Whole Lotta Scrap is a “Scrapbook and More” store located in Norman, Oklahoma where I live.

I found this store in March when I was out on errands.  A business located in the same shopping center is Budget Box and Bag where I purchase all of my boxing and mailing supplies to send out my creations to family.  Getting ready to enter the store – Budget Box and Bag – I happened to look down the sidewalk and I saw a sign that raised my pulse rate.  “Scrapbook”.  What?!!!  A scrapbook store in my own back yard, well practically.  I had to stop in there and see what this store held.

Having a lot of projects to prepare for and think about Michaels and Hobby Lobby were on my errand list for the day.  I was going to check this new place out first.

Whole Lotta Scrap, Norman, Oklahoma

Upon entering the store I heard women laughing and talking.  At the back of the store there is a short wall, guess it is called a “knee wall” in the construction lingo.  Beyond that wall voices were heard and laughter rang out.  There were several people wandering the racks of papers and delectable embellishment items.  Some came from behind the wall, selected an item and scurried back.  Most of the fun was happening behind that wall and I just had to come further in the store.

A call of “Welcome” reached me as the person at the register helped a couple customers while greeting me.  That was not out of the norm in my ventures into the local businesses here in town.  Most places acknowledge your presence, if only fleetingly.

As I walked around the store and looked at the displays of paper, tools, embellishments, and what not, I had an experience like no other.  EVER!!!  At one display I saw packs of metal, like aluminum.  When I reached to investigate the thickness of the metal a woman stood next to me and began telling me the things I could do with the product.  She was so knowledgeable about it I asked if she were a Rep for the company.  No, she was there at a crop and a customer of the store.  The same thing happened as I looked at papers on display, another customer of the store at the crop gave me pointers and tips about the product I was eying.

These women zoomed around the store, gathered in knots to discuss a product, separated and either went back behind the wall or further out in the store.  The place was like a bee hive of activity.  Laughter rang out from every corner of the store.  Conversation was carried out in bursts over the displays, across aisles, and some shouts were sent to the back of the store.  It was around 11 in the morning while all this was going on.

When I left the store with my purchases I knew I’d be back again.  And I have.  Several times.  During my subsequent visits, at different times of the day, I was greeted again by many women and welcomed in.  Voices and laughter coming from behind the wall, offers of help or suggestions were given by the store customers.  I had no idea which of the women owned the store but I began to feel that this was a place to be.

Whole Lotta Scrap

Through my ventures to the store I did finally meet the owner.  A wonderful woman, also named Leslie, that has helped me in many ways.  She searched her store to find sewing related items for me to complete my “Quilting Mini” for a friend of mine.  Leslie’s staff has helped me to find products and papers for my granddaughters “Friend Mini” and my son-in-law’s “Bulletin and Wipe Off Boards”.

Through my YouTube videos I have gained many friends.  One such friend suggested that I try to hit the scrapbook stores in my journeys and do a video to let people know what is out there.  On one of my visits to Whole Lotta Scrap I asked Leslie if she would like to be interviewed for my YouTube Channel.  She agreed and this is the result of that visit.

Check these videos out to see for yourself what fun this place is.  Whole Lotta Scrap Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

While you are searching around, check out their website.  Sign up to be on their mailing list, get information about upcoming classes and new products arriving.  At this point, right now, the website does not process orders but it is in the works.  If you need a product and can’t find it at your local craft store, give Whole Lotta Scrap a call at 405-310-3400 and if they have it they will ship it to you.

Product line full collections they carry are – My Little Yellow Bicycle and Bo Bunny.  And don’t forget Creative Imagination.

Whole Lotta Scrap – 526 West Main Street, Norman, Oklahoma 73069.  Traveling to Norman and want to be in on the fun?  Take I-35 (North or South)  to Exit 109, the East Main exit.  Proceed east on Main Street to Flood.  One block further east of Flood on Main is a traffic light, turn into the shopping center on your right (south side of the street) and tell them “The Other Leslie Sent You”.


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