Shoes Were My Undoing

My shoes next to my husband’s

In March, near the first of the month, I had made a YouTube video about my fear of flowers and glitter.  I titled the video “Be Unstoppable”.  More as encouragement to myself as to let others know that fear holds us back from going forward.  Stepping into that fear helps us to move forward and accomplish what we want to do or be.

One of my subscribers had left a comment that having her face on YouTube would scare the “wee wee” out of her.  I laughed so hard at that comment.  In further correspondence with her I learned she spent most of her days beside her husband in Hospice with a terminal illness.

I don’t remember what video I had put up next on YouTube and this same subscriber posted that her husband had passed away.  It took several days for me to put the two subscribers together as the one with the husband that had been in Hospice.

When it had finally dawned on me I was in our foyer looking at the shoes there that need to be taken to the closet so the floor would not be so cluttered with shoes.  My thoughts went to my subscriber, Brenda, and what she would see when she came home from the Hospice the night her husband passed away.

Those shoes would never contain her beloveds feet again.  Those shoes will not go out the door of her house any longer.  Off on adventures far and wide.  Supporting his feet and keeping them dry and safe from pebbles and other sharp objects.  Those shoes will remain on the floor reminding her of her husband’s voice, his touch, his scent, his laughter.  I was so overcome by the thought that I broke down and cried.

The next morning as I was checking my email I decided to reach out to the corner of YouTube that I have subscribers.  I requested they send messages of support to Brenda in her time of grief.  Just to let her know that we cared about her and wished her well.

A couple days after my plea I received a message from another subscriber, Debbie, that had lost  her husband one week before Christmas 2009.  Her grief was fresh also.  Four months since she last heard her husband’s voice.  Again, my thoughts went to those shoes in my foyer.

What can I do?  I can’t tell either of them that I understand what they are going through.  I don’t know what they are going through.

Giving this some thought, and what personal information I had been provided by my friends, I wondered what I would like to have given to me in remembrance of my husband.

My gift to Brenda

For Brenda, I made her a mini album for her to put favored photos of her beloved in along with some journal spots to recount most treasured times spent together.  This is the video I made of Brenda’s mini.  It is a photo montage of how I created the mini and what products I used.  If you would like to recreate this mini the link is here.  Part 2 of this set is here.

My gift for Debbie

For Debbie I personalized her gift just a bit more from a favored story she told me of her husband.  If you would like to see what I made for Debbie, and how I did it, you can view the video here.

We all have difficult times and are in need of support at one time or another.  The YouTube community I belong to is a totally awesome community.  I am extremely proud to be a member of this crafting corner and to have made so many friends.


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