Beginner Stamp Kit

Beginner Stamp Kit

Bonus Items In Beginner Stamp Kit

To see the items in the First Ever – Message In A Fold – Stamp Set, click on the photos to enlarge and get a better view of what you will receive.

This kit sells for $30.  The bonus items are things I have picked out especially for you as a Thank You for placing your order through Message In A Fold.  Also included for your $30 purchase is a DVD with full instructions in mounting the rubber stamp, cutting the paper into card size, scoring the paper to create the card, and step by step instructions to create four Birthday cards from this kit.

You can check out the items at my Stampin’ Up! website and see the actual cost of these items.  The DVD is not for sale at my Stampin’ Up! Website, nor anywhere else except through Message In A Fold.

This kit, along with my instructional video, will get you started in making cards for your family and friends.  The Whisper White card stock included in this kit is enough to make 80 cards.  There are envelopes in the kit to mail or hand deliver 40 cards so you will have plenty of material to work with.

Once you make your first few cards you will be well on your way to creating your own designs with the kit.  If you have other papers and inks in your stash, feel free to use them also in your creations.

These are the cards you will make in this kit by following along with the instructional video.  After you have made all four of these cards you can switch things up with all the techniques I show you to begin making your very own designs.

Stamp Off Technique

To get a larger view of this card, simply click on the photo to enlarge it.

Once you have gone through all the techniques I’ve shown you in this kit you can change the Birthday cakes from all black and gray to some black and some Summer Sun by using the Stamp Off Technique and the Marker To Image Technique you will learn.

Do you like glitter?  There is enough glitter to completely cover all of the four cards I show you how to make – and then some.  The 2-Way Glue Pen can handle all the glitter and glam you want to throw at the card.

Marker To Image Technique To see this card in more detail, just click on it.

This technique is called “Marker To Image”.  You will use the Summer Sun Stampin’ Write Marker to ink the Birthday cake and stamp your image.  Using the Black Classic ink you will make balloons out of the “Happy Birthday” sentiment.  Drawing ribbon tails with a black pen and the Summer Sun Stampin’ Write Marker, create the bow with the marker and you have a cute card that any young child would love to receive.

Watch the instructional video to learn this “Marker To Image” Technique.

Marker To Image Technique #2Click on this photo to see the details of this card.

Using the Black Classic Ink you will stamp the cake image approximately in the center of your card front.  Using the lid of the glitter container you will cover the stamped cake and stamp the “Happy Birthday” sentiment in Classic Black ink then follow that up with the Summer Sun Stampin’ Write Marker.

Full instructions are on the video.

Faux Ribbon Technique

Click on this photo to get a more detailed look at the “Faux Ribbon” on this card.

All of the instructions are included in the video.  Measuring and marking the placement of the cake in the lower right hand corner,  measuring and marking the placement of the sentiment, measuring and marking the placement of the “Faux Ribbon”, and finally the measuring and marking of the placement of the three cakes at the top.

Once again, after you complete all four of these techniques you will be able to design your own cards.  Want to do something different with this card?  Make the center cake at the top Summer Sun by using the Marker to Image technique.

This is just a starting place for you as a new stamper.  There is a limited amount of these kits so get yours today.  After you have mastered this one and are ready for a bit more detail and up your skills a bit, there is another set coming in the next couple weeks.  This one will be “Thank You” and you will be learning some new skills to get you going in the right direction.  You will be working with colored card stocks to add dimension to your cards.

The next kit will help get you on the way to having a stash of supplies at your disposal to get creative.

So, head on over to Message In A Fold today and place your order for this first kit.


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