Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Mat

When I first purchased this Silicone Baking Mat the intent was to keep the bottom of my oven clean from overflowing pie spills or usually lasagne run over.

I don’t like cleaning my oven, even though it is self cleaning there are times that scrubbing is necessary.  Especially on the grates or shelves.  Yucky.

Well….that mat was purchased in about 2003 at a kitchen outlet center in Barstow, California.  When I made it home I promptly put it in my cupboard and it has remained there ever since.

I am making a mini album and wanted to use fabric cut from the Top Note die.  The fabric I chose is cotton.  Once the fabric was cut with the die I had lots of hairy bits at the edges, lots of opportunity for fraying.

I wanted to cover the fabric in glue to stop the fraying and make the piece more stable as a pocket.  What to use for spreading the glue was my next question.  Paper would dry and stick to the back of the fabric, which I did not want.  Wax paper would work, as would freezer paper (the shiny side).  Then I remembered my silicone mat living in the cupboard all these years.

This works really great.  The dried glue rubs right off, the fabric dries completely on the mat and peels right off.  That was excellent news for me when I do multiple gluing items that need to dry undisturbed.

Since this mat is supposed to be heat resistant I thought I’d try heat embossing on it for a test run.  Put this in the category of “Should have known better”.  The silicone mat has a sticky surface.  Yes, I did not take precautions I just went ahead as I usually do.  The gluing results turned out excellent, as I knew it would.  The heat embossing results were spotty, at best.  I had a huge mess because I did not properly prepare for this experiment.  So what else is new?

On YouTube, RoxyCar11 has some videos using UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) that she uses to make “Faux Mica“.  She shows how to do this with sheet protectors.  What an awesome idea!!!  I had thought of trying that technique on a project since I do have sheet protectors, but I also have the silicone mat.

The first video I have for the silicone mat shows how to glue your item directly on the mat and leave it to dry.  It also shows how to do the heat embossing directly on the mat.  The second video shows how to do this the “smarter” way using the embossing buddy first on the area you want to heat emboss.

If you wish to use the silicone mat in baking, I would suggest you purchase two of them.  One strictly for your crafting and the other for food items.  I have no idea what is in embossing powder so I would not recommend cross contamination.

I most definitely will use this silicone mat in my crafting room for my heat embossing project in the future.  Oh, and a box to catch the blow off and keep the mess to a minimum.


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