Leaving A “Good” Impression

Stamped image on air dry clay

Air dry clay can be purchased at your local craft/hobby store.  It comes in a brick.  Tear off the amount you want and knead it into a ball shape then press it out with your fingers.  This is a paper clay and it is very lightweight and pretty durable.

While kneading this clay you can put a drop or two of ink from your reinker to color the clay to your desired color.  You can also add glitter during the kneading process to make this sparkle all over.

Because it is wet, I recommend you use wax paper beneath this clay during your working process.  The wax paper can also be used to press the clay flat.  Treat it pretty much the same way you would pie dough.  Flatten it out to the thickness you desire then stamp your image.  To get a good image the thickness needs to be about 1/8 inch.  Anything less will give you a flatter image.

If your first attempt doesn’t come out well just wad it back up and start over with the kneading and the flattening.  This stuff is pretty forgiving – that is until it dries out.  Once it dries out just add water to it and continue squishing it around in your hand until it comes back to the consistency of pie or bread dough.

Using letter stencils with air dry clay

Last year, for one of my granddaughters birthday presents, I did the letter stencil technique on this clay.  Press around the stencil to raise the clay above the stencil surface then let it dry.  After it was dry I cut it out with decorative edge scissors and painted it with acrylic paints.   I made her name using this technique and applied the letters to a big paper mache or chipboard “R” that I painted and decorated just for her.  Today’s video shows you how to use a letter stencil to get this raised lettering as well as the stamped image.

It has been a year since I last used the air dry clay, and it was pretty dried out and quite lumpy.  Some of the lumps did not get enough moisture and left the first stamped image pretty lumpy. Please make sure you find some kind of air tight storage container for this clay, save you some time and have less frustration.  I’ve gone to using my Food Saver and the bags to seal in the clay.

As you see the first stamped image, the ink colors have bled out.  That is because I applied colored markers to the stamp then applied the stamp to the wet clay.  If you want better results then let the clay dry before you use inks.

Acrylic paint works very well on this product, once it is dry.  You will like the results.

If you make beads, you can create your own beads with this then paint them after they dry.  If you are a Fimo Clay person and you make beads, work the same way with this clay as you would with the Fimo.  I do not think it will reduce as well as the Fimo Clay does when you put the layers together and then press and elongate.

I do know this clay works really well with stencils and rubber stamps.  You can get an impression from just about anything with this clay.  If you want to add flowers and brads to your creation just use the paper piercer and make holes for the brads.  You might be able to use a Crop-A-Dile on this product once it is dried, but I think it might be too thick to fit through the jaws.  There is a bit of shrinkage as this clay dries, so you might need to check any holes you punch in while it is wet – after it has dried.


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