My Funny Valentines

My Grandchildren

Don’t be mislead by the complexity of this two page layout.  It is so easy and the results are great.  A really good thing about this style of layout is, once all the pieces are attached, you can turn the pages to change the look of the layout pattern to suit your photo needs.  Watch today’s video to see it all come together.

This layout style is suitable for any photos you might have.  Do you need to have a way to showcase floral arrangements, cakes, jewelry, handcrafted items?  This configuration is great for all of these, not just family photos.

Grandchildren.  Celebrating life is what it is all about.

In the hurly burly life as a young mother I had no time to really enjoy my children.  Watch them from a distance and see how they are growing and becoming people.

The most used word in my vocabulary was “No”.  Keeping them out of harms way and safe was my uppermost concern.  Every day was lived in a hyper vigilant mode and distractions were plenty.

Being a first time mom was fraught with so much anxiety.  Wondering if my child was being hurt when I held her, was she cold, was she hot, was she dry or in need of being changed, was she hungry or not, why was she crying.  Her first heat rash I knew I had been a bad mother and exposed her to some horrible disease.  Seeing the tiny red bumps all over her little body was terrifying.  Each red bump testified to my inept skills of motherhood.  The first time I fed her beets and the resultant poo being stained red I was positive my baby was hemorrhaging and would surly die in my arms.

My Granddaughters

Being a grandmother is so much better.  Being the one on the giving end of assurance is so much better than being on the receiving end.   No doubts vs full of doubts.

The Regal Rose and So Saffron of the papers in Love Sparkles Simply Scrappin’ Kit are scrumptious.

The cutting and mounting instructions of this layout are in my video of today.  There are three sheets of 12×12 textured card stock used in this two page layout.  The Regal Rose papers are background and two are used.  The So Saffron is the single piece of 12×12 used for all of the photo mats and journaling spots.  The only scrap you will have after all of these cuts will be one (1) 1×2 piece of card stock.  I cut, from a different piece of patterned paper, a background matte for to of the photos.  One for each page.  This is optional and not added to the cutting directions.

The paper used is from the Love Sparkles Simply Scrappin’ Kit #113918.  The “I (heart) my Grandkids is something I picked up at my local craft/hobby store.  I also used some glitter glue from my stash to make the “i” and the “u” stand out more on bottom of the page on the topmost layout.  Everything else, all the hearts and journaling spots, is from the die cut sticker pages included in the kit.

Along with the kit are two sheets of sticky backed border die cuts.  You can add these borders if you choose to .  Have fun in your creation.


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