Flower Facelift

Prima Flowers

At some point, nearly everyone has purchased Prima flowers or the paper rose bouquet packages.  Looking at pictures of other peoples studios I see bottles and jars crammed full of the brightly colored Prima flowers.

I have a few, but not many.  For some crazy reason I got stuck in the sticker zone.  I have tons of sticker sheets but very few flowers.  Think I’ll have to remedy that.

Pictures I’ve seen of mini albums made using these flowers they are mostly adorned with brads.

Since I began this weekly format of having a “Wet Wednesday” I knew I was in trouble last week since I own ONE re-inker.  An embossing pad re-inker at that.  So Prima flowers, paper rose bouquets, and an embossing pad re-inker were brought out and tried.  I liked the results and that is today’s tutorial.

Paper Rose Bouquet

Isn’t it Marie Osmond that sang “Paper Roses”?  Well, here are some paper roses.  I’ve had these since 2005.  They were purchased for my daughter’s wedding album I made for her that year.  White, pink, and these purple bouquets.  I have these left over from that time.  They have sat in a drawer, still do even after this treatment, until I can figure out what to do with them.

The two roses on the left are the ones that got the clear embossing treatment.  The three to the right are just as they came in the package.

Prima Flowers Altered

In 2006, during my eBay stint, I purchased a couple very small bags of these flowers.  Brads were included in the package for embellishment.  Over the last few years I’ve used a couple flowers at a time until I’ve about exhausted my stash.

For today’s tutorial the bottom two, the pink and red shiny flowers, are treated with embossing reinker and clear embossing powder.  Try as I  might, I could not get a good photo with these in focus.  I’m sorry for the blurred look of them, but you can see them better in the video.

The upper two with the yellow centers have been treated with an Ocher colored embossing powder and Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint from Stampin’ Up! #116806.  To see the beautiful edges of these flowers you will have to watch the video.  This really bad photo doesn’t do them justice.

While you are creating your beautiful projects, consider doing this treatment to your flowers.  Need the Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint?  Stop by my Stampin’ Up! website and “get you some”.


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