My FIRST Class!!!

Today I had my very first Stampin’ UP! Class as a Demonstrator.  Woohoo.  It went great, everyone was happy with their creations, and best of all it was FUN!

My neighbor home schools her two young daughters.  I’ve heard her mention a time or two that she doesn’t have an Art Class for the girls but their Dad does the teaching when they are with him.  So….I thought this was an opportunity to have an Art Class they can all participate in.

I had an Open House in June to kick start my business and had one person bring their son and wife to my event.  I  had prepared a bunch of 3″x3″ card samples from the Fun & Fast Notes stamp set.  I had so many left over and despaired of ever getting a chance to use them.  All of my samples had been tucked away in a box since then, now would be an excellent time to use them.

The two girls and Mom were introduced to stamping, using the stamp around wheel, and colored markers.  They also made a 2 pocket folio and were able to decorate it up with their own personal touches.

I did not use totally Stampin’ Up! papers and ribbons on the 2 pocket folios so I won’t be posting the papers used in this project.

The spelling of the girl’s names I’ve probably botched.  I’ll get them right later.


Alora's Card - 4 Years Old

I’ve been instructed by Mom to tell you that this card was done by a 4 year old.  For a young lady that can’t sit still long enough to let air settle on her did a fantastic job at creating her card.

She had very little help in stamping the image.  She did watch while I instructed her older sister.  Successful stamped image for her first time at it.  The Fast Flowers Stampin’ Around Wheel she had a blast with.  Coloring the cake and candles with marker pens (NOT Stampin’ Up!) was a job well done also.  Looks like a yummy chocolate cake to me.

She had a bit of trouble with the double sided sticky tape and folding the card base, but other than that she did an EXCELLENT job.


Katie's Card - 7 Years Old

Katie is a budding stamper.  She has some stamp sets of her own she has picked up in the toy department of a local store.  She was so excited to get to stamp but the first result was not very good with this big stamp in her little hands.  With a bit of instruction and encouragement she did a FANTASTIC job of getting her image stamped.

Katie also found the stamping wheel fun and easy to use.  The double sided tape was not a challenge for her so her card went together quicker than her sister’s did.  Coloring the image was a lot of fun for Katie.  I am told that this cake is Banana Cream, looks like a yummy cake also.

The most fun for me, and endearing, is how excited the girls got thinking about who they could give the cards to.  And to think I was worried about picking the birthday cake for their first cards.  I picked it because I knew they would like to color it in….I didn’t think of the possibilities.


Mom's Card

Sorry, it is a bit fuzzy.  Crazy camera operator.  That would be me.  I got distracted and didn’t take a closer look at this one and let the opportunity pass to take another one.

The girl’s Mom has often said to me that she wishes she could do some things like this.  She was afraid it was too complicated and she would not be able to do it.  I’ve tried to tell her that it is easy, but she didn’t believe me, nor have faith in her abilities.

It was really heartwarming to see the pleased smile on  her face as she completed her card and was proud of the results.  MY REWARD!!!!!!  Like the girls, she also had fun stamping for the first time and using the stamping wheel.  Leaving her to color in the image was a treat for me.  She could let her hair down, so to speak, and play like her girls were playing.

In my opinion, my very first Stamping Class was a huge SUCCESS.  For everyone, me included.


Finished Cards

Here are their finished cards.  A project Mom and daughters took part in.  All three of them around the table at the same time and each learning something new.

Now is that Quality Time or what?



Since I’m making 2 pocket folios for my Sister’s Christmas present, I thought this would be a good thing for these girls to do.  Mom could have something to tuck papers away in and the girls could round up all their stickers and have a folio they created for their treasures.

Going over with the papers and ribbons pre-cut was helpful for me in getting them into the idea of creating a complicated piece.  There was using the ruler on the grid paper from Stampin’ Up! for the width of 8-1/2″, using double sided tape to attach the two pieces of paper together, then adding the ribbon and taping it to the back, and the messiest of all – glue.  This project came together in very little time and not much fuss.

Here are the results.  I’m happy to say these also turned out GREAT!!!


Alora's 2 Pocket Folio - 4 Years Old

Alora loved the stamping wheel and wanted to add a bit of the flowers to her folio front.  She got with the program and flowered it up all over.

Stickers for embellishment were also used.  Using the ribbon as a baseline of sorts she found stickers that made her smile and got them adhered.  Mom had to help with a couple stickers since some were stacked right on top of each other.  Other than that, she had very little help with accessorizing her folio.  Good Job girl!!


Katie's 2 Pocket Folio - 7 Years Old

Like Alora, Katie wanted to add a bit of pizzaz to her folio with the stamping wheel.  Katie kept her flowers to the solid side.

Accessorizing with stickers was Katie’s main goal.  Putting her mark on the folio with center placement was fun to watch.  She mentioned several times about adding a bow to her front.  Mom said they would look through the Christmas wrapping items and find a bow.  I’ll have to check later and find out if they did do that.





Mom's 2 Pocket Folio

Mom got in on the stamping wheel fun also and ran just one strip of it on the outer edge of her solid piece of paper.

Stickers were added to her folio as well.  Mom kept to the circle theme with her sticker choices.  Filling in the space between the stamping wheel image and the ribbon.

You want to talk about being surprised?  Mom was surprised and pleased that these two little projects – simple to me and complicated to her – came together in one hour and she even had fun doing these.

So, what did I learn in today’s class?  With a little bit of preparation on the teacher’s part and keeping the projects simple and go one step at a time making sure everyone was all together before moving to the next step is the best way to go.  I did the teaching part of it to the girls. leaving Mom to watch and I lent a hand only when she needed it.

Not hurrying through the demonstration and letting it go at their pace, with the chatter going on during the fun was informative to me.  Being impatient by nature, this turned out to be a really good time for all four of us.

I am looking forward to another class a bit later on.  I need to slowly introduce them into the “cult” of paper crafting.


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