My Daughter’s FIRST Heat Embossing Card

I’m so proud of her.

I’ve been doing scrapbook layouts since about 2001.  My daughter started in about 2005 and is coming along well – on her own.

I began trying to help advance her skill level but I live so far from her.  It is not very easy to explain a process over the telephone to someone that doesn’t know the lingo or even the products.  So, I began putting tutorials up on YouTube for her to see the products and how they are used.  Some of my first tutorials are pretty bad, if I must say so myself.  As with all the other things I’ve done, the process is a bit slow but progress finally gets made.

Even through my bungling and chatter there were some things that she latched on to.  She wanted to try Heat Embossing as I had shown in one of my first tutorials.  It is in one of the Chili Pepper videos.  She saved money for the Heat Tool and could not wait to use it on something.  Her next purchase was Embossing Powders and an Embossing Pen.

My daughter’s project is a birthday card for her best friend.  This coming Tuesday is the DAY.  I had no idea my daughter had been searching the internet for cards posted by others.  She went from one card to another.  Considering her stash, and her skill level, as she clicked one card after another.  She found one!  A Stampin’ Up! card she found on a site somewhere.

This is the card she found.  Whoever the person is that created this card, please know that I appreciate you very much.  You inspired my daughter and I thank you for that.

Birthday Card - Stampin' Up!

The Card That Inspired My Daughter

With the camera on her cell phone, my daughter snapped this picture to refer to in the creation of her card. I think it was the cupcake that intrigued her.

Not having the stamp set for this cupcake, but a strong feeling she could make this work with the items she had at hand, she set to work.  All I knew was that she had found a card she wanted to do.

I received a couple text messages over the next three days about her progress and her excitement that everything was coming together.  This is from her text on October 25th.  “It is all cardstock.  The cupcake icing is little jewels.  There is ribbon on the bottom.  I still have to do a couple things.  It came together in like 20 minutes!  It was so cool!

Mind you, I am in the dark here.  I had no idea what she was making – besides a card.  She texts me about a cupcake and I just had to see what she was doing.  So I sent “Great.  How did you make the cupcake?  Cut it out yourself?

My daughter’s response next was “I took a picture of it from the website with my camera and used that for reference, and drew out the cupcake.  It was easy.”  Okay, I did not know you could get a decent picture with any device when it is pointed at a computer screen.  I thought there would be the interference of Raster Lines (however that is spelled).  You know, the lines that run up and down the screen when not seen by the naked eye.  Science and Math involved here so over my head.

When I saw the really cute card she made, not quite finished yet, I was thoroughly impressed with my daughter!  I had to tell her that.  “FANTASTIC!!!  You’re Pure D Awesome.  🙂”  I requested permission “Can I have permission to put it up on my blog when it is finished?  Julie doesn’t read it anyway – does she?”  Just like me to spoil things.  Who knows, my daughter’s best friend probably checks my blog everyday to see if there is anything new.  One could only hope.  But, I think I am safe in posting the results.  You have to wait a bit longer for it though.

My daughter’s last text of the day was “Yea, you can.  I don’t think so.”  If she were actually talking to me I would hear the hesitation in her voice, and probably a bit of worry that her best friend will, in fact, check my blog and the whole surprise will be spoiled – ruined – crash and burn time.

In for a penny, in for a pound.  I then sent “Okay.  Send me a picture when it is done.

On October 26th I received this text from my daughter.  “I just finished my card.  I took pictures of it.  I am going to send them to you tonight when I get home from work.”  So how long do I have to wait to see the results?  Trying to not be pushy, ya right, I responded “Can’t wait to see it 🙂”  which was the truth.   Nothing came the rest of the day or evening.  I don’t do patience well but I persevered.

Finally, on October 27th I received “I sent you some pics to your yahoo account.  Love you!”  I fell all over myself trying to get to the computer and see the results of her hard work.  I was so excited and, to tell the truth, very proud of my daughter for taking on a challenge such as this.  Taking a picture of a card from her computer screen then working it out with the items she owns.

You wanna see?

Ta-Da Finished Birthday Card

Ta-Da...Finished Birthday Card

The scallop edge was hand cut since my daughter does not own a Scallop Edge Punch.  The cupcake frosting part was hand drawn on card stock and then cut out.  The cupcake body was done likewise.  The sentiment was printed from her computer.  Let’s not forget the cherry on top.  Yes, you guessed it.  Hand drawn on card stock and cut out.  Even the cherry stem was hand cut.

Not having brads or stamps for the cupcake “sprinkles” she used jewels to lend color and sparkle.  The ribbons are from bits and bobs she has on hand.  The word “Birthday” is done in pink embossing powder and the word “Happy” is done in a tan embossing powder.

Now look at them!

Image From Computer

Image From Computer

Finished Card

Finished Card

I am SO VERY PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!!!  Can you tell?  Amazing what she has done for her very first card like this.  I am proud, not only of the results, but that she did not pass up the opportunity because she did not have the EXACT tools and products.  She was inspired by someone – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – whoever you are.  She watched my first set of videos and figured out the embossing thing on her own.  Way To Go Girl!  She hand cut each piece of the card stock to make it look like her inspiration AND she had fun and enjoyed herself to boot!!!!

She’s even making noises about trying to take on another technique.  There is a baby shower coming in a few months for this same best friend and my daughter is planning on using the “Thanks Treat Box” I made recently for the festivities.

Okay, okay.  I am in dire need of a Chiropractor now.  I’ve dislocated my shoulder from patting myself on the back.

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    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? – Thanks P.S

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      I’m checking on this. Sorry for the inconvenience you are having. You might be in for a flurry of these until we get this fixed. I have to tell you, I am not very literate in the workings of these blogs and why they do the things they do, but I will find out how to fix this. – Thanks – Leslie

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